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Busts of Marilla by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
  • Slime farmer
  • Adventurer (formerly)
Location Khor'minos

"Oh, it's latex," she says, extending an arm and rubbing her fingers along its length. It makes an odd sort of noise, almost like a squeak. "I make it from the slimes. They're happy to help, bless 'em. I'm Marilla, by the way. Slime farmer."

Marilla is a slime farmer in the Khor'minos outskirts. She makes latex from the residual material left behind by slimes she befriended adventuring, and uses that to create clothing. Marilla is unwilling to retreat behind the city walls with the rest of the citizens of Khor'minos, being responsible for the slimes and not wanting to compromise her business or friends by abandoning them. She keeps the libidinous slimes happy with rather energetic 'yard work', which you and your companions can assist her in performing.


She's clad in a kind of shiny black material with an almost metallic sheen, enveloping almost her entire body from bottom to top. With her generous curves, it leaves almost nothing to the imagination — despite being technically clothed, her figure seems almost more lewd than if she were standing before you naked. Between that and the blue-dyed hair, she's distractingly beautiful.


First Encounter

Walking through the Outskirts, you spot a farm seemingly filled with puddles of goo. If you've met Slimes before, you recognise the residue. You can choose Goo Farm? to investigate. Marilla calls out and shakes her first at you, accusing you of being thieves. You explain you were just curious and thought the farm might be deserted, which mollifies her. She introduces herself and you can access her regular menu.

Subsequent Encounters

You can return to visit at any time now. At the farm, you can purchase some of her wares, ask about her business, or participate in yard work. She met the slimes after suffering an injury during a nascent adventuring career. They helped nurse her back to health, and she asked if they'd like to accompany her back to Khor'minos. They agreed and she set up the farm to take care of them and make enough money to support them. Once you've talked with the Centaur Caravan, you can potentially settle the centaurs at Marilla's farm.

  • Buy: Acquire some latex clothing.
  • Still Here?: What's she doing here when the rest of the outskirts have been more or less deserted?
  • Farm: Ask about the farm itself.
  • Clothing: It'd be impossible not to notice.
  • 'Yard Work': You could put in some time. (requires asking about Farm)
  • Centaurs: Discuss the matter of the centaurs stranded in the outskirts needing a new home. (during Rehoming the Centaurs)
  • Leave: Bid Marilla goodbye and head back to the road.

Inviting the Centaur Caravan

"Centaurs?" Marilla muses, looking over at some of the slimes. "They'd be a huge hit with the slimes, I think. I think centaur girls are kinda cute myself, too. Are they nice? Do you think they'd get along with my slimes?"

If you invite the Centaur Caravan to stay with Marilla, they are indeed a huge hit with her slimes. The centaurs' durability and stamina make them a good fit with the inexhaustible slimes, and Marilla's business is flourishing with the extra production and additional 'labour'. You visit in the middle of a play session, and can choose to join in or check in with the slime farmer.

  • Talk: Maybe later, but for now you wanted to talk.
    • Current Status: How's the farm going now?
    • Farm Backstory: Ask for a bit of the history behind the farm.
    • Water: Ask about the water here.
    • Your Pussy: There most certainly is something on your mind. Namely the way she's strutting around without a leotard. (see Sex)
    • Shop: Acquire some latex clothing.


Item Cost
Latex Bodysuit 550 EC
Latex Gloves 100 EC
Latex Boots 100 EC
Latex Bra 150 EC
Latex Panties 100 EC
Latex Shorts 100 EC


"Oh, I'd be happy to have you join me," Marilla says with a smile. "They'll be ecstatic I've brought friends. Just a fair warning, I've taught them to play rough. Even the ones who like being women ride like they're trying to break a stallion in — so you can expect to be on the receiving end. I uh, don't advise trying to fight off a slime. They don't understand the whole concept."

Should you wish to apologise for barging into her farm (or simply wish to enjoy the attentions of some friendly Slimes), you can volunteer you and your companions for yard work. Marilla and Cait are active participants in every scene, and should you choose Women, Brint, Arona, and Quintillus can appear as well.

  • Men: You want to get it from a group of men.
  • Women: You'd prefer to be surrounded by a bunch of women.
  • Herms: You want women with dicks to take charge this time.

Inviting the Centaur Caravan

If the Centaur Caravan are settled at Marilla's farm, yard work with the slimes is replaced with a new lot of sex scenes.

  • Fuck Tandi: You're most interested in the bronze-skinned brown-furred centauress with a penchant for being loud during sex. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Fuck Sherine: The black-furred centauress is getting it hard right now — you could join in and give it to her even harder. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Fuck Mell: The short-statured centauress is the quietest of the lot — not that she's getting it any less hard than the others, it's just that she's desperately trying to keep from crying out to preserve a bit of pride. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Fuck Mara: The fat-cocked futanari centauress is getting her pussy plowed so hard she can't help but cum from her dick, too. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Fuck Marilla: The farm's owner is no less sexy than the centaur girls. There's plenty of things you could get up to...
    • Fuck Her: Lie the buxom slime-farmer down and plow her fertile fields. (requires penis)
    • Fucked Together: Roll around in Marilla's embrace while you're savagely fucked by her slimes.
  • Fuck Slimes: The slimes themselves are rough, unrelenting, but above all, fun-loving. Perhaps the ideal partner if you want to be on the receiving end?
    • Hop On Mell: Hop up on Mell's backside and get the slime to fuck you to pieces too.
    • Get Cockmilked: Get a slime to fuck you in the ass while your cock is buried in its cool, stimulating grip, forcing you to blow several loads into the latex bubble at the tip of your dick. (requires penis)
    • Pussy Pounding: There's an extra stall adorned just like the centaurs'... you could take up position for a slime to treat your pussy right. (requires vagina)


Rehoming the Centaurs

Marilla is one of the options for finding the Centaur Caravan somewhere safe to stay.