Frost Pupper

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Frost Pupper


Bust of Frost Pupper by Moira
Creator HugsAlright
Species Half-Jotun
Gender Dickgirl
Title Good Girl
Location Frostwood

She stretches her arm out a bit farther and tilts her head, leash dangling on a finger.

"You want me to take it?" you ask.

She nods eagerly.

Frost Pupper is half-Jotun, half-Lupine, and a very good girl. She can appear in the red zone of the Frostwood once it's fully explored, and is very committed to her petplay. As a pet of course does not speak, and thus cannot give you her name or talk about her life. However, her backstory likely involves a Jotun and Lupine who loved each other very much (and/or Alchemy), discovering a love of petplay, and moving to a cave in the wilderness so as to avoid the constraints of clothes.


A giant half-frost-giant, half-lupine stands before you at least nine feet tall.

Her and all her features are utterly massive, giving away her giantess heritage to anyone that would look at her, along with her bright blue skin. Meanwhile, her lupine features are also quite easy to spot, from her wagging tail to her fluffy ears and fur covered limbs. She's definitely some part puppy.

Her mien is one of feminine beauty and friendliness, looking at you with big, wet eyes and an earnest, muted smile. She has long, white hair that matches the color of her fur. It looks soft and silky.

Despite being completely naked, she seems absolutely warm. Her feminine curves and huge breasts seem to radiate a feeling of heat, looking like you could just hold on to her tight and feel good and cozy, even in the cold of the Frostwood.

The giantess also has quite large endowments below the waist as well, with her big blue lupine erection and hefty, fuzzy ballsack both out on display for the world to see. In fact, the only thing she's wearing right now is a collar and leash!

Despite her stature and size, you can't help but see anything other than a big puppy when you look at her.


First Encounter

Once you've spent some time exploring the Frostwood, you will feel the ground shaking as a naked giant lady approaches. Silently, she will hold out a leash and ask you to take it. This encounter can repeat until you choose Walkies and she shows you back to her cave.

  • Appearance: Get a better look at the giant puppy.
  • Take Leash: Take the poor girl's leash and be her master for a bit. Though, things might get hot and heavy after such a long walk.
    • Walkies: Take the girl for a nice long walk. (leads to Sex menu)
    • Pets: Pet the puppy for a bit then be on your way.
  • Shoo: You don't have time to play with a puppy.

Subsequent Encounters

After Walkies, you will be able to return to the Frost Pupper's cave.

  • Appearance: Take a good look at the naked giantess.
  • Sex: Help give the poor girl some sexual relief. (leads to Sex menu)
  • Pet: Pet the puppy!


Now that you're inside though, the frosty lupine girl starts to whine. She looks up at you with pleading eyes... then starts to paw at your crotch. You look down to see her massive, knotted cock still up and erect after all this time.

Once you get back to her cave, Frost Pupper will give you her puppy dog eyes and ask for relief. Through body language, of course.

  • Get Fucked: Lie down and let the big puppy go to town on you with that giant doggy-cock!
  • Fuck Her: Put in in her butt! (requires penis)
  • Cait?: Can Cait help the poor puppy? (requires Cait)