Vixen's Arcane Arsenal

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Vixen's Arcane Arsenal

Vixen's Arcane Arsenal map.png

Location of Vixen's Arcane Arsenal
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

Vixen's Arcane Arsenal is a shop on Main Street. Run by the retired war-mage Nieves, it sells a range of goods and items for magical combat.

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One of the shops on the street here has a sign hanging over it, depicting a fox carrying a bladed staff in its mouth. Khor'minoan, Belharan, and Jassiran characters are etched below the picture in sharp, clear lines: "Vixen's Arcane Arsenal."


The inside of the mage's emporium is everything you'd expect from a downtown wizard's storefront: it's darkly-lit and covered from the floor to the ceiling in mystical patterns. Frescos of aged sages adorn the walls, depicting all manner of arcane rites. How exciting! There are racks of staves, wands, and other implements of magic, as well as display cases full of enchanted focus-stones and spellbooks, all arranged in a circle leading to the main counter.



You can access the store through Nieves, as well as ask her about her background.

  • Shop: (see Store)


Equipment Consumables
Item Cost
Wizard Ring 625 EC
Arcane Circlet 250 EC
Armored Robes 312 EC
Bull Totem 287 EC
War Staff 287 EC
Fire Wand 437 EC
Reagent Pouch 375 EC
Caster's Hood 287 EC
Earthen Chain 312 EC
Ring of Fortune 312 EC
Item Cost
Conjurer's Concoction 100 EC
Steadfast Tonic 100 EC
Leananstone 100 EC
Tome of Earthward 375 EC
Tome of Thunderbrand 375 EC
Tome of Leaping Bolts 375 EC
Tome of Flash Fire 375 EC
Tome of Flames Within 375 EC