The Sweetest Pie

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The Sweetest Pie

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Location of The Sweetest Pie
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

The Sweetest Pie is a bakery on Main Street. It seems popular with the people of Khor'minos, and you can drop in for a baked good or five. The store is owned and run by Milly.

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You approach the bakery, captivated by the colorful sign and the alluring name engraved in it: "The Sweetest Pie." Different kinds of pastries are showcased to the outside, with their smell and palatable looks silently guiding you towards the entrance.


If you have Brint or Brienne with you while exploring the Outskirts, a cowgirl named Julie can mention the cakes at a Main Street bakery. If you have this interaction, you can buy your minotaur companion a Cake Slice.

  • Bread: Buy some bread. Looks like a cloud. (costs 5 EC, +1 thickness)
  • Pastry: Buy one of those tasty-looking pastries. (costs 4 EC, +1 thickness)
  • Dessert: Buy something nice and sweet. (costs 7 EC, +1 thickness)
  • Cake Slice: (costs 7 EC)
  • Not Sure: (costs 7 EC, +1 thickness)