Temple of Challenge

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Temple of Challenge
Temple of Challenge map.jpg
Level range 5+
Accessible from Imora in Glacial Rift after completing Winter Wolf
Leads to Starhome
Neutral Hub No

This location is only accessible after finishing Winter Wolf and interacting with Imora. Once you clear it, you wont be able to return to it. Clearing it gives you access to Starhome from Imora's tile.



Points of Interest

Resting point at entrance.
Pillar west of first door that can be collapsed (Strength check?) to open the door without getting a debuff
Drum room with door to Jotun ghost room.
Goop in Same room as door to Amethysta fight, heals with slight corruption increase.
Cauldron before the last tile, Requires Viviane or mage pc to bypass traps.


Electric Eel - Right after entering
Jotun Giant-Father/Dad (silly mode)- After playing drums. Playing aggressively or wailing out adds 2 Jotun ghosts to the fight.
Amethysta - Behind the door that tells you there is danger behind it. A semi-boss fight with time limit? Pink Hydra: Final Boss of the dungeon.
Losing any of the fights will lead to a bad end.


4600 EC from encounters
Horn of the Tides: if played drums aggresively.
Giant's Breastplate: after beating Jotuns
Battle-scarred Hook-dagger : After beating Amethysta