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Busts of Imora by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Siorcanna
Gender Female
Occupation Shaman
Location Glacial Rift

"Who are you, then?"

The Siorc smiles — a pointy-tooth'd affair — and greets you with eyes nearly completely closed, only barely hinting at the bright pools of color beneath. "Imora, Shaman of Starhome, beta of High Shaman Seastone. And you?"

Imora is a shaman out in the Glacial Rift, and is just about the only friendly person you'll find in the frozen wasteland. She is very fond of her alpha High Shaman Seastone, which she'll happily announce to anyone who asks, and when spends her spare time sunbathing on the ice. Imora specialises in transformation, creating alchemical mixtures that help outsiders survive under the depths. This makes her vital in your quest to pursue Master Tollus into the Abyssal Depths.


In the midst of nightfall it's frigid with chill, but the sky is a beautiful carpet of starlight. A siorc figure is laid out on the ice star-gazing and unbothered by the cold, their own flesh a stunning mirror of the celestial scape above. There's a rug beneath her, and a bag that you can see... but no obvious weapons.


First Encounter

Once you're a couple of meters away the Siorc sits up, tail slapping on the ice. Her voice is sing-songy, tickling your ears and taking the edge off of any tension you'd had building up. "Hello there travellers! Kindly don't shoot, or stab, I'm unarmed."

As you're travelling the ice, you come across a lone siorcanna sunbathing on the ice. If Gweyr's asked you to approach Imora to seek her help, you automatically approach. Otherwise, you can:

  • Approach: Talk to her.
  • Leave: Let sleeping sharks lie.

If you choose to Approach, the siorcanna makes it clear she's not looking for a fight, and introduces herself as Imora.

Subsequent Encounters

Imora has a number of talk scenes where you can learn about her and Siorcanna culture. She takes a dim view on the Boreal Elves due to cultural differences, frustrated that the super-strong and hot Valkyries aren't running everything. Imora also explains that the Cave of Challenge is currently closed, so you are not able to take the rites to become part of the Siorcanna hierarchy at this time. You can also flirt with her (see Sex), or purchase items (see Store).

  • Talk: Ask about shark things.
    • Siorcanna: Can she teach you about her people?
    • Imora: Learn about the shaman herself.
    • The Elves: How does she feel about the elves?
    • Challenge?: What is this cave of challenge?
    • Something Else: Actually you'd like to ask about something else.
  • Flirt: Perhaps she'd like to indulge in some hot [pc.race] action.
  • Shop: Purchase transformatives or seaweave clothing.

Helping Gweyr

When it comes time to tattoo Gweyr, she puts up considerably more of a fuss. Her brow furrows in consternation at the abjectly cute-looking design, and it becomes an apparent struggle to sit still. "Never thought I'd be getting marked up like some slutty brat half my age. Did you have to make it a heart?"

"Of course not!" Imora giggles, cleaning her needle once more and wiping down Gweyr's stomach. "Cheer up, you're about to dive head-first into a fight against monsters you've never faced before to prevent terrible atrocities. If you weren't so boring, you'd be knee-deep in horny siorcs wanting you to take them for their alpha."

While helping Gweyr thwart the ambitions of Master Tollus and the Demon Cult, you discover that the cultists are based in an underwater trench. Gweyr bids you to find Imora, as you'll need her help to follow Tollus under the oceans. Imora is familiar with the trench and her alpha already has warriors outside the entrance to defend against any horrors that may rise from it. Sending you down there would take specialised tattoos, and she'll need something from you in return.

  • Eggs: You'll get Imora the purple harpy eggs she wants.
  • Fuck: Might as well go with the path of least resistance...

Imora is a little disappointed if you choose the Purple Eggs, but gets over it when you return with the bounty. Either way she agrees to help, and you return with Gweyr when you're ready. She applies the tattoos you need to travel underwater, and sends you to rendezvous with High Shaman Seastone outside the trench.

After the events of the Abyssal Depths, Imora is waiting for you at Gweyr's cave. The other siorcs believed you died when the keep imploded, but she was sure you made it out. Imora collects a report from you as to what happened, and departs saying she has people who are waiting for her — as does Gweyr.



Item Cost
Black Seaweave Bra 150 EC
Slutty Seaweave Panties 100 EC
Seaweave Boyshorts 100 EC
Pink Seaweave Thong 250 EC
Pink Seaweave Bra 150 EC
Seaweave Shaman's Cape 300 EC
Item Cost
Siorc Bulbs 100 EC


Whether as payment for a favour or just because, Imora is always down for an explicit encounter.

  • Rough Fuck: Take her rough, in absence of Seastone. (requires cock)
  • Magical Ride: She promises it'll be a unique ride. (requires cock)
  • Lesbian Swap-Oral: Take her rough, in absence of Seastone. (requires vagina)

Quest Related

Winter Wolf

Imora helps you and Gweyr travel down to the Abyssal Depths to confront Master Tollus and drive him out of the Rift.