Painted Demon

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Painted Demon


Bust of the Painted Demon by Moira
Creator B
Species Demon
Gender Female
Level 5
Health 220
Resolve 209

The demon girl runs her hand through her hair, letting her fingers play over her horns, and she bends forward at her waist, giving you a clear, unabashed look straight into her cleavage. "I’m in need of a bit of help," she croons, her lips pouting and her eyes widening. "Care to give a stranger a hand? I’d be willing to repay you however I can."

The Painted Demon is a Demon (naturally) encounter in the areas surrounding Hawkethorne, who starts appearing after you've cleared Winter City. Having been corrupted after fucking the wrong — or right — thing, she now seeks out women to waylay and turn into more demons like her. You meet someone who may be the original Painted Demon the first time you run into them, but from then there's a random chance determining whether it's a Painted Demon you've met before or another one of her unwilling recruits.


You cautiously round the next bend in the path, and standing there is a woman, directly on the same path as you. She has slender curves and stands modestly tall, and her skin is painted with long, thick, numerous black lines covering her otherwise fair complexion – but, more eye-catchingly, is her spread, leathery wings, which she quickly folds behind herself, and her long, spindly tail, which wraps itself around her waist multiple times, and even then, it has enough slack to reach her ankles.

"Oh," she says, and a smile quickly spreads across her thin black lips at the sight of you. "Look at this. I was hoping I’d meet a traveller along this road eventually."

She steps closer to you. Her body language is relaxed, calm, and friendly – perhaps too friendly for a total stranger. As she moves, your eyes are drawn to her body, particularly along the black lines going across her skin: from a distance, you could confuse them for thin, wispy clothing that keeps her modest, if a little scandalous, but as she gets closer, and the lines and streaks don’t ‘breathe’ with her movement, it gets increasingly apparent that she’s actually stark naked.


First Encounter

As you're walking through a pre-Winter City area after clearing the Palace of Ice, you feel a sudden chill in the air. Continuing on, you encounter the Painted Demon soon after. Her approach depends on your level of corruption. She tells a pure champion she's lost, and asks for directions to the nearest settlement. There's a cunning check to determine whether you fall for this ruse. Two more painted demons appear behind you, and your only option is to Fight!. However, depending on your level of corruption, the Painted Demon recognises a kindred spirit and suggests you bang it out. If you are very corrupt she's rather openly a fan and asks permission to service you. If you have 25 or more corruption you get the following options. No matter your level of corruption, two more Painted Demons will appear.

  • Decline: (leads to Fight!, unless you have 100 corruption)
  • Fuck: (see victory Sex)

Defeating the Painted Demon leads to her imploring you to please fuck her, while being defeated goes into defeat Sex.

Subsequent Encounters

In subsequent encounters, there's a random chance that determines whether the Painted Demon you meet is one you've met before. The more Painted Demons you meet, the more likely it is to be a repeat encounter. The encounter plays out in the same way with the demon's approaches diverging based on your level of corruption, ranging from repeating the 'asking for directions' ruse to openly begging to serve you.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 18.0 Spellpower: 18.0
Sexiness: 32.0 Temptation: 6.0
Armor: 41.0 Physical Resist: 6.0
Warding: 39.0 Magic Resist: 14.0
Focus: 31.0 Mental Resist: 13.0
Evasion: 37.0 Blight Resist: 50.0
Fire Resist: 33.0 Holy Resist: -50.0
Tease Resist: -50.0 Drug Resist: -50.0
Pheromone Resist: -50.0
  • All Cocks
  • No Cocks
  • Multi Cocks
  • All Breasts
  • No Breasts
  • Vaginas
  • No Vaginas
  • Milk
  • No Milk
  • Big Asses
  • Small Asses
N/A stealable - [+]

Total Gain Per Encounter

Total Loot


If you are victorious against the Painted Demon, you get the following sex scene options. If applicable, one of your companions will join you in taking your pleasure from the demonesses, with Arona getting special dialogue.

  • Fuck Her: (requires penis, +1 corruption)
  • Fuck Her Butt: (requires penis, +1 corruption)
  • Fuck Her Mouth
    • Use Cock: (requires penis, +1 corruption)
    • Use Vagina: (requires vagina, +1 corruption)
  • Fuck Her Tail: (requires having won in battle, and having fucked the Painted Demon before)
    • Use Cock: (requires penis, +2 corruption)
    • Use Vagina: (requires vagina, +2 corruption)

If you are defeated, one of the following branches is taken. If applicable, your companions will also receive similar punishment from the other Painted Demons, with Cait and Arona getting special dialogue.

  • On Your Knees: (+2 corruption)
  • On Your Back: (+2 corruption)