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To give my services to a Queen would be... it'd be a great honor. This place may be my home, but a true nest created by a queen is the peak of our society. Not only can you find a mate among the Queen and her honor guard, but with older Queens who have young princesses you could very well find yourself as a tutor!



There currently exists no codex entry for Driders.

Other Relevant Information

When it comes to sex, it is better for a partner to either bear a clutch or supply seed for more eggs, rather than waste their progeny on anything else. When a host has been impregnated with eggs, a drider will stir a short-term webbing that will prevent the eggs from falling out, until the eggs have set. It seems to be in drider tradition that if a strong warrior defeats a drider queen, they are worthy of fertilizing the drider's eggs, while weaklings/prey are to be taken as egg caretakers and can still have the honor of carry a drider's egg to fruition. Driders are also capable to preparing an aphrodisiac to incite their pray or partners to carry their eggs.

At least, when it comes to winter driders, a princess is born with beautiful pure white fur and hair, while others are born with an assortment of different colors of fur and hair. Additionally, the birth of princess is uncommon, and they are typically larger than that of non-queen drider. There is an instinct among the driders to serve or favor a princess/queen, as seen when if the Champion lays the Drider Queen's eggs, that when a drider princess is introduced to her siblings, they will converge on her; comforting and snuggling her at the center of the arachnid most pit. A drider queen seeks to proliferate her lineage and ensure the prosperity of her nest.

It is a great honor for a drider to give their services to a queen. While a drider can live in isolation, a true nest created by a queen is considered the peak of their society. In Ihzalti's case, her mother had allowed her to leave the nest due to overpopulation, and she was allowed to keep her brass bands and rings. Drider history can be passed onto rings and bands, whose designs can depict their life stories, and it is typically a queen and her entourage carry many between themselves.

Driders are capable to producing silk, which is of high quality. According to Ihzalti, winter driders are rare. Additionally, she states that there are legends that tell that the Harpies used to bully driders. During the reign of Queen Atheldred, the Boreal Elves would clear the paths of Frostwood of driders and the like, amongst other things.


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Drider Queen Ihzalti