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Bust of Nieves by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Vulperine
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
Occupation Shopkeeper
War-mage (retired)
Relatives Unspecified children
Location Vixen's Arcane Arsenal

"Greetings," she says, inclining her head. The fox-woman's Belharan lilts with a suppressed Heartlander accent. "Welcome to the arsenal. I am Nieves, the proprietrix, former auxiliary war-mage to the Royal Legions. Everything you see here, I've collected over twenty years of service to the crown or made myself.

Nieves is a vulperine woman who migrated north with her family and moved to Khor'minos. She earned citizenship through valorous service as an auxilary war-mage with the legions, and now runs a shop in Main Street. Nieves is retired now, though with the demonic incursion her goods are in high demand, and she will not hesitate to defend her city should it come to it.


Behind the counter stands a tall, well-built woman wearing leather-reinforced robes in the same colors as the Khor'minoan legions. A black-lipped muzzle and perky fox-ears set this lady apart from most of the women in the city, though, and as you take her in you realize that what at a distance seemed like trimming on her armor is very much just a full-body covering of silky red and white fur.


Nieves greets you as you enter her shop, with Kiyoko making a comment about Vulperines if she's in the party. She has one-time talks about the demon siege, but her main interaction is selling goods for Vixen's Arcane Arsenal.

  • Shop: (see Vixen's Arcane Arsenal)
  • Auxilary: What's this about being with the Legions for so long? (one-time)
  • Current Events: (one-time)