Centaur Caravan

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Centaur Caravan









Busts of the Centaur Caravan by Moira
Creator Wsan
Full name Tandi, Sherine, Mell, and Mara
Species Centaurs
  • Female (Tandi, Sherine, Mell)
  • Female (Hermaphrodite) (Mara)
  • Traders
  • Sex Workers
  • Relatives Mell and Mara (sisters)
    Religion Velunite
    Location Khor'minos Outskirts

    "Thanks... anyway, we've been here for a while, like Mell said," Sherine says. "We came in before the caves got unsafe hoping to trade some furs and trinkets from our village."

    "But we've sold them all and we still can't leave, so..." Tandi says, shrugging. "We started selling the other thing minotaurs really like about centaur girls."

    The Centaur Caravan are a group of Centaurs who set out from their village with a dream and a caravan full of goods to trade. Unfortunately, they found themselves in Khor'minos as Demons appeared and laid siege to the city. Having sold their goods and lacking the means to resupply, they've turned to the world's oldest profession and are applying themselves to their temporary vocation change with great enthusiasm. Business is doing very well, as it turns out Minotaurs get along very well with centaur ladies.


    Tandi looks to be the tallest here along with Mara, her female equine body lithe and sleek and her breasts big enough to fill hands. Her brown hair and fur coat is every bit as inviting as her bright green eyes, full of friendliness. They match her bronze skin beautifully.

    Sherine is a few inches smaller than Tandi but still almost six and a half feet owing to her feminine equine form. Her tanned skin makes her raven-black hair and brown eyes look exotic, her lush obsidian coat almost shining alongside her lighter-furred friends. Her breasts are the biggest of all four, and she gives you a shy smile when she sees you looking at them, leaning forward and clasping her hands together to squeeze them together invitingly.

    Mell is the shortest and smallest of the lot, fitting for the little sister between the pair of her and Mara, you suppose — though she's still a couple of inches over six foot. Modest though her breasts might be, she's still got an attractive figure and an amazingly cute face that dimples when she smiles at you. She has the same hair and fur as Mara — brown, with streaks of white running through it.

    Mara is tall, with the same sparkling blue eyes Mell has. Her demeanor is much more refined, though you suspect anyone who drinks a potion to give them extra genitalia must have a wild side. Her breasts are almost as big as Sherine's and her figure is lush, wide enough to invite stares. In addition to her equine pussy she also has the horsecock and balls of a male of her race, big enough to make her friends happy.

    They're all wearing leather corsets and white dresses underneath — must be what they wore from their village. The daisy chain flower crowns atop their heads, on the other hand, are probably new.


    First Encounter

    As you travel through the Outskirts, you find a caravan that clearly hasn't been used for some time. The horses used to pull the caravan are grazing nearby, and a group of centaur women are relaxing nearby. If you approach, they ask if you're interested in their services. You ask if they needed any help with their caravan, and they explain they're traders who found themselves trapped with the lockdown. They sold all the goods they arrived with, and still being stuck here they decided offering 'alternative' services.

    Subsequent Encounters

    You can approach the ladies at any time for a chat or to inquire after their services. They talk about how they grew up together in a centaur village (not that one), and bought a caravan from a passing trader who decided to settle down with one of the locals. Business has been booming as well, even if it's not the business they'd originally envisioned. Once you've gone through their talk options, you can also see about finding them more secure lodgings.

    • Services: You think you could use the services of at least one of the four centaur ladies...
    • Talk: Ask a few questions
      • Origin: Ask how they got here.
      • Village: Ask about their village.
      • Business?: Ask how business has been going. Are they getting by?
      • Living Situation: Upbeat they may be, this isn't what the girls had planned when they first came to Khor'minos. (requires doing the other talk options, starts Rehoming the Centaurs)
        • Nottia's Farm?: You ran into that nice cowgirl farmer with her broken wagon right when you first entered the outskirts. Nottia — and she seemed pretty run off her hooves. She could probably use four centaurs around, and maybe the extra horses too.
        • Marilla's Farm?: The cowgirl who runs the latex slime farm seems nice enough, and you're sure her, the slimes, and the centaur girls would have a lot of fun in that setup. Maybe you could get them working with Marilla and see how they "get along" with the slimes. (requires having met Marilla)
        • Dunno: You're not really sure. Maybe you'll consider it more later.
      • New Home: Talk to the centaurs about relocation. (requires progressing Rehoming the Centaurs)
        • To Nottia: Get the centaur girls all packed up and send them to Nottia. (requires having asked Nottia, relocates the centaurs to her farm)
        • To Marilla: Send the girls over to Marilla after packing up. (requires having asked Marilla about Centaurs, relocates the centaurs to her farm)
        • Not Yet: You'll let them know.

    At Nottia's Farm

    Nottia spots you coming down the path and waves before disappearing into the house — then returns with all the centaurs, piling out to greet you. You spend some time chatting to them, checking up on things before Mell gives you a surreptitious smirk.

    "So, [pc.name]. Got a 'reason' for visiting?" she says.

