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Busts of Nottia by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Farmer
Location Khor'minos

"Need some help?" you offer. "My friends and I have some time to spare."

"Yeah, that'd be great, actually!" she says, cheering right up. "Name's Nottia. Where the three o' ya from?"

Nottia is a local farmer in the Khor'minos outskirts. As you enter the city, she's struggling with bales of hay that have fallen from her wagon. If you help her out, she'll offer you a proper Khor'minoan welcome in return. Later, you can drop by her farm and offer her a hand.


"Well now! Wasn't so bad," the cowgirl farmer says, dusting her hands off on her impressive thighs. "I oughta thank y'al] for the effort. Whatcha say? Wanna have some fun behind the wagon?"

She flashes you a friendly, disarming smile. Her tight-fitting overalls do paint a luscious picture of her body...


First Encounter

You can meet Nottia after first entering Khor'minos. She will be struggling to load bales of hay back into her wagon. If you don't approach her, she leaves after a couple of hours, haven wrangled the loose bales and moved on. If you approach, you have the option to help her.

  • Help Her: Lend some helping hands to the cowgirl with [party.compNames].
  • Good Luck: Wish her good luck and keep walking.

If you choose Good Luck, after 2 hours she will have managed the task and left. If you choose to Help Her, you have a short chat with her as you load the feed. You achieve the task much quicker than she'd manage on her own, and she offers to express her gratitude to you and your companions.

  • Sure: You could do with some fun, actually.
  • No Thanks: You'll pass on the opportunity to get even dirtier.

Brint groans if you choose to pass, imploring you to please not turn down every attractive cowgirl who throws themselves at you. Brienne is surprised but flattered, especially after you explain you've already got the cutest cowgirl right here.

Subsequent Encounters

Once you've started Rehoming the Centaurs, you're able to find Nottia's farm to the north-east of the Outskirts. It's fallen into disrepair with only Nottia here to manage it. If the centaurs are still looking for a home, you can tell Nottia about their plight and she offers to home them in exchange for labour. If you've already settled the centaurs with Marilla, you can start Work-life Balance to find Nottia alternative assistance.

  • Help Her: You swang by to help Nottia out with her work — she looks like she could use it.
    • Flirt: Nottia is extremely pretty — now that you're away from the crowd a bit, you'd like to spend some more quality time with her. (see Sex)
    • Relax: You just wanted to give her some help.
  • Hire Help?: You could look into hiring some help for her. (requires having completed Rehoming the Centaurs with Marilla, unlocks Work-life Balance)

Inviting the Centaur Caravan

"Dang, really? I mean, I got land," the farmer girl says, gesturing out at the stretching expanse of empty farmland. "They can prance wherever they want. I got some barns or heck, the house if they wanna shelter inside. And I could use the help. And the company. And they have horses too?" Nottia shrugs. "When can they start? Even my horse'd be happy."

If you settle the Centaur Caravan with Nottia, she is very grateful for the extra help. Once they've had a few days to set everything up, you can visit the farm to see all the improvements Nottia and the centaurs have been able to make. You can check in and 'spend time' with the girls.

  • Just Visiting: You really just came here to see how they were doing.
    • I'm Sure: Sure enough.
    • Actually...: Now that you're here... (see Sex)
  • Help Out: You came over to help with work. (see Sex)
  • Flirt: You came here for a reason, alright. (see Sex)

Inviting the Minotaur Soldiers

Nottia thinks for a moment. "You could try looking for some soldiers still hanging 'round the outskirts. Pretty sure there's at least one group somewhere, there's gotta be some able-bodied men there. Heck, even two minotaurs would make my work ten times easier. Three? Might not even have to do anything myself!"

If the Centaur Caravan finds a home with Marilla, Nottia still needs help around the farm. One idea she has is asking for bored soldiers, like the Mino Soldiers gambling in the Outskirts. If you head over and ask them for help, they quickly arrange a schedule to take turns working at the farm while the other soldiers cover for them. Once they've had some time, you can visit to see the repairs. You also have a number of options for having sex.

  • Just Visiting: You really just came here to see how everything was going.
    • That's Nice: Sounds like things are going okay. You were just stopping in to make sure.
    • Yeah, Me: You're happy to help out on the bedwarming front for now, at least. (see Sex)
  • Help Out: You came over to help with work. (see Sex)
  • Flirt: She's taking a break. You're taking a break. Your timing couldn't be better. (see Sex)
  • 'Repay' Soldiers: You figured you'd come down to give the soldiers some "repayment" for their services... (leads to sex with some of the Mino Soldiers)


If you choose Sure when Nottia extends her offer, you and your companions head behind the wagon for a quickie. She orally services you, and your companions get a 'helping hand' as well, although Kiyoko and Brienne opt out of receiving. Kiyoko elects to observe while Brienne helps Nottia out instead.

Later, when you visit Nottia's farm, you can Help Her and then Flirt to have some fun with the overworked moo.

Inviting the Centaur Caravan

If you Flirt while visiting, you have a number of ladies happy to pass the time with you. You also have an intimate encounter with Nottia if you Help Out.

  • Tandi: Of all the girls, Tandi is the one you most want to spend time with right now. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Sherine: The awkward, busty centauress is too much fun. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Mell: The smaller centaur's cuteness goes a long way towards captivating your desire. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Mara: The big-dicked futanari centauress just has that certain appeal to her. (see Centaur Caravan's page for details)
  • Nottia: [Spending more time alone with Nottia seems like a good idea. / You'd like to spend some time making up for the fact your first meeting was so short.]
    • Doggystyle: Bend Nottia over the hay bale and pound her hard. (requires penis)
    • 69: Lay yourselves out on some hay and get down to it.
  • All: How about everyone at once?
    • Blow Mara: Get her to stand over Nottia so you can suck the horny centaur off while you [plow Nottia to bits. / fuck Nottia.]
    • Nottia & Girls: Let the bedicked centauress play on her own — you have a cowgirl to plow!

Inviting the Minotaur Soldiers

If you Flirt with Nottia with the soldiers at the farm, you have the same options with Nottia but in a different setting. You can also Help Out to spend time with Nottia, and 'Repay' Soldiers to spend some time with her helpful assistants.

  • Doggystyle: Bend Nottia over the bed and pound her hard. (requires penis)
  • 69: Lay yourselves out on some hay and get down to it.


Rehoming the Centaurs

Nottia is one of the options to rehome the Centaur Caravan, and could certainly use the help.

Work-life Balance

If you send the Centaur Caravan to Marilla, Nottia still needs help. Maybe the Mino Soldiers could help out?