Frozen Tower

From Corruption of Champions II
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Frozen Tower
Map to Frozen Tower.png
Map showing the Frozen Tower
Region Glacial Rift
Level range 5+
Accessible from Glacial Rift
Neutral Hub Yes (conditional)

Written by Savin

The Frozen Tower is a site to the far north of the Glacial Rift, offering a new set for Brint and a place to camp away from the elements.



Jutting up from the ice is a stone structure, one that might once have been towering and majestic... but after gods-only-know how long left in disrepair, untended in this desolate waste, it has been torn apart by wind and frost until it is only perhaps five yards tall, with heavy-set grey stone caked in ice and snow.

Though you cannot see past the ice shelf under your feet, you would guess this is part of some larger structure now sunken beneath the Rift — it could not possibly have been built out here all by itself.


The interior of the frozen tower was once a workshop, though if this was set up before or after the rest of the structure sunk into the ice... you can't say at a glance. There's a solid floor of cobbled stone, and racks of armorer's tools hang from pegs nailed into the walls. An anvil sits in the middle of the chamber, but there's no forge to speak of.

A pair of threadbare banners are draped besides the door. One displays a minotaur warrior gird in ice-blue armor, an axe held high. The other: a circle of white-scaled nagas surrounding an empty throne, high on a dias.



Winter Knight Set

If you enter the tower with Brint in your party, the Spectral Smith will make herself known. You can accept her challenge to obtain a new set for Brint, though losing causes a Bad End. If you're victorious, the Spectral Smith passes into non-existence after giving her blessing for Brint to wield her final work.

Making Camp

If the Spectral Smith has been cleared, or if you have Brienne rather than Brint, the Frozen Tower is a safe location to make camp. Campsites placed within the tower will not decay with time, giving you a place to rest and recover in the frozen wasteland.