Sandre & Caera

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Sandre and Caera







Sandre and Caera busts by Moira
Creator Fleep
Species Demons
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
Occupation Warriors (formerly)
Level 7
  • 535 (Sandre)
  • 356 (Caera)
Version Added 0.4.37

"You should have waited, Sandre," Caera says with a sigh. She approaches you without a rush, only with her graceful steps and unmoving expression. "A spell would have been more effective."

"Maybe next time. Now it's time to play, right Champ? I've been saving up some big loads to fill your guts, so you better get that ass ready."

Sandre & Caera are a pair of Demons who wander the Undermountain. Easily bored, they pass the time by picking fights and fucking the losers. If you beat them down enough, they stop bothering to try and fight you, and you can get to know the nice couple.



Sandre's black, heavy armor is on top of some crates near her, lying against the barn alongside her warhammer. Maybe she's gotten rid of the breastplate to better withstand the heat of the volcanic mountain, maybe it's to take a break from carrying all that weight around or maybe she just wants to boast about her big pierced tits, but no matter what her reasons are, without the metal covering her body you can take a better look at the red demon and admire her beauty.

The first thing to ensnare your eyes is her chest. She keeps it wrapped in some kind of bandage that encircles her body like a bra, not big enough to conceal anything else apart from the nipples themselves. And even those can be seen, hardened, poking against the cloth. She leans against the table, making her breast jiggle as she does.

Her naked torso is toned, with a six pack so clearly visible that it looks like it's been engraved with a chisel. It tempts you to put your hand in there and check for yourself if it's so hard and muscly as it seems, and Sandre's crooked smile not only reveals the fangs behind her lips, but also taunts you, telling you that if you want that so bad you can always ask for it.

She runs her gauntlet along her mane, which is black with indigo shades, like the sea at night. Locks of hair follow her hand, leaving her face free. It's got an amused expression, and it's an alluring face no matter how you look at it. Her full lips, her demon eyes, and those purple horizontal stripes that paint her cheeks giving her a fox-like aura.

Despite having removed her heavy armor, Sandre doesn't look less huge, not in the least. She's still tall, with strong arms and legs that could manhandle even a trained orc. But at least now you can appreciate her hourglass shape and her muscled back.

Her purple tail whips the air to call your attention, and it manages to do so. You lift your gaze and find her pushing her face closer to you, her purple horns well from the side of her head, just behind the ears, and their forward shape almost envelops around your head.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 72.0 Armor Penetration: 44.0
Spellpower: 24.0 Spell Penetration: 24.0
Sexiness: 41.0 Temptation: 24.0
Accuracy: 20.0 Critical Chance: 8.0
Armor: 129.0 Physical Resist: 33.0
Warding: 28.0 Magic Resist: 8.0
Focus: 16.0 Mental Resist: 1.0
Evasion: 10.0 Blight Resist: 125.0
Crushing Resist: -10.0 Fire Resist: 33.0
Holy Resist: -150.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
  • Vaginas
  • All Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Small Asses
  • Big Cocks

stealable - [+]

  • 900 XP
  • 900 EC



Caera wraps her lithe body with a short, cobalt-colored tunic that ends just past her slightly boyish hips. The cloth is not properly tied at the neck, so it offers a great view of her B cup tits almost up to the aureole, raising and falling at her breath's rhythm. Below her cleavage, different brown leather belts hug her thin waist, each one with their own bags, pockets, and metal buckles to keep everything in place.

Brown thigh-high leather boots cover her long, thin legs that she keeps resting comfortably on top of a small barrel. She crosses one over the other and keeps her black tail wrapped around her thigh and shin, like a Belharan sandal.

After a sigh, she turns the page of her book. Her hands are clothed by gloves matching her boots, of the same color and material. They reach up to her elbow, but leave her delicate fingers free so she can turn the pages more easily or boast about her charcoal-black nails.

Her face is gorgeous, delicate and of unmoving expresion, as if it were an angel's visage carved into apatite stone. White, straight hair hides her forehead with flat bangs, then flowing down her shoulder. Yet, the black horns and the demonic tail coiling around one of her legs break the illusion of her angelic innocence. Lastly, her dark eyes with amber iris leave no question that she's a demon.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 24.0 Armor Penetration: 8.0
Spellpower: 69.0 Spell Penetration: 8.0
Sexiness: 26.0 Temptation: 8.0
Accuracy: 32.0 Critical Chance: 20.0
Armor: 53.0 Physical Resist: 9.0
Warding: 105.0 Magic Resist: 40.0
Focus: 17.0 Mental Resist: 24.0
Evasion: 39.0 Blight Resist: 75.0
Fire Resist: 33.0 Frost Resist: 10.0
Holy Resist: -100.0
  • All Cocks
  • Vaginas
N/A stealable - [+]
  • 900 XP
  • 900 EC


First Interaction

"Finally. I was starting to think there was nothing fun under this damned mountain," someone says as the noises come to a halt. "Break the spell, Caera, let's see what we've found."

Sandre and Caera first appear as a hostile encounter in the Undermountain, in Zones 0 and 2. Seemingly unaligned with the demon army laying siege to Khor'minos, they're only concerned with entertaining themselves at your expense. If you lose, the demon pair roughly degrade you (see Sex). If you win, you can choose between one of their victory sex options, to Leave, or to remove them from the encounter table permanently with Kill Them.

