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Creators SomeKindofWizard
Personal Information
Relatives Amethysta (Mother)
Other Relations Many Siorcanna in starhome (Betas)
Imora (Beta)
Occupation High Shaman.
Residence Starhome
Location Starhome
Religion Sorran
Biological Information
Species Siorcanna
Gender Hermaphrodite
Combat Information
Level ?

"Welcome, gracious challenger, to Starhome."

Seastone is the High Shaman of Starhome, and an alpha to many siorcanna there.


First Encounter

When first encountering Seastone after clearing Temple of Challenge, you get some choices to decide what your relation to her will be:

  • Be Her Alpha: Well, you completed every trial, and Seastone's mother approves of you. (Must have beaten Amethysta)
  • Become Beta: Forget the challenge for Alpha, you're more interested in a big strong dick-wife dominating you.
  • Friends: With or without benefits, that's up to you.

Subsequent Encounters

After the initial encounter, you can interact with Seastone in a few ways

  • Relax: Sit with Seastone and have a nice chat.
  • Beta-Chill: Seastone will give you the good Beta treatment while you're talking. (Beta only)
  • Alpha-Chill: Put Seastone in your lap while you're talking. (Alpha only)
  • Sex: Have some fun with the massive shark


Whether Alpha or Beta, Seastone is always up for some sex

  • Throne Sex: Join Seastone on her throne.
  • Fuck Tits: Fuck Seastone's luscious tits.
  • Fuck Pussy: Take Seastone to bed and take her missionary.
  • Ride Cock: Ride this massive, scalding hot, bitch-breaking beast
  • Cock-Dom: Give your Beta a good dicking. (Alpha only)
  • Get Dommed: Seastone treats you like the Beta bitch you are. (Beta only)
  • Dom Dildos: Pin your Beta down and fuck her with a double-ended toy. (Alpha only)
  • Orgy Pit: Get all of Seastone's Betas involved for a massive orgy, stay all day.
  • Anal: Analise your alpha/beta bitch.




Found when meeting Seastone
for the first time

Found within scenes; Be Her Alpha, Become Beta,
Throne Sex (Seastone is alpha)