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Bust of Maria by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Pronunciation Ma - ri - a
Alias Mushroom Druidess
Species Mushroomfolk
Gender Female
Height 5'
Bust Size G
Location Harvest Valley (South & Lake)
Level 4
Health 230
Resolve 152
Strengths 2 Action Points
Version Added 0.3.18

"You'll help me, won't you? Carrying them or making them, you're going to help me spread my spores to the whole of Harvest Valley. But first... we must dance; I believe your kind calls it fighting, yes?"

Maria is the Mushroom Druidess that waits for a strong host to spread her spores throughout the entire valley. So far she will only reveal her name through the Mushroom Kingdom bad end.


Although only about five feet tall, the girl in front of you only looks human in general shape; a massive purple mushroom top sits on her head like a natural helmet, nestling itself protectively over her orange hair. It cascades down her back and to her curvaceous, juicy ass; her wide hips lack any sort of clothing or protection, letting you see her plump and fuckable pussy dripping moistly. Her legs and feet are fairly normal, but her arms bulk up slightly at her forearms into slightly larger hands. One of them holds her cap-topped staff, overgrown with smaller clusters of mushrooms and moss around a single beautiful gem fixture nestling within.

And of course the other cups one of her impressive G-cup tits, squeezing and groping herself whilst supporting the breast with the crook of her arm. The exposed, short-stacked magician tips the staff's fixture toward you, her lips curling into a grin.


First Encounter

The Champion will encounter the Mushroom Druidess while exploring the southern or lake region of Harvest Valley. Suddenly the Champion will hear a voice, stating that they look fun in exclamation, if Brint or Quintillus are present, they will comment that they don't like hearing voices out of nowhere, before the voice comments again that they look like a strong male and that they could be useful too. If the previous two are not present, the Champion will feel something brush past their ass with a teasing pinch, and the voice affirming that they look really fun. Taking a cautionary step back, a crunch rings out, and upon looking down, they see a crushed mushroom cap. A ring of colorful mushrooms suddenly spring up and surround the Champion, however, they begin to wilt and fade, only for a mischievous face to appear right in front of them. Dark Knight Champions will instinctively swing at the figure, only for her to dance around the blow, while other Champions drive backwards, tumbling over the mushrooms, regardless of their initial reaction, the figure will grab hold of them. She says hello, apologizes for playing a prank on them, and asks if they can help her. She releases them, allowing the Champion to take a defensive distance and they ask who and what she is. She doesn't give them an answer, only affirming that the Champion will help spread her spores to the whole valley, however, they must dance first.

The Mushroom Druidess does not have a first victory or defeat scene.

Subsequent Encounters

On subsequent encounters, the Champion will hear a crunch which draws their attention downwards where they find a crushed mushroom beneath their foot, however, they note that there are more mushrooms springing up around them.

If the Champion had lost to her before, the druidess appears before them, teases, and asks if the Champion finally decided that helping her is truly a better venture than their silly adventures. When the Champion retorts that they're simply exploring, she allures them with her body and states that she can keep them safe, that she's bested them before, and they can leave, go far away, and revitalize the valley with her spores. If Cait is present, she will frown, stating that they can take her and for the Champion not to listen to the seductress mushroom.

  • Fight
  • Surrender (leads to the Mushroom Kingdom bad end) (requires having lost to the druidess once)

For those that haven't lost before, she will state "My, my" (Ara ara is Silly Mode), as her tangerine eyes glimmer and the druidess swings her staff along the ground in a wide arc. She asks that shall they dance for a time yet again, as combat begins.


Defeating the druidess in combat will have the Champion grumble that although she is tough, they are the victor, or winner if Bimbo. "Yes, you are. Strong and dominant. It's a bit sexy if you think about it.", and with that, the following options will become available:

  • if DK: Take Staff - That staff should be yours, not hers.
    • else: Ask For Staff - Her staff seems pretty interesting; can you take it?
  • Sex
    • Titfuck - Those moist mushroom titties need a proper cock smashing. (requires a cock)
    • Share Staff - Taking her staff doesn't have to mean taking it away from her; you two could share it. (requires a vagina and had not taken staff in same encounter)
    • Mushy Sex - Dicks and mushrooms share so much in common that you need to fuck her. (requires a cock & results in Temporary Sterility)
  • Leave
Take Staff / Ask For Staff

One time scene only.

If Dark Knight, the Champion will take the druidess' staff while her guard is down, while other Champions will ask if they can have her staff. She rhetorically asks the question again and thinks about it, to which she says that's fine as she can easily make another. DK's are deterred as it was not the reaction they were hoping for, while she straight up offers the staff to them for others. With that out of the way, she asks them to forget about the staff for now and seed her.