    If you send the centaurs to Nottia's, they're enjoying an idyllic farm life. Nottia was falling behind, but with four strong centaurs and their horses to help out the farm was cleaned up very quickly. You can drop in to say hi, but Nottia and the centaurs are all eager to thank you for your help.

    • Just Visiting: You really just came here to see how they were doing.
      • I'm Sure: Sure enough.
      • Actually...: Now that you're here... (see Sex)
    • Help Out: You came over to help with work. (leads to sex with Nottia)
    • Flirt: You came here for a reason, alright. (see Sex)

    At Marilla's Farm

    You've hardly taken ten steps on the property before the sounds reach your ears. Faint, erotic moans and lustful passions fill the air, your mind filling in the unknown before you even reach the stable. The girls are obviously hard at work playing with the slimes, and the closer you get the better you can hear the wet slaps and desperate grunts underlying the high-pitched singing. You round the corner and there, before you, is a feast for the senses.

    If you send the centaurs to Marilla's, they're having a different kind of good time. Marilla's slimes are very energetic. As you visit, the centaurs are in the middle of a vigorous play session. If you join in (see Sex), you can have fun with the centaurs, slimes, or Marilla until it's time for a break. While Marilla is with the slimes, you can check in with the centaurs to make sure they're happy with their new home.

    • New Home?: Marilla's tending to the slimes. How's their new home, really?
    • Gentle Sex: The centaurs are all relatively immobile lying down like this, but that doesn't mean you can't have some romantic fun with them. (see Sex)
    • Stick Around: You don't mind waiting for another round of excitement with the girls. (requires not being between 21:00-24:00)
    • Leave: You have things to do.


    "Don't forget the terms," Tandi reminds you.

    "Run them by me again," you say.

    "You can do anything you want to us except Mara after paying," she says.

    "And I can do anything I want to you after paying," Mara says, lifting her tail just enough to expose her heavy balls. "That seems to be what appeals most to the customers I get out here..."

    For the cost of 50 EC, you can choose one of the ladies to pass the time with. Tandi is chatty and quite loud, Sherine is shy and affectionate, Mell is quite enthusiastic, and Mara will forcefully plough you with a horse cock. Once you're familiar with them you can also see about getting a package deal.

    • Tandi: Tandi's easygoing manner's captured your attentions. (requires 50 EC)
      • Vaginal: Give Tandi a long, hard ride that leaves you both breathless and sweaty. (requires penis)
      • Give Oral: Get a taste of Tandi's juicy marecunt. (Tandi returns the 50 EC on account of you doing a very good job)
    • Sherine: Sherine's body is so appealing you have to have her. (requires 50 EC, and a penis)
      • Vaginal: Sheath yourself in Sherine's warm, welcoming horsepussy. (requires penis)
      • Titjob: She has a big, perfectly round pair of breasts — why not use them?
    • Mell: The smaller centaur's cuteness goes a long way towards captivating your desire. (requires 50 EC)
      • Vaginal: (requires penis)
      • Get Oral: Mell seems eager to please — see how much of that energy she wants to put into servicing you.
    • Mara: Paying for someone else to take the lead might be unorthodox, but Mara manages to make the prospect highly attractive — and with that dick, taking charge seems to come natural to her. (requires 50 EC)
      • Not Quite / Regular: Some choice is good...
        • Pussy: Take Mara's massive horsecock in your tight little cunny/wet cunt/whore cunt and let her blow a massive load inside/into your empty womb/fertile womb. (requires vagina)
        • Ass: Ask Mara to bury her massive cock between your asscheeks.
        • Mouth: Offer the use of your mouth for the centaur to get off with.
      • Hoping For It / Bondage: You like the idea of being tied up for her.
      • Stud Eubicha: Ask Mara to stud for your mare. (Eubicha must be with you)
        • Done Here: Nah, you're done for now. Once is enough.
        • More: Eat out Mara till she blows again. (requires 50 EC)
    • Siblings: Mell and Mara are sisters, though Mara is futanari now. Are they up for some sibling fun? (requires 100 EC, having hired Mara)
      • Sandwich Me: Get your pussy hollowed out/asshole destroyed by the elder sister while you pound the younger's cunt. (requires penis)
      • Mara on Mell: Watch Mara mount and fuck her little sister.
      • Give Mara Oral: Focus on pleasing Mara with Mell. That plump asshole and horsecunt are enticing...

    At Nottia's Farm

    If you send the centaurs to Nottia's farm, their sex options are mostly the same as they were before with minor adjustments for their new location. They also have a new sex scene for each centaur, as well as a couple of scenes with all four of them and Nottia. They're also no longer charging for the privilege.

