Wyvern Girl

From Corruption of Champions II
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Wyvern Girl
Wyvern Girl Bust.png
Wyvern Girl's bust, by DCL
Creator Savin
Species Wyvern
Gender Female
Location Foothills
Health 240
Resolve 100


Wyvern Girls are a type of Wyvern, and can be found in the Foothills region surrounding Hawkethorne.


As you make your way along the winding path through the foothills, just out of the shadow of the distant Castle Hawkstone, you hear a scrambling from above. You turn in time to see a few small rocks tumbling down the cliffside; whatever was moving, though, seems to be gone. With no foe in sight, you turn back to the path ahead -- only to see a monster perched on the rocks a few feet ahead of you, fangs bared. At first, you think you're face-to-face with a dragon -- a creature covered in moss-green scales with a pair of great wings sprouting from its armored arms. Four wickedly sharp horns curl back from its brow, and its mouth is full of sharp fangs that glint with a colorful pink liquid -- venom! A thick, smooth-scaled tail swishes behind the creature, curling around its bare legs. Indeed, the draconic creature is entirely naked, revealing a puffy dark blue slit between its legs matched to a pair of large rises amid the lighter tan scales on her chest, forming a pair of large, heavy breasts capped with dark blue teats. Despite its bare body and obviously aroused sex, the drake-girl bares her claws and fangs at you, clearly not interested in doing this the easy way!


A wyvern girl ambushes the party in the Foothills region, giving no option but to fight her.


Appears by herself.


  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Tail Ride
  • Milk Venom