Horn of the Tides

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Horn of the Tides
Creator SKoW
Requirements Obtained the Horn of the Tides key item from the Temple of Challenge
Level Range 6+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Cassidy the Water Bard
Location Wayfort
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Writer Credit


Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Gain the Horn of the Tides You have the beautiful Horn of Tides! But something's missing. A gentle blow produces no sound at all, and at your best, your lungs can produce only the weakest 'doot'. You would assume the horn to require jotun-sized lungs to blow on, if not for the fact that it's sized for your hands.

That attempt to blow on it does have another effect, however; you know, as though you always have, that this is a horn of summoning... it just needs some kind of summoning circle to attune to you with.

Luckily you have the summoning circle you need for this horn; the base of the Wayfort Tower where Aileh makes her home. It can't hurt to try.

Summon Cassidy You have summoned your very own water elemental; the cat-bard Cassidy. She's able to be brought forth in combat, or lain any time you feel the thirst in range of the summoning circle.


Obtain the Horn of the Tides key item from the Temple of Challenge.



Go to the Wayfort and use the Summoning Circle - purchased from Lady Evergreen - to summon your very own water elemental!


Cassidy can now be summoned in battle and interacted with at the Wayfort.

Notable Loot and Rewards

New Summon