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Busts of Ihzalti by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Nickname(s) Ihz
Species Drider
Gender Female
Occupation Oracle
Bust Size D
Location Foothills (South)

"Allow me to apologize. I rarely get company these days. My name... is Ihzalti; you may call me Oracle Ihz or Oracle, if you so desire. Miro and I had foreseen guests but one does not merely know the precise nature of the future. Tell me; what is your name?"

Ihzalti is a drider oracle that can be found in the southern region of the Foothills. She lives in a crystal lit cavern with her pet mouse Miro. She is an oracle such that she can give the Champion a fortune-telling. Although she lives alone with Miro due to the nature of her true nest, to offer her services to a Queen is a great honor.


Ihzalti stands about as tall as the average human male thanks to her impressive spider-half, a beautiful mix of colors and beauty. White fur lines her lower legs and mottles into a patterned black and gold on the upper legs and her spider fur. A thicker set of gold fur wraps around her human and spider waistline, transitioning up to smooth olive skin. Her tits — a modest pair of D-cups — are round and full, sporting perky nipples that poke through her cloak. Her soft cheeks and smooth jaw capture her youth, whilst her four abyss-black, pupil-lacking eyes glint with wisdom. The solitary oracle's black hair falls freely just above her shoulders, yet bands of bronze link sections of it into tight braids; if they were unbound, Ihz's hair would probably be much longer. Although she hides it well, the ring of fur around her waist hides a tight human pussy. As a drider, she has an ovipositor hidden within her spider half so that she can lay eggs.

Her attire consists of a fairly simple yet highly revealing singular choice: a hooded cloak tied loosely around her neck. The cloak drapes over her shoulders and wraps around her chest, tucking along the curves of her tits almost magically. It leaves a highly provocative sight of her lean stomach, cutting off just beneath her waist and resting on her back.

Additional dialogue will be available if the Champion has fucked Ihzalti.


First Encounter

The Champion will first meet Ihzalti went investigating the Strange Moss found at southern region of the Foothills. Should they investigate the strange moss at the cavern, the mossy rocks raise skyward like a hatch door and the now open cavern leads deep into an ancient-looking chamber. Venturing slowly and methodically into warmly shallow-lit cavern, noting that the cavern is warmly lit by red crystals although they lack the intensity to light up more than then feet ahead, the Champion will be met by a soft voice that will tell them to go no further, though they wish not the hurt the Champion. The crystals erupt in brilliant light, forcing the Champion to shut their eyes but when they open their eyes the darkness of the cavern is gone and the Champion will see a large spider-like woman resting beside a low-sitting table in a newly illuminated chamber. The spider lady will apologize and introduce herself and the Champion and their companions will settle down at her table.

Subsequent Encounters

On repeat visits, the Champion will press the stone beside the doorway that opens up the mossy hatch. They may find Ihzalti cleaning the webbing-lined walls, petting Miro, or dozing off. Once she notices the Champion, she will adjust herself and ask what can she and Miro do for the Champion.

The following options are available once the Champion has been introduced to Ihzalti:

  • Appearance
  • Chat - She's lonely, right? Chat with her about her day!
  • Drider Queen - The oracle isn't the only drider you know of. (must have met the Drider Queen and is available only once)
  • Fortune - You'd like to make use of the Oracle's services.
  • Sex - You want to (if Dark Knight:fuck|have some fun with) Ihzalti!
  • Leave - Unfortunately, you can't stay.

When chatting with Ihzalti, she may sometimes mention her pet mouse Miro who she named after one of her brothers. She keeps in him a cage and she mentions that she loves him and his little tummy . She may also talk about needing to ask her merchant friend for more rings for her braid or she may mention that there are not only orcs but harpies in the Foothills and that legends say they used to bully her people, or her face may redden with embarrassment as she can't think of anything to talk about.

When talking about the Drider Queen, she will note that the Drider Queen is one of the local queens, that her true nest lies far from the Marches, although she'd never imagined a young queen would come to the Marches. When she asks if she's strong and healthy, the Champion will note that she is indeed strong (will vary if the Champion had lost to the Queen before). She'd go on to mention that she'd join the Queen without a pause if she came looking for her, and that she and Miro live alone due to the way of her nest and that it would be a great honor to give her services to a Queen. She will ask if should the day come that Queen needs aid, if the Champion could her. If the Champion had been knocked up by the Queen's eggs before, the Champion will ask if she'd be the one taking care of their kids if that happened, to which she replies with confidence.

When asking Ihzalti for her oracle services, she will given them a fortune-telling through the use of cards. As she instructs them to awaken their mind, she will warn that there are two outcomes: fortune and misfortune. There is a 50% chance to either receive a Good Fortune or Bad Fortune Boon.

Should the Champion have to leave, her smile will dim but the Champion may mention that they'll come back later or that they'll drop by sometime again, to which her smile returns instantly. She will say that she will look forward to their return.


Regular Sex Options:

  • FuckPussy - You want to have some (if Silly Mode:degenerate, handholding, and )pussy-filling sex. (requires a cock)
  • EggPlay - Ihzalti must have eggs, right? Maybe she'll stuff you with some. (if has not seen scene before)
    • - She may be unwilling to knock you up, but you're in the mood to get filled with eggs! (EggPlay tooltip will change if has seen it at least once)