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Full body art of Zo by DCLzexon
Creator B
Species Lupine
Gender Female
Location Harvest Valley
Level 4
Health 235
Resolve 130

Once you step into the clearing, Zo’s ears perk, and the bulbous, braided ends of her hair quiver on their own. She turns, and as soon as she sees you, she smiles and waves, welcoming you into her clearing.

Zo is a Lupine warrior who resides in Harvest Valley, in a grove opposite Pupperidge Farm. She's mute due to an old injury and isn't able to communicate much about her life or how she ended up where she is, but she has developed a fine control over her aura and personal energy that can be used for a variety of purposes including combat. She's willing to teach her techniques to you in exchange for a little company; she doesn't get a lot of visitors these days.


Zo is a lupine woman standing at a little less than six feet tall. She has tall, pointed, triangular ears on top of her head, framing a head of back-length, dusky-black hair that’s been braided into four long strands, each of them capped into a bulbous knot. The knots are pinched at their tops with silver rings, and whenever Zo does her mystical energy tricks, the four braided strands move seemingly on their own, acting as a focus for her and her techniques.

Zo’s fur is long and straight all throughout, but is thick and coarse, making it uncomfortable for her to brush against the grain. It has darker, bolder colors all throughout: browns and tans make up most of her ears, face, neck, and shoulders, with her back being solid black all the way down to just above her rear, and all along the upper side of her ankle-length tail. Her front is colored cream, starting at her lower jaw, with it turning full, snowy white down her front, curving into a white V at her crotch. The upper side of her arms and the front of her legs are light-brown, while the undersides and the backs are darker.

Sitting on her chest are a pair of pert, firm C-cups that move and bounce less than you’d think with her motions – keeping the girls in check must be a part of her training (or she’s using her body’s energy to hold them still). Beneath them, her stomach muscles are so thoroughly defined that you can make out the ridges and curves of her abs even through the thickness of her fur. The rest of her body, while toned and defined, aren’t so muscular, aside from her hips and thighs, which are wider across than her shoulders – she’s a strong woman, and she’d be able to hold her own in any fight, but you also probably wouldn’t bet on her in any competitions... provided she didn’t intend to cheat by using her life’s energy to help her lift.

She wears a white uniform with silver trimmings along her buttoned-front and along her wrists; at first glance, the getup looks to be about a size too large for her, but that appears to have been intentional. It hangs off her arms and billows around her legs; the front of her top hangs over her waistline, with the lower hem being sewn into a broader opening, giving it greater flexibility around her thighs, and her pants are kept up by a too-broad fabric belt that’s slightly off-white compared to the rest of her outfit. While it looks too large, its excess material ensures that she has total freedom of movement without being so cumbersome and overdone that she risks tripping over herself. Also, the rip that her top had taken when you first met her has been hand-sewn – it isn’t an expert job and the fix isn’t seamless with the rest of the fabric, but you can tell that it also wasn’t her first patch job.

Finally, Zo has a mask made of pure silver that’s been specially made and fitted for her and her lupine face. It covers her cheeks, temples, and her nose and eyes, with a hook going up and between her ears to keep it steady, but it has holes for her to breathe and see through. She doesn’t usually wear it when she isn’t training, but, likewise, she doesn’t remove it when she is. Coupled with the silver rings capping the bulbs in her braided hair, your best guess is that they help her with focusing her energies while she’s performing her techniques.


First Interaction

When you reach Level 3, you will be able to enter the grove near the Harvest Valley river crossing. Upon arrival, you will see four centaurs attacking a lone warrior. She's holding her own, but takes a spear to the shoulder and is injured. You have the choice whether to intervene.

