Drider Queen

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Drider Queen



Full body art of the Drider Quenn by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Species Drider
Gender Female
Location Frostwood
Level 5
Health 330
Resolve 100
Strengths The Drider Queen has 2 actions points

"For thousands of years, I have laid dormant. Who has disturbed my- oh, it's just you."


Standing nearly eight feet tall as her eight legs ferry her around, the woman's white hair billows with the winds and lets her black-eyed gaze ensnare your attention. Her coat's heavy grey furs clad her human half as warmly as her spider half's fur, stretching against securing harnesses thanks to her H cup tits.


The Champion will first encounter the Drider Queen while exploring the Frostwood, in which she will ambush the Champion, noting that she had initially thought to use the Champion for pleasure, however, they seem worthy enough to ferry or fertilize her children and ensure her nest's future prosperity.

Subsequent encounters with the Drider Queen will still result in her ambushing the Champion, however, she will comment on their previous encounter (If the Champion was the victor, if they were the loser, or if they fled last time).



Attack Power: 36 Spellpower: 27
Sexiness: 33 Armor: 47
Physical Resist: 15 Warding: 44
Magical Resist: 19 Focus: 31
Mental Resist: 14 Evasion: 44
Blight Resist: -75 Frost Resist: 35
Pheromone Resist: -75


  • Any and all sizes of cocks
  • Any and all sizes of tits
  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)



Should the Champion emerge victorious in combat, they will have the following sex options:

  • Sex - Well, if she's so eager...
    • Titfuck - Those big tits of hers sure look welcoming; how about you stick your cock between them? (requires a cock)
      • Tits
      • Mouth
    • Vaginal - If she's a girl, then surely she has a pussy for you to fuck. (requires a cock)
    • Egg Dom - You're going to get her eggs and take her ovipositor for a ride she'll never forget. (requires a cock)
    • Egg Sub - You want her to fuck your ass with her ovipositor and stuff you full of eggs.

The Vaginal option's description text will change to "You're stuffing her pussy full of cum and she isn't spilling a drop." once the option has been selected at least once.

The Egg Dom and Egg Sub options will be temporarily unavailable if the Champion is already hosting eggs in their butt.

Should the Champion lose to the Drider Queen they will be egged. Additional scene variation is present if the Champion is an anal virgin, has been egged by the Drider Queen before or not and if the Champion is currently butt pregnant. If the Champion is already butt pregnant, the Champion will not be knocked up with Drider eggs.

For Drider Pregnancy details see Drider Queen. There is a 10% chance for the Champion to lay a royal egg which contains a drider princess, which has a special scene when the Champion has laid said egg.


  • 500 XP
  • 180 EC

Chance to drop any of the following: