Work-life Balance

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Work-life Balance
Creator Wsan
Quest Giver Nottia
Requirements Rehoming the Centaurs completed
Level Range 6+
Quest Type Side
Reward New interactions
Location Outskirts
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Nottia thinks for a moment. "You could try looking for some soldiers still hanging 'round the outskirts. Pretty sure there's at least one group somewhere, there's gotta be some able-bodied men there. Heck, even two minotaurs would make my work ten times easier. Three? Might not even have to do anything myself!"

If you send the Centaur Caravan to Marilla's farm, Nottia is still left with a crippling labour shortage. Maybe you can find someone to help with that?

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Ask Nottia about Hire Help? After you brought the centaurs to Marilla's farm, Nottia is still struggling to make any headway on her farm without any extra labor. There's got to be some way to help her — [maybe those gambling soldiers you met in the middle of the Outskirts can offer some assistance. / maybe you can try looking for some idle soldiers in the Outskirts and paying them for labor.]
Ask Mino Soldiers about Hire For Farm? After having sent the centaurs to Marilla's farm, Nottia was left without labor. You've managed to employ some minotaur soldiers to help her get back on her feet, and her farm is thriving. It'll take some time for it to really pay off but for now, the cowgirl is overjoyed that you've helped her achieve something she's been lacking for years — free time.


To acquire this quest, you need to complete Rehoming the Centaurs by sending the Centaur Caravan to stay with Marilla. If you talk to Nottia, you can ask about Hire Help? to see if you can find someone to help her out on the farm.


The Mino Soldiers are bored and gambling in the Outskirts, and if you ask about Hire For Farm? they leap at the opportunity to do something.

Notable Loot & Reward

Once the Mino Soldiers have had a few days to clean things up, you can return to Nottia's farm for new interactions.