Every time you defeat Sandre & Caera in combat, you gain 2 Victory Points. Every time you are defeated, you lose 1 Victory Point. Starting at 0, if you get to 10 Victory Points, Sandre & Caera stop attacking you and can be found at a farm off the path approaching Khor'minos. If you get to -4 Victory points and have 75 corruption or higher, you get a Bad End.

Bad End

"Wait, what's this?" you hear Sandre saying. With great effort you manage to open your eyes just enough to see her picking something shiny from the ground.

"A lethicite," Caera says, approaching her partner to take a better look. "Yes, definitely a lethicite."

If you have over 75 corruption and are repeatedly defeated by Sandre & Caera, you cum your soul out after being fucked by the duo again. They keep you as a toy, locking you in chastity and using you to pleasure themselves again and again.

Subsequent Encounters

If you defeat Sandre & Caera enough they give up on fighting you, and you can discover them in an abandoned farmhouse. You can learn more about them, particularly that their favourite way to pass the time is gambling. And they don't have money to gamble down under the mountain.

  • Appearance
    • Sandre
    • Caera
  • Talk
    • Them?: What's the deal with them? Who are they? What do they want?
    • Free Time?: Ask them what they do in their free time.
    • Wayfort: Invite them to the Wayfort. Better keep them where you can see them, rather than having them roaming around. (see Wayfort)
    • Evil deeds?: How much wrong have they done already?
  • Gamble: (requires asking abut Free Time?, see Gambling)
  • Sex: (see Sex)


"Hah, finally," Sandre says, hitting the table with her fist. "But be ready to pay up when you lose. I swear there's nothing better than a loser's face when they realize they're taking the whole dick inside."

If you decide you'd like to gamble with the demons, the first step is choosing the contest. Arm Wrestle uses your Strength or Toughness (whichever is higher), while RockPaperScissors uses Cunning or Willpower.

  • Arm Wrestle: Challenge Sandre.
  • RockPaperScissors: Challenge Caera.

Next is the stakes. If you Bet Self, if you lose, you proc one of the demons' loss scenes. If you Bet Cait, you proc a scene where Sandre & Caera have their way with Cait instead.

  • Bet Self: They'll do whatever they want with you.
  • Bet Cait: If you lose you risk having a close up of the demons fucking your companion. (+5 corruption, requires Cait in your party)

Finally is deciding whether you want to win. The contest generates a random number between 1-7 and adds it to your chosen stat. If the combined value is 20 or higher, you win. Or, you can LoseOnPurpose. See Sex for the sex scenes availale.

  • Do Your Best
  • LoseOnPurpose


You can ask Sandre & Caera to join you in the Wayfort, however, they will not accept your invitation until you've cleared the smuggling operation in The Siege of Khor'minos. Once the condition is met, Sandre doesn't want to go but Caera does. They flip a coin, and Caera wins. You also have the choice of whether you want them to disguise their demonic nature.

  • Disguise
  • Leave

They make their way to the Wayfort in short order and can be found on the bar tile. They've converted a back room by the pantry to a VIP casino area. In addition to their previously available interactions, there are some new talk scenes available. You can also order Sandre & Caera not to spread their corruption with the other residents and visitors of the fort.

  • Talk
    • Coin?: Were they taking money out of those poor soldiers? You thought they didn't bet money
    • Evil deeds?: How much wrong have they done already?
      • Let Be
      • Stop That
    • Smuggling: (requires having seen the Lyla event)

If you have Lyla at the Wayfort, there's a special event that procs the first time you leave Sandre & Caera. If you visit the tile between 20:00-6:00, there's a random chance of seeing Sandre along, which procs an event where she reveals more about the duo's backstory.


If you win in combat or go into the Sex menu once Sandre & Caera are non-hostile, you have the following options.

  • Fuck Ass: Fuck Caera's ass while Sandre takes her pussy. (+5 corruption, requires penis)
  • Sandwich (Middle): Let Sandre fuck you into Caera. (+5 corruption, requires penis)
  • Sandwich (Bottom): Let Sandre fuck Caera into you. (+5 corruption)

If you defeat Sandre & Caera in one of their gambling contests, you have the following options.

  • Fuck Caera: Fuck Caera while Sandre licks [your balls|you]. (requires penis)
  • Fuck Sandre: Make the burly girl open her legs for you and see how she likes being on the receiving end. (requires penis)
  • Fuck Both: Put the two demons on four, taking turns to take your cock. (requires penis, and having done Fuck Caera and Fuck Sandre before)
  • Ride Cock: Make Caera jealous by showing her how well you can ride Sandre's cock

If you lose to Sandre & Caera in combat, one of the following scenes procs depending on your physiology.

  • LossFullNelson (+5 corruption)
  • LossRide: (+5 corruption, requires penis)

If you lose to Sandre & Caera in gambling, you can proc one of the previous loss scenes, or the following scenes. The LossCait scene has a continuation if you've Bet Cait and lost more than five times, where Sandre fucks your priestess in the butt.

  • LossBounce: (+5 corruption)
  • LossCait: (requires having chosen Bet Cait)
    • Next: (+3 corruption, requires having Bet Cait and lost more than five times)