  • Help: Whoever they are, they're having a hard time of it, and they'd probably appreciate a helping hand. You can't imagine a victory for the centaurs ending well for them.
  • Whatever: You know better than to get caught up in a mess involving four centaurs. Whatever beef they have with this person doesn't involve you. (most of Zo's content will be inaccessible, just one repeatable sex scene)

If you lose the battle, you will receive the Centaur Pack loss scene and the result is largely the same as Whatever. If you win, you and any companions catch your breath before turning to treat her shoulder injury. However, she's able to use her own abilities to heal the wound. In the following talk options (through a series of pantomimes and interpretation) she reveals her name is Zo, she's unable to speak, and she's able to perform seemingly magical feats using her spiritual energy. You ask if she can teach you, and she asks you to come back later.

Subsequent Visits

On subsequent visits to her grove (assuming she was saved from the centaurs), depending on the time of day she will either be in bed or performing one of her training exercises.

  • Enter: Enter Zo's house and see what sort of living condition she's putting up with.
  • Appearance: Get a better look at Zo. She probably wouldn't mind!
  • Train: Zo's method of training is unique, and focuses more on building up the self's body than learning how to move with any weapon. She'd probably appreciate a training partner, and you might be able to learn a thing or two yourself. (see Training)
  • Cleanse: Zo has the uncanny ability to… cleanse a person of the taint that has pervaded their bodies and their souls, bit by bit. Some part of you is remiss to ask her to take your burdens onto herself, but you could use the help, and surely she'd be happy to help you. (removes some corruption)
  • House: Zo lives in some derelict shack out in the middle of nowhere. This is no place for anyone to be living, let alone by themselves – bring up the possibility of fixing her home up. (see Zo's House)
  • Sex: You never know, maybe she's a bit more receptive to it than she appears. You won't know until you try, right? (see Sex)
  • Make Milky: Zo is capable of a lot of bodily tricks with that mystical energy of hers. If she could use it to heal a wound, could she use it to… make her assets larger? (available once her sex menu is unlocked)


You ask Zo if she’s willing to train you some more. Despite her inability to speak, she’s a good teacher, and you’re learning a lot.

She smiles with a nod. Today is a good day for some more spirituality training.

Every time you arrive in Zo's clearing, she will be performing a training exercise corresponding to an ability she can teach you. There will be one new exercise a day, and the seven available abilities will unlock in sequence. The first ability Equanimity takes two sessions to learn, the rest require three. Despite the text, you will be able to return to Zo multiple times a day so it doesn't take 20 in-game days to learn every ability.

  • Equanimity: Zo has a sword that, from the looks of it, never has, and probably never will, see combat. But she keeps it, and she dances with it, in order to maintain her level of balance with it acting as an extension of herself. Ask Zo if she's willing to teach you to dance with a sword like that. (on second repetition, teaches Equanimity)
  • Intuition: Unlike with her sword, Zo has a unique weapon that she has demonstrable experience with using in combat. It has short range, and while it's quick to swing, its light weight means it's not going to carry a lot of power. While you don't intend to use a weapon like that in combat, perhaps there's another school of thought she can teach you with it. (on third repetition, teaches Intuition)
  • Influence: Zo has a small food garden that she regularly tends to, and you've seen her use her mastery of her energies to assist her in collecting the food. While you aren't positive if food harvesting will have any practical applications for you to use, it's not like it's going to be detrimental. And besides, she'd probably appreciate the help. (on third repetition, teaches Influence)
  • Tranquility: Sometimes, you find Zo sitting cross-legged in the middle of the grassy field, completely unmoving, at total peace with her surroundings. In a world as hectic and busy as Savarra, it might be nice to learn how to relax like that. As minor as 'learning to relax' sounds, it can be a valuable skill. (on third repetition, teaches Tranquility)
  • Equilibrium: One of Zo's training regimens involves her standing on a stick without losing her balance for some time. Having such an infallible sense of balance could have all kinds of applications for combat. (on third repetition, teaches Equilibrium)
  • Exertion: Zo was doing one exercise where she stood in the door to her hut and made aggressive postures to a training dummy standing in her walkway. That must be one of the more unique exercises she has. Ask her if you can join in. (on third repetition, teaches Exertion)
  • Guidance: Earlier, you caught Zo in the middle of one particular training regimen, where she kneeled in front of a garden of out-of-season flowers. You're sure that there's more to the practice than just having a green thumb - maybe Zo can teach you more? (on third repetition, teaches Guidance)

Once you've learned all seven abilities, on next visit you will trigger a special event. The following day, Zo will present you with a Silver Mask similar to hers to congratulate you on the progress you've made as her pupil. The mask will also amplify the abilities you've learned if worn.

