Batfolk Muggers

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Batfolk Muggers



Headshots of Batfolk Muggers by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Species Batfolk
Gender Males & Females
Occupation Muggers
Location Undermountain
Level 6
Health 270
Resolve 206

You grab your [pc.weapon], instantly causing the pair to grin. One of them raises their arms, stretching the membrane wide and lifting up off the ground with a single beat of their wings. A pair of black eyes shimmer in the low-lit caverns, moments before the other joins them aloft.

"Yeah," the first laughs. "This'll be fun and profitable!"

The Batfolk Muggers are muggers who appear in the Undermountain. They make their way through the dark tunnels with echolocation and are quite formidable, frequently skirmishing with the Minotaurs of Khor'minos. They're also known for more intimate relationships with the minotaurs and cowgirls of the Under-Kingdom. If you defeat the Batfolk Muggers enough times, their leader, Nocturna, will appear with them to try and beat you down for messing with her gang.

I've definitely heard that before, though: it's probably sexy bats. Looks like we're in luck, []."


A big-eared batfolk appears in front of you; no more than twenty feet away, you can see their black eyes and their cheek shake as they let out another echolocating thwack of their tongue on its side. You can hear the crunch of steps behind you, looking over your shoulder to see a second of them.

"You look like you got money," the one in front of you says, moving their hands into the pockets of their thigh-hugging and ass-accenting shorts. Their triangular ears twitch atop their head with every shred of motion from any of your party.


First Encounter

The Batfolk Muggers can appear when you're exploring the red and blue zones of the Undermountain. You hear rumbling thumps echoing through the cave, which Brint, Brienne, or Quintillus if present will recognise as Batfolk. Two batfolk muggers will emerge from the darkness, with special dialogue if you're a Minotaur or have one of your minotaur companions with you. The encounter quickly turns to violence, naturally. If victorious, the muggers take some of your coin before having their way with you, or you can do the same if you win.

Subsequent Encounters

Subsequent encounters happen in much the same way. After you've defeated the Batfolk Muggers five times, their leader, Nocturna, teams up with her gang members to try and teach you a lesson.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 54.0 Spellpower: 36.0
Sexiness: 23.0 Temptation: 18.0
Armor: 53.0 Physical Resist: 11.0
Warding: 42.0 Magic Resist: 17.0
Focus: 37.0 Mental Resist: 17.0
Evasion: 54.0 Penetrating Resist: -25.0
Storm Resist: -25.0 Tease Resist: 50.0
Drug Resist: 50.0 Pheromone Resist: 50.0
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Small Breasts
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
stealable - [+]

Total Gain Per Encounter

Composition Total Loot
2 Batfolk Muggers
Nocturna, 2 Batfolk Muggers


If you defeat the Batfolk Muggers, you have the following victory sex options.

  • Get Fucked: Time to ride some thick, veiny batboy cock.
  • Fuck Bat: Time to fuck a batfolk hole — male or female — and take a load off. (requires cock)

If you are defeated by the Batfolk Muggers, the following defeat sex options can trigger. If Nocturna is present, she will also feature in the scenes.

  • Bats Spitroast
  • Bats Finger Fuck
  • Bats Bi Time


The safety of the Frosthound lets you relax as the first symptoms of your pregnancy begins: audible thumping. Your body shakes itself down into one of the Frosthound's many chairs, clutching your stomach as your babies make a rambunctious choir of dull noises. This narrows down who the father is: you're going to be a mother to some batfolk babies!

You are able to be impregnated the Batfolk Muggers during any scenes which involve vaginal intercourse with a male batfolk. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Batfolk Pregnancy for more details.