    • Tandi: Of all the girls, Tandi is the one you most want to spend time with right now.
      • Vaginal: Give Tandi a long, hard ride that leaves you both breathless and sweaty. (requires penis)
      • Give Oral: Get a taste of Tandi's juicy marecunt.
      • Give Rimjob: Get intimate with Tandi's soft, plush equine asshole.
    • Sherine: The awkward, busty centauress is too much fun. (requires penis)
      • Vaginal: Sheath yourself in Sherine's warm, welcoming horsepussy.
      • Titjob: She has a big, perfectly round pair of breasts — why not use them?
      • Anal: You'd like to pound this submissive centauress as hard as she can take it.
    • Mell: The smaller centaur's cuteness goes a long way towards captivating your desire.
      • Vaginal: Stick it in Mell's cute little cunt. (requires penis)
      • Get Oral: [You know from prior experience Mell is all too happy to [wrap her tongue around your cock / get her tongue intimately involved with your pussy]. / Mell seems eager to please — see how much of that energy she wants to put into servicing you.]
      • Get Rimjob: Get Mell's long, talented tongue up your ass until she makes you cum with it.
    • Mara: The big-dicked futanari centauress just has that certain appeal to her.
      • Pussy: Take Mara's massive horsecock in your [tight little cunny / wet cunt / whore cunt] and let her blow a massive load [inside / into] your [empty womb / fertile womb]. (requires vagina)
      • Ass: Ask Mara to bury her massive cock between your asscheeks.
      • Mouth: Offer the use of your mouth for the centaur to get off with.
      • Tie Me Up: You notice there's a ton of rope in the barn...
      • Give Anal: You want to show Mara a bit of special service — namely, what it feels like to cum several times in a row from having your prostate stimulated. (requires penis)
    • Nottia: [Spending more time alone with Nottia seems like a good idea. / You'd like to spend some time making up for the fact your first meeting was so short.] (see Nottia's page for details)
    • All: How about everyone at once?
      • Blow Mara: Get her to stand over Nottia so you can suck the horny centaur off while you [plow Nottia to bits. / fuck Nottia.]
      • Nottia & Girls: Let the bedicked centauress play on her own — you have a cowgirl to plow!

    At Marilla's Farm

    At Marilla's farm, you visit as the centaurs are busy being ploughed by the slimes. The scenes, while based on their original sex interactions, are changed to account for the presence of the slimes, and you are not charged anymore.

    • Fuck Tandi: You're most interested in the bronze-skinned brown-furred centauress with a penchant for being loud during sex.
      • Fuck Pussy: Have the slime swap to pounding Tandi's ass so you can plow her pussy. (requires penis)
      • Suck Clit: You could ask the slime to swap to fucking Tandi's asshole to make room for you to give the centaur's clit a lot of loving attention.
      • Give Rimjob: Bury your tongue in Tandi's puffy equine asshole while she gets her pussy taken care of by the slime.
    • Fuck Sherine: The black-furred centauress is getting it hard right now — you could join in and give it to her even harder. (requires penis)
      • Fuck Pussy: Get the slime to switch to pounding Sherine's puffy asshole while you take over stuffing her cunt full.
      • Fuck Tits: Let the slime take care of the back end while you take advantage of the enormous assets at the front.
      • Fuck Ass: Ravage Sherine's asshole while the slime slams her cunt — together you'll make her cum her brains out.
    • Fuck Mell: The short-statured centauress is the quietest of the lot — not that she's getting it any less hard than the others, it's just that she's desperately trying to keep from crying out to preserve a bit of pride.
      • Fuck Pussy: (requires penis)
      • Get Oral: Slip around to Mell's front and get some rough, desperate oral.
      • Get Rimjob: Get some anal loving from the bratty centauress.
    • Fuck Mara: The fat-cocked futanari centauress is getting her pussy plowed so hard she can't help but cum from her dick, too.
      • Fuck Ass: Fuck Mara in the ass while the slime pounds her pussy. Blow her mind with the dual penetration. (requires penis)
      • Blow Her: Get down on your knees and guzzle Mara's hot, fresh ejaculate right from the source.
      • Get Fucked: Slip under her, grab her cock and back up onto it until she's plowing you balls-deep in your [dripping cunt / needy asshole].
    • Fuck Marilla: The farm's owner is no less sexy than the centaur girls. There's plenty of things you could get up to... (see Marilla's page for details)
    • Fuck Slimes: The slimes themselves are rough, unrelenting, but above all, fun-loving. Perhaps the ideal partner if you want to be on the receiving end? (see Marilla's page for details)

    After a session in the stalls, you can hang out with the centaurs on their break and offer some Gentle Sex as a change of pace.

    • Tandi: It might be nice to give the loudest girl here some passionate loving. (requires penis)
    • Sherine: Give the anxious centaur a rub-down before some romantic loving. (requires penis)
    • Mell: Mell's energetic nature always makes for some fun, even during downtime. (requires penis)
    • Mara: The hung she-stud can't move while she's lying down, but she doesn't need to if you just want to give her a blowjob...

    If you go past Marilla's farm in the Outskirts between 22:00-4:00 and have fucked Mara before, there's a night event that can trigger with a 3-5 day cooldown. You'll know the event is active if you can see a light on in the stables. If you visit, you find Mara having snuck out for some overtime with the slimes and can Say Hi to get Mara's attenion.

    • Suck Her Off: Get the slime to relinquish its hold on a foot or so of her cock so you can have some fun with her.
    • Fist Her Pussy: Mara's winking, drooling cunt sure looks like it could use some attention...
    • Leave Her: Bid her good night and leave the centauress to her fun.


    Rehoming the Centaurs

    Help find the centaurs somewhere safer than the side of the road.