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Busts of Galla by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Shopkeeper
Location Galla's Garments

You head inside Galla's Garments, looking over the clothing on offer while cowgirls and minotaurs do the same alongside you. Galla's standing behind the counter, and she gives you a friendly wave and a smile when she sees you.

Galla is a proprietor, designer, and model in Khor'minos. She the owner of Galla's Garments and is more than happy to help you with any clothing needs you have, or to show off from the private stock for special customers.


Before you can even reply, Galla undoes the binding holding her clothes at the waist and wriggles out of her top. She has two plump petite breasts, and you can see immediately that her clothing was concealing a stunning figure. Odd choice for what seems like a designer.

You let your eyes freely travel over the fertile land of Galla's form since she's gone to the trouble of showing it off. Her body is tight and statuesque, slim all over with just enough curves in exactly the right places. She's her own model, you realize, and she takes some measure of pride in it. As she should.


Galla sells clothing through her store Galla's Garments and can also help arrange a nice gift for your moo companion.

  • Shop: Check out the offerings — there's a lot of togas. (see Galla's Garments)
  • [Brienne / Brint] Gift: Buy your [[wonderful wife / muscled lover] a few new loincloths. She can probably use 'em. / [wonderful husband / muscled lover / big buddy] a few new loincloths. He could use 'em.] (requires 240 EC, Brienne or Brint must be in party)
  • Modelling: You'd like to take another look at the special catalogue — specifically, what it looks like on Galla’s lithe body. (see Sex)


"You seem like you have a discerning eye, []," Galla says. "How about I show you some of my special limited stock? It's high quality, I promise."

Once you've purchased an item from her stock — not counting spare loincloths for Brint or Brienne — Galla offers to show you some private goods in the back room. If you say Sure, she'll model a range of lingerie for you before orally servicing you. Once you've done modelling at least once, you can choose Modelling to see her in her private wares again.

  • Nothing: You like Galla's body too much to cover it up with clothing. (only available on repeat visits)
  • Babydoll: A see-through violet dress.
  • Bustier: A cute pink silken item that looks quite tight.
  • Catsuit: There's what looks like a bodysuit with some very large openings cut into it.
  • Corset: A very nice corset and a pair of panties to go with.
  • Body Stocking: Looks like... string mesh?
  • Finale: After some fun sounds good.
    • Mouth: Cum in Galla's mouth. (requires penis, otherwise skip to end)
    • Face: Cum on Galla's face. (requires penis, otherwise skip to end)