One Man's Poison

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One Man's Poison
Creators The Observer
Quest Details
Quest Type Side
Requirements Has met Leorah
Quest Giver(s) Leorah
Level Range 1+
Location(s) Hawkethorne
Conditions and Outcomes
Can Fail? No
Has Combat? Technically No
Is Timed? No
Multiple Outcomes? No
Completion Result 2x Ranged Powers
More Leorah interactions
Other Information
Version Added 0.1.3
Right. I have a business proposition for you, Champion. One of those you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours things. You interested?


Leorah has a business proposition for the Champion, one that involves Wyvern Venom.

Quest States

Quest States
State Acquisition Description
0 Leorah would like you to fetch her a measure of wyvern venom for personal use. Unsurprisingly, it may be found on wyverns in the foothills.
  • Giving Leorah a vial of Wyvern Venom
You provided wyvern venom to Leorah, which she was extremely excited to receive. She taught you some bow tricks as thanks.


This quest is obtained upon the Champion's second visit to the Huntress's Shop between 8:00 - 16:59.

Characters Involved

Companion Interactions

Agnimitra Arona Atugia Azyrran Brint/Brienne
Agni-AnonArts-WikiHeadshot.png Arona Moira WikiHeadshot.png Atugia-DCL-V2-WikiHeadshot.png Azyrran Moira WikiHeadshot.png DCLnMoira-BrintnBrienne-WikiHeadshot.png
No unique interactions No unique interactions No unique interactions No unique interactions

No unique interactions

No unique interactions

Cait Etheryn Kiyoko Quintillus Viviane
Cait-WikiHeadshot.png Etheryn DCL WikiHeadshot.png Kiyoko DCL WikiHeadshot.png Quintillus Moira WikiHeadshot.png Viviane-V2-Moira-WikiHeadshot.png
  • Provides some comments
No unique interactions No unique interactions No unique interactions No unique interactions

Quick Summary

  • 1. Talk to Leorah and obtain her quest
  • 2. Obtain 1x Wyvern Venom
    • 2a. Quickest way is from the MilkVenom victory option from the Wyvern Girl
    • 2b. Alternative methods come from victory against Byvernia or random chance from Kohaku
  • 3. Return to Leorah and give her the venom
  • 4. Wyvern Sting and Crowd Control learned

Detailed Summary


Returning to the Huntress's Shop, the Champion finds Leorah beckoning them with an outstretched finger. The Champion notes her lazy demeanor, with a Cunning range of at least 80%, they can see through her facade of disinterest. She offers a business proposition, she wants some wyvern venom for several purposes about the shop and that supplies are running a little low. Curious, the Champion asks how she acquired it before, to which she explains that people from the foothills used to bring her some, but ever since the blizzard and orcs moving in, no one's been traipsing up there anymore. With a bit of eagerness or impatience, she states that the Champion can just go into the hills and beat up a wyvern or two. She'd go herself, it if weren't for her knee, and Garth told her that the Champion was going out of town looking for trouble.

They ask what they get out of this deal, to which she replies archery. She's learned a thing or two in her time and can impart it to them in exchange for some venom to tide her over until she can get a new arrangement with the other townsfolk. They agree to the deal, but ask what she wants with it. She waves her hand noncommittally, stating its good on arrowheads and a hundred and half small uses for nonlethal stuff, unlike Blood Iris. If present, Cait will comment that Calla had once said that venoms are used in concocting all sorts of antidotes and cures, and while she hasn't actually milked a viper, she's seen it done. With the deal established, she states that as long as they show up on her doorstep with the goods, she'll consider the deal done.

Return with the Venom

While this quest is active, the Champion can return at anytime with this quest-specific option with Leorah.

Option Requirements Tooltip
Give Venom
  • Has a Wyvern Venom in hand
Hand over the wyvern venom you have on you.

Returning with the venom, Leorah flatly comments on it, with a Cunning range of at least 80%, they can see her knuckles whitening as she presses her fingers against the counter. When asked if the amount is enough, she states that it will tide her over, that some things one can't get enough of and wyvern venom is one of them - that when the weather gets warm, the stuff goes out the door as quickly as it comes in. When the Champion sets it on the counter, she examines it very carefully, all the while her ears twitch. If Cait is present and the Champion was not originally a Catfolk, she embarrassingly whispers that it's something special to Leorah, considering that most catfolk don't get so playful with their toys.

After her examination, she gives praise for the job, and goes to fulfill the end of her bargain by teaching them how to handle the stuff properly. She comments about some kids thinking poisoned blades and arrowheads were cool, buying some from Ivris and winded up sick because they knew nothing about working with it. At the back of her shop she teaches the Champion on getting an even coat of venom on a sharp edge without getting it into contact. She teaches that venom from animals and the like are generally safer, that in about a week in the sun and air, they degrade to uselessness. However, mineral poisons can linger on a surface for months if not cleaned off carefully. Blood Iris is a bitch to deal with, but wyvern venom should be relatively safe as it starts to go once it leaves the beast in question, which is why one has to stopper it tightly for it to keep. Cait looks from the sidelines, ready to provide aid, but Leorah knows her job well to steer the Champion away from any mishaps. After an hour or two, Leorah lends them a cheap bow to practice loosing a multitude of envenomed missile at some archery butts.

At the end of the lesson, the Champion learns Wyvern Sting and Crowd Control. Leorah returns her wares and comments that there's more she could teach, but she's got a date with the rest of the venom they've brought in. She adds that if they want to know more about handling a bow or sling, they'll come back another time with payment, but for now she's going to close up shop. When asked why so early, she explains that she's going to be putting the venom to good use, while it isn't the most lethal toxins, someone could nevertheless have a very bad day if they mucked about with it. She'd rather not have a customer walking in on her, and it'll bring in more customers than she'd lose by shutting her doors for a few hours. She departs by stating to give a woman some privacy.

With the shop closed, the Champion can hear Leorah rummaging about within, and as they are about to leave, they faintly hear a soft and uncharacteristic moan from within. The Champion can decide to investigate or not:

Option Tooltip
Yes A little voyeurism can't hurt...
No Nah, this has nothing to do with you.

Deciding to investigate, will have the Champion watch Leorah play and cum from using the aphrodisiac venom on herself.

Result & Reward

As a reward, Leorah teaches the Champion two ranged powers - Wyvern Sting and Crowd Control, with the option of a little peeping on her. Additionally, more interactions with Leorah will be unlocked.