Galla's Garments

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Galla's Garments

Galla's Garments map.png

Location of Galla's Garments
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

Galla's Garments is a store on Main Street that sells clothing and lingerie, owned and run by Galla.

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There's a minotaur and cowgirl-shaped pair of mannequins outside this store, clothed in what looks to be a fairly ubiquitous style when you glance over the crowds. They're all wearing a number of colorful layers, though the commonality seems to be various forms of toga either worn all the way up or a robe with no top, layered over for the women or worn bare-chested by men. Seems like the shop's open for business and popular, at that.



You can peruse the shop and buy some loincloths for your minotaur companion.

  • Shop: Check out the offerings — there's a lot of togas. (see Store)
  • [Brienne / Brint] Gift: Buy your [[wonderful wife / muscled lover] a few new loincloths. She can probably use 'em. / [wonderful husband / muscled lover / big buddy] a few new loincloths. He could use 'em.] (requires 240 EC, Brienne or Brint must be in party)

After you've purchased an item from the Shop, Galla will offer to show you some wares in the back. If you agree, it leads to a sex scene with Galla and some new items add to the shop.

  • Sure: Why not? (unlocks new clothing items)
  • No Thanks: No time for clothing.


Items marked with an asterisk are unlocked after Galla models them.

Item Cost
Red Toga 250 EC
Mauve Toga 450 EC
Dark Green Toga 250 EC
Orange Toga 400 EC
Light Blue Toga 250 EC
Bold Purple Toga 1,200 EC
Robe 120 EC
Loincloth 40 EC
Lacy Panties 300 EC
Lacy Bra 150 EC
Body Stocking* 700 EC
Catsuit* 700 EC
Silk Bustier* 200 EC
Silk Corset* 150 EC