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Creator Savin
Quest Giver Kasyrra
Requirements Be Romantic with Kasyrra
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward ???
Location All over the Frost Marches
Timed? ???
Can Fail? ???

Kasyrra's lips stay drawn in a hard line for a moment, and she refuses to make eye contact. If she wasn't sitting down, you're sure her tail'd curl under her leg like a struck puppy. When she finally speaks, it's barely more than a whisper. "I... let an insane demon wizard nearly kill me... trying to put my soul back in. Happy?"

From the beginning of the game, Kasyrra has been invested in your soul. If you are Romantic with her, you start collaborating with her for how you can use your soul to her benefit. She has her ideas, but with research from Master Tollus and insight from The Seven you can start looking into alternate options to restore your demonic lover while still retaining the person she's become after losing her soul.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Kasyrra about Redemption Having heard a divine proclamation and Kasyrra's confession both, you realize now that it may be possible — somehow — to reverse demonhood. But it's not something you can hope to achieve alone. Such soul-sorcery is entirely in the domain of the gods, it seems... Perhaps you should seek an audience with one of the Seven and see what they have to say about souls and demonhood. Alternatively, Kas mentioned Tollus was looking into matters of the soul for her. While you doubt he'll share his research willingly, perhaps the cult's leader has some notes on the matter?
1 Talk to Kasyrra about Redemption Having consulted with a divinity, it seems that implanting a Lethicite shard into Kasyrra is possible, and would restore her lost soul — but would destroy the woman you've come to love in the process. Obliterating your demonic paramour's personality and memories is... a last resort, if you'd even consider it. There must be better options.
2 Acquire Gift For A Queen I from Centaur Village You found the first of Tollus's notes regarding Kasyrra. She doesn't seem to have been the mistress he was expecting. Was Kas even the demon he'd been communing with all these years, or was that Lethice? You need more information...
3 Acquire Gift For A Queen II from Abyssal Depths You found the second of Tollus's notes, confirming that the cult's master has indeed been looking into implanting a soul into Kasyrra... to restrict her demonic power. He's mentioned a Faceless Blade as a source of inspiration — a soulbound, by the sounds of it. Tollus seems keen on experimenting on the Faceless Blade's altered soul, but to what end exactly? You need more information...

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


For the moment, the only way to acquire the quest is to complete the Temple of Sin event and discuss Redemption with Kasyrra in the Dream Palace. There will likely be other methods of acquiring the quest added later.


You complete steps from this quest from doing things in the world. By meeting Kasyrra in the Temple of Sin event, you gain the information you need to ask Kasyrra about Redemption. You then find notes from Master Tollus during the events of Harboring a Fugitive and Winter Wolf.

Notable Loot and Rewards

Nothing as of yet, but presumably will have ramifications for Kasyrra and the game ending.