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Busts of Nocturna by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Species Batfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Gang Leader
Location Undermountain
Level 7
Health 590
Resolve 233

The familiar sight of the sole memorable face among the muggers once again shows herself; unlike the first time she met you where she blasted off one of her attacks immediately, though, she approaches with a fiery and smug grin.

"Yep," she mocks. "Looks like you came back. Let me guess... in the mood to get fucked?"

Nocturna is the leader of a gang of Batfolk Muggers who accost you in the Undermountain, and an accomplished Sound Mage. She's protective of her gang members, and appears with them if you've been causing her group trouble.


The attire of this new bat is unlike her two random compatriots; whilst they wear shorts and have rather androgynous figures, her hips and thighs are far more flared out. Not only that, but this new girl's gold eyes aren't changing back even after the burst of light; with her pale skin and loose-fitted skirt, the contrast of her big glittering eyes is only matched by her outlandish cloak that drops just low enough to hide a pair of G-cups. This is one short, stacked girl... and she's definitely some kind of mage.


First Encounter

"Get ready to lose," the batgirl yells, waving one of her wing-laced arms toward you with a big grin. "And get put in your place for messin' with my gang!"

Once you've defeated the Batfolk Muggers six times, the next time they appear they're joined by a gold-eyed figure who fires a tremendous percussive blast at your group. If you're sufficiently cunning, you recognise what she's doing and dive out of the way. Otherwise, Quintillus, Cait, Kiyoko, or Atugia recognise the magic being used and push you out of the area of effect, or you get lucky and she gets bumped by one of the accompanying Batfolk as she's about to fire. Undeterred, she declares she's going to put you in your place.

From there, she serves as an extra in the regular Batfolk Mugger scenes, partaking in victory sex or defeat sex with her subordinates. If you leave without taking your spoils, Nocturna takes extreme offence, needing to be dragged away by the other muggers.

Subsequent Encounters

From then on, Nocturna will appear with the Batfolk Muggers, referencing the result of your last clash with them.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 24.0 Spellpower: 93.0
Sexiness: 37.0 Temptation: 8.0
Armor: 43.0 Physical Resist: 30.0
Warding: 33.0 Magic Resist: 8.0
Focus: 42.0 Mental Resist: 26.0
Evasion: 46.0 Penetrating Resist: -25.0
Storm Resist: -25.0 Tease Resist: -10.0
Drug Resist: -10.0 Pheromone Resist: -10.0
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Small Breasts
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

Total Gain Per Encounter

Composition Total Loot
Nocturna, 2 Batfolk Muggers


If you're victorious against her and the Batfolk Muggers, Nocturna is referenced watching you but can't be selected in any of the scenes. If you're defeated, she also watches, and a scene where she takes the lead has a chance of triggering in place of the other defeat sex options.

  • Nocturna Face Ride