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Creator Gardeford
Quest Giver Nelia
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Fishnet Outfit
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"Hey Nelia, do you think you could make me a fishnet outfit? I'd like one with really wide nets," you ask, roughly approximating the net size with your fingers.

"Sure! I take it you're looking for a full body number then, since you said outfit? Do you want it separate between the top and bottoms? I could do it either way," she asks, already ruffling through her things to find materials.

Writer Credit


Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Nelia about Fishnets After talking, Nelia told you that she requires Drider silk to craft fishnets that will survive what you'd be putting them through wearing them in your travels. She'll also need electrum for various other crafting requirements.
1 Collect the Spider Silk and electrum You've acquired the silk and money you'll need for Nelia to make your fishnets, all that's left is to return it to her!
2 Turn in the crafting ingredients to Nelia Nelia says the process will take 2 days. You can either wait around Hawkethorne or come back to retrieve it later.
3 Wait 2 days after turning the ingredients in Your fishnets should be fully crafted! Time to check in with Nelia and get your hands on them!
Collect the Fishnet Outfit from Nelia You've acquired a set of strong fishnets that stretch to fit your body. They provide zero coverage, but they do show off your body in all the best ways.


Talk to Nelia about Fishnets to begin the quest.


To collect Spider Silk, you can purchase it from Viviane or Senja, or collect it from the Drider Queen in the Frostwood. Choose Fishnets in Nelia's menu whenever you're ready to progress to the next stage of the quest. ​


Upon completion of the quest, you receive a Fishnet Outfit from Nelia