Mino Soldiers

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Mino Soldiers
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaurs
Gender Males
Occupation Soldiers
Location Khor'minos Outskirts

There's a group of male minotaur soldiers here right around Brint's age playing cards on the ground. A cheer goes up from one of them as another throws his cards into a pile and heaves a sigh of faux disgust, shaking his head.

"I'm out," he declares, someone else taking his place at the 'table'.

Mino Soldiers are a group of soldiers you find playing cards in the Outskirts. They're a group of young, vital Minotaurs, and as such are content to hang out or have a little fun with you.


"Hey there," one says, a chorus of varied greetings following him up. "Wanna play?"

You spot the soldiers having their game, and can approach them a number of different ways. If you've asked Nottia about Hire Help?, you can recruit them to finish the quest and unlock new content for Nottia's farm.

  • Approach: Greet the minotaurs.
  • Slutty Flirt: The sight of so much raw, unbridled masculinity all in one place drives you more than a little wild...
  • PartyService: Offer your entire party up to the minotaurs for them to use freely. (requires Cait and Etheryn, Etheryn with 75+ libido)
  • Hire For Farm: (during Work-life Balance)

If you Approach they greet you in a friendly manner and ask if you'd like to play. They then heckle a soldier named Galacio, who is nicknamed 'Galley' because he fell off the boat during a battle in the colosseum and made quite the spectacle. You settle in with the soldiers as they resume playing.

  • Play Cards: Play some cards with the boys.
  • Quiet Flirt: Get a bull alone for some fun.
  • Leave: Bid the minotaurs goodbye.

If you Play Cards, there is a random chance modified by your Cunning of either winning 100 EC or losing 25 EC. They gossip about a soldier named Rooh, who apparently spends all his time in the Slums, while another sighs wistfully that the slums are the place to go for an exotic experience. Watch out for thieves though.


If you choose Slutty Flirt upon approaching, you end up orally servicing a group of Minotaurs, as well as Brint if present.

If you choose Party Service, you, Cait, and Etheryn are all quite energetically taken in all orifices by the group.

If you choose Quiet Flirt, you head off with one of the soldiers for a quick tryst. A randomly chosen scene occurs between you and the lucky fellow.

If you've completed Work-life Balance, you can visit Nottia's farm to 'Repay' Soldiers for their valuable assistance.


You are able to be impregnated by the soldiers during the Party Service scene, or in some of the Quiet Flirt options. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Generic Minotaur Pregnancy for more details.


Work-life Balance

If you complete Rehoming the Centaurs with Marilla's help, you can send these boys to Nottia's farm to help fix things up.