Spectral Smith

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Spectral Smith


Bust of Spectral Smith by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Northern Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Smith
Faction The Ljyarran Clan
Location Frozen Tower
Level 6
Health 565
Resolve 231
Strengths The Spectral Smith has 3 action points

The ghost-woman nods slowly, rising to her full height — nearly as large as your companion, though her mammoth rack makes her look even wider around. "Not just any minotaur. A worthy minotaur. Are you one such, child of the mountains? Are you strong enough to wield elemental frost, a weapon far keener than that axe of yours; is your constitution great enough to gird yourself in armor of ice, that you may deflect any blow with the surety of a glacier?"

The Spectral Smith is what remains of a long-dead northern Minotaur clan, enslaved by Jotuns and then perishing in the Jotun-Dragon wars. Before she moves on to the afterlife, she needs to make sure the fruits of her craft, elemental frost shaped into a force to be wielded as a shield, are passed on to a minotaur worthy of the honour. If you and Brint accept the challenge, you need to defeat her in battle before to prove your mettle.


But that is all on your peripheral vision, as your attention is instantly focused on the tower's inhabitant: a massive woman, nearly Brint's own size, and just as covered in thick brown fur. Her muscles are nearly as impressive as his beneath it. The cow has a smaller snout and horns, but breasts so large that each time she brings her hammer down on the anvil, they sway so wildly that they could knock a man over. Yet... something about her is ethereal, spectral. You can see through her, if only barely.


Testing Brint

If you enter the Frozen Tower in the Glacial Rift with Brint in your party, you will see the Spectral Smith working the forge, refining a shield made of solid frost. She has been working for centuries, refining her final work for a minotaur worthy of the honour of wielding it. Possibly Brint, if he can prove himself.

  • Challenge: Accept the ghost-smith's challenge in exchange for frigid powers...
  • Back Out: You aren't ready to face the ghostly smith's challenge yet.

If you Back Out, you will leave the tower and can return later to receive the same offer. If you accept the Challenge, you do battle with the Spectral Smith. She gleefully declares Brint worthy if you're victorious, and invites him to take up her masterpiece. The moment Brint touches the shield he is engulfed by wind and snow. When it clears the Spectral Smith is gone, and Brint is wielding the frozen shield and a suit of armour of pure ice. The elemental frost recedes when he loosens his grip on the shield, but is ready to summon at a moment's notice. Brint has now unlocked the Winter Knight Set.

Bad End

If you are defeated by the Spectral Smith, she shouts that you're unworthy as she entombs you and Brint in ice. Countless time passes before the two of you awaken in a world conquered by Demons. They discover you and Brint, weak after defrosting, and enjoy inflicting depravities on their new victims. Afterwards, they present you to the ruler of this new world — Kasyrra. She is impassionate and distant as she recounts felling the gods of this world and ascending to their throne. But Kasyrra lost herself in the process.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 54.0 Spellpower: 63.0
Sexiness: 23.0 Temptation: 18.0
Armor: 63.0 Physical Resist: 30.0
Warding: 34.0 Magic Resist: 14.0
Focus: 46.0 Mental Resist: 21.0
Evasion: 34.0 Blight Resist: -75.0
Crushing Resist: 75.0 Fire Resist: -30.0
Frost Resist: 100.0 Penetrating Resist: 75.0
Tease Resist: 20.0 Drug Resist: 100.0
Pheromone Resist: -75.0 Mind Resist: 50.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]