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Busts of Milly by Moira
Creator Fleep
Species Wyld Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Baker
  • Mommy (conditional)
  • Slut (conditional)
Location The Sweetest Pie
Version Added 0.5.2

"Pleased to meet you, []. It's nice to have visitors who can still spare some time to get to know each other. I'm Milly, and as you can see I'm in charge of baking, cooking, and in general filling every hungry stomach that walks through that door."

Milly is a baker who owns The Sweetest Pie on Main Street. She's a nice lady who's focused on her job, though meeting the wrong 'champion' could change all that. She has limited interactivity to begin with, but more options become available once you start drugging her.


Milly's appearance varies depending on corruption level and clothing. The following is her base appearance.

Her eyes are glistering brown, like the color of recently harvested honey, and her gaze shines with tenderness like everything does around her. From every small movement her soft hand makes when writing down an order to the smell of lemon and cinnamon that lingers around her. All of her is sweet and radiates kindness.

"What is it?" she says while using her best smile. The delicate one where her pink lips open slowly to show you her pearly white teeth. That smile that can melt even the coldest heart in Savarra.

She then moves her long, delicate fingers to her cheek, where a single lock has escaped the auburn braid that she wears over her shoulder. The playful hair keeps tickling the pale skin around her jaw, but a soft caress is enough to send it behind her pointy ear again.

Her face is not just pretty, but beautiful, and her body doesn't fall behind. With a quick glance you notice just how generous figure is: her hourglass shape, her long legs and the moderately big bust that she hides under a layer of clothes and an old apron with traces of flour stains. The woman even knows how to bake; she's got the whole package.


First Encounter

The first time you enter The Sweetest Pie, Milly greets you warmly and asks if you'd like anything.

Subsequent Encounters

The following are her regular menu options. She has minimal interactivity unless you're interested in corrupting her, though she does serve baked goods.

  • Appearance
  • Eat: You're kinda hungry. (see The Sweetest Pie)
  • Talk
    • Her
  • Help Her: Go with Milly to the oven and learn how to do some baking. Maybe you'll have the chance to do the frosting yourself. (requires having talked to Milly about Her, see Corruption)
  • Sex: (requires >=5 Milly corruption)


"How much do I owe you?

"Nothing," she says, renewing her smile. "But you can come and help me with the baking some time. It will be fun."

If you offer to Help Her, you have the chance to drug the strait-laced baker. By spiking her food, either with your cum or Wyvern Venom. you can take advantage of her in her compromised state.

  • Frosting: Just take some vanilla buttercream and do the frosting. Nothing lewd to see around here. (+10 EC)
  • "Frosting": Cum all over the pastries. (+2-3 corruption, +2 Milly corruption, requires penis)
  • Venom Frosting: Pour some venom so Milly gets horny when she tries your frosting. (+3-5 corruption, +4 Milly corruption)
    • Go After: (+3 Milly corruption)
    • Just Watch: (+1 Milly corruption)
    • Tend Store

Once you've started corrupting Milly, you get some new Talk options to assert your will over her. You increase her corruption by repeating her sex scenes, and by drugging her food again. As Milly becomes more corrupted, more sex scenes unlock and she starts developing demonic features like red eyes and fangs. At >=60 corruption, her bust changes to the corrupted version.

  • Clothes: Maybe you can convince her to wear something else. Or maybe even nothing at all. (requires >=30 Milly corruption)
    • Clothed
    • Only Apron
    • Naked: (requires >=60 Milly corruption)
  • Title: (requires >=15 Milly corruption)
    • Mommy
    • Slut


Milly's sex scenes unlock at >=5 Milly corruption. As you further corrupt her, you get more options to degrade her more publicly.

  • Tease Her: (+2 Milly corruption)
  • Behind Counter: Go behind the counter and make her [give you a blowjob|eat you out] while you tend the store. (+3 Milly corruption, requires >=30 Milly corruption, or >=15 Milly corruption if you do Tease Her first)
    • Dismiss: Tell him Milly's not around so he leaves.
    • Tend Store: Pretend that there's nothing going on.
      • Pastries
      • Cum Pastries: (requires having done "Frosting")
    • Tell Him: Tell him exactly where Milly is... and what she's doing. In detail.
  • Against the Door: [Fuck|Finger] her against the door. (+3 Milly corruption, requires >=45 Milly corruption)
    • Secret: Tell her to shush and keep fucking her. Check if she can keep her moans down.
    • Public: Open the door. If they're so worried about Milly they can check for themselves what she's doing. (requires >=60 Milly corruption)