Zo's House

You tell Zo that you wanted to speak with her about her current... living arrangements. [They suck.|To be deft: she doesn’t live in a place that’s safe or comfortable.]

If you talk to Zo about her House, you can convince her to compromise on her ascetic values to allow some repairs to her shack. You can go to Garth then and ask about Zo's House.

  • Buy In: It’s just a shack out in the woods — it’s not going to be that expensive. And Zo will appreciate it. (300 EC) (requires 300 EC)
  • Back Out: You’ll have to back out for now, but at least you know the option is there.

If you Buy In, it takes 48 hours for Garth's contacts to complete the repairs. Once you've returned Zo and seen the results, Garth has an extra talk where he gives some background on the shack and the kind of people who might decide to live there.


During her initial encounter, Zo will join you in combat against a Centaur Pack with one extra Centaur Marauder.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers
Attack Power: 36.0 Spellpower: 24.0
Sexiness: 5.0 Temptation: 12.0
Armor: 67.0 Physical Resist: 24.0
Warding: 32.0 Magic Resist: 7.0
Focus: 8.0 Mental Resist: 13.0
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses


But she continues: she points to you; then, she makes two V’s with her left and right index and middle fingers, and then drives them together, plugging the openings of the Vs together and bumping them into each other several times. She’s looking to value you as a whole lot more than a friend, it seems.

Initially, choosing Sex will lead to Zo politely declining. However, once you've completed seven training sessions with Zo (in any ability), the next time you approach she will proposition you for sex.

  • Fuck Her (unlocks Sex menu)
  • Reject

Following this her sex menu will be available, though if you chose Reject you will first go through the initial sex encounter.

  • Missionary: Sex can take all sorts of forms and positions between two partners, but, sometimes, the best way to enjoy a woman like Zo is something simple, traditional, and, in a way, romantic. (requires penis)
  • Tribadism: Show Zo the kind of love only a woman could provide another woman. (requires a vagina and no penis)
  • Anal: Zo will probably let you do this: after having spent so long without any intimate contact, you can imagine that she'd probably be willing to do anything if it meant getting some. (requires penis)
  • Down On Her: Zo has thighs like sledgehammers. The thought of putting your head between them is enticing, for lack of a stronger term.
    • Pussy
    • Asshole
  • Down On You: Zo's proven to be a woman of many talents. Time to find out if she has any with her mouth.


As if to confirm your suspicions, Zo doesn’t let your hand linger on her crotch. Instead, she lifts it upwards slightly, until your palm is resting against her abdomen – right above where her womb would be.

If you have a virile penis, and it's been at least four days since Zo gave you the Silver Mask, then a special event triggers on your next visit to Zo's grove. She's in heat, which a lupine champion will smell almost immediately. More than that, Zo makes it clear she wants to start a family with you.

  • Start Family: The conditions are admittedly suboptimal, but... you trust Zo. You have faith in her. And you love her enough to want this, too.
  • Back Out: There are too many unknowns with bringing a child into this world with Zo as she is right now. It’d be irresponsible of you both. Zo will never ask this of you again.

If you Back Out, then you will be locked out from Zo pregnancy. Otherwise, Zo will lead you into her home for procreative sex. See Zo Pregnancy for more details. You get the following new interactions at different stages, as well as a reminder to fix up Zo's shack.

  • Check In: Ask Zo if you can... see the baby again, as she had shown you when she first conceived. (requires Zo to be pregnant)
  • Bond: You, Zo, and Vai are a family now. Why not spend some time with them