The Champion will receive the unique item; Mushroom Staff.


Upon being defeated, the Champion will collapse, however, the druidess will use her staff to sprout a cluster of mushrooms around them, which pours warm mana into them and works to heal the worst of their wounds. With a predatory grin, she states that they're ready, and with that the following scenes may occur:



The Mushroom Druidess will always summon a Sporeling to aid her in combat, however, only defeating her is required to win the encounter.


Attack Power: 15 Spellpower: 44
Sexiness: 26 Temptation: 5
Armor: 40 Physical Resist: 13
Warding: 60 Magic Resist: 15
Focus: 13 Mental Resist: 13
Evasion: 48 Fire Resist: -100
Frost Resist: -50 Storm Resist: 33
Drug Resist: 33 Pheromone Resist: 33

  • All Cocks




  • 375 XP
  • 90 EC

Minuta / Sporeling


Sporeling Moira Bust.png

Headshot of a Sporeling by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Level 4
Health 200
Resolve 120
Version Added 0.3.18


The small mushroom girl drifts around and sits on your shoulder, crossing her legs. Despite her size, the nude gal doesn't have any genitals to look at. Her chest is mostly flat lumps whilst her groin lacks either a pussy or a prick.

Combat Stats

Note that if the Champion summons the Sporeling, her stats scale based on the Champion's Leadership.


Attack Power: 47 Spellpower: 80
Sexiness: 5 Temptation: 5
Armor: 5 Physical Resist: 4
Warding: 5 Magic Resist: 5
Focus: 16 Mental Resist: 23
Evasion: 5 Fire Resist: -100
Frost Resist: -50 Storm Resist: 33
Tease Resist: 100 Drug Resist: 100
Pheromone Resist: 100







Mushroom Staff: First Summon

Equipping the Mushroom Staff for the first time will them feel a connection to the world they've never felt before, a connection that starts from the focus crystal of the staff and spreads throughout the air to touch and feel everything. They also see a stream of spores that are unnatural, the invisible steps of the Mushroom Druidess dot the ground around them, that she's been busy or other druidess walk around in their illusive springcap-trodden world. When the Champion grabs a fistful of the spores that waft and focus around them, the spores instantly explode and before them appears a small smiling mushroom girl. The floating girl greets them and says that she is an elemental, and that she explodes. She explains that when she does so, it feels really good and that all the mana in her helps create more spores which is just euphoric for her, and she's here to help them.

"Looking forward to workin' with ya since you summoned me! You should be able to see all the spores that help create me. Feel free to summon me, okay? The name is Minuta! Don't forget it!"


  • From Combat Victory:
    • Titfuck - Those moist mushroom titties need a proper cock smashing. (requires a cock)
    • Share Staff - Taking her staff doesn't have to mean taking it away from her; you two could share it. (requires a vagina and had not taken staff in same encounter)
    • Mushy Sex - Dicks and mushrooms share so much in common that you need to fuck her. (requires a cock & results in Temporary Sterility)
  • From Combat Defeat:

Bad End

Mushroom Kingdom

Should the Champion decide to surrender themselves to the druidess, if Cait is present, she will protest the Champion's decision, however, she is ignored as the Champion throws themselves into the druidess' soft bosom. She will pet the Champion as she taps her staff against the blossoming fairy ring that teleports them into one of the valley's desolate gulleys.

Months pass by since the Champion had surrendered themselves to Maria, how's name is revealed not long after she took great care of them. Their isolationist lifestyle couldn't last forever as Kasyrra's demonic threat to the Frost Marches couldn't go unanswered. So the pair go busy; as she showed the Champion pleasure beyond anything they've experienced, she has transformed them into the perfect partner as a need for both a cock with healthy, hard-working nuts and holes to carry her children became apparent. With time, a gulley with little resources turned into a new kingdom where the Champion's daughters learned the magics to summon forth humidity on their own. Eventually people from outside the village willingly migrated after receiving help from the Champion's offspring. Sons were brought forth to battle the cultists and demonic spawns. The Champion and Maria to lead an army, to take arms with people they've met during the Champion's adventuring days, and fight against the zealous demons. The sheer number and unity of the mushroom people eventually drove the demons back and Kasyrra was defeated, and eventually dealt with. At the end of it all there was an undeniable fact that a new power had championed the cause of the world as the Champion stood as its head alongside their giggle druidess. Having gone through it all, Maria bestows upon herself the ability to bear children again as she and the Champion begin the making of establishing a royal family.