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Busts of Nottia by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Farmer
Location Khor'minos

"Need some help?" you offer. "My friends and I have some time to spare."

"Yeah, that'd be great, actually!" she says, cheering right up. "Name's Nottia. Where the three o' ya from?"

Nottia is a local farmer in the Khor'minos outskirts. As you enter the city, she's struggling with bales of hay that have fallen from her wagon. If you help her out, she'll offer you a proper Khor'minoan welcome in return.


"Well now! Wasn't so bad," the cowgirl farmer says, dusting her hands off on her impressive thighs. "I oughta thank y'al] for the effort. Whatcha say? Wanna have some fun behind the wagon?"

She flashes you a friendly, disarming smile. Her tight-fitting overalls do paint a luscious picture of her body...


First Encounter

You can meet Nottia after first entering Khor'minos. She will be struggling to load bales of hay back into her wagon. If you don't approach her, she leaves after a couple of hours, haven wrangled the loose bales and moved on. If you approach, you have the option to help her.

  • Help Her: Lend some helping hands to the cowgirl with [party.compNames].
  • Good Luck: Wish her good luck and keep walking.

If you choose Good Luck, after 2 hours she will have managed the task and left. If you choose to Help Her, you have a short chat with her as you load the feed. You achieve the task much quicker than she'd manage on her own, and she offers to express her gratitude to you and your companions.

  • Sure: You could do with some fun, actually.
  • No Thanks: You'll pass on the opportunity to get even dirtier.

Brint groans if you choose to pass, imploring you to please not turn down every attractive cowgirl who throws themselves at you. Brienne is surprised but flattered, especially after you explain you've already got the cutest cowgirl right here.


If you choose Sure when Nottia extends her offer, you and your companions head behind the wagon for a quickie. She orally services you, and your companions get a 'helping hand' as well, although Kiyoko and Brienne opt out of receiving. Kiyoko elects to observe while Brienne helps Nottia out instead.