Rehoming the Centaurs

From Corruption of Champions II
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Rehoming the Centaurs
Creator Wsan
Quest Giver Centaur Caravan
Level Range 6+
Quest Type Side
Reward New interactions
Location Outskirts
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Tandi looks at her friends, stuck in thought. "We're not really suited for city life... even if we got inside. I don't know. Where else could we set up? We just settled here because it's outside. It's like home, you know? Even if there's no real sky."

You encounter the Centaur Caravan sleeping by the side of the road in a city under siege. Even if they seem content with their living situation for now, you can see if anyone in the Outskirts can house a group of friendly centaur merchants-turned-prostitutes.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Discuss Living Situation with Centaur Caravan You've agreed to help the centaurs in the outskirts find a new home on a farm. [Nottia's, specifically, though you[ could also ask Marilla if she were okay with it / 're reasonably certain there's at least one more farm you could look for]. / Marilla's, specifically, though you could also see if Nottia wanted to house them.]

[Nottia's farm is apparently north of the centaur girls' usual hangout. / Nottia's farm is north of the centaur girls' usual hangout, not too far from the guard posts up the road.]

[Marilla's farm is just where you left it — to the south-east, on the far end of the outskirts. / You're not entirely sure where the other farm would be, but you could try looking south-east...]

1 Approach Nottia or Marilla to ask about homing the centaurs [You've talked it over with both Nottia and Marilla. They're equally excited to have the centaurs around for different reasons — Nottia wants to have them help out around the farm a bit to get everything back to normal, and Marilla wants them to provide "entertainment" for the slimes — and, you suspect, herself.

Return to the centaurs to discuss the decision. / You've talked it over with Nottia and she was thrilled at the prospect of having the centaur girls around. You could return to inform them, or you could [go ask Marilla if she's as willing as Nottia is / go look for that other farm]. / [You've talked it over with Marilla and she was very interested in the idea of having centaur girls around for the slimes — and, you suspect, her — to fuck for entertainment. You could return to inform them, or you could go look for Nottia to see if she'd be willing to put the 'taurs up.]

Send the centaurs To Nottia, or To Marilla The five of you came to a group decision that they'd stay at [Nottia's farm, helping her with physical tasks around the place and keeping her company. It's a win-win scenario, and you don't see the need to intervene further. / Marilla's farm, helping her take care of the slimes. You've fixed two problems at once — there's no need to intervene further.]


Once you've completed the Centaur Caravan's talk scenes, you can ask about Living Situation. You can choose Nottia's Farm?, Marilla's Farm?, or Dunno, but your choice is not locked in at this stage.


Once you've acquired the quest, you can visit Nottia and Marilla to ask about accepting the centaurs. Both Nottia and Marilla are enthusiastic abut the process, though Marilla asks you to make sure the Centaur Caravan understands what helping on her farm would entail — rigorous, frequent sex with slimes.

You can return to the centaurs at any point, with the ladies being enthusiastic about either option.

  • To Nottia: Get the centaur girls all packed up and send them to Nottia.
  • To Marilla: Send the girls over to Marilla after packing up.

Notable Loot & Reward

Once the centaurs have had a few days to settle in to their new homes, you can visit with new interactions for them and the farmer they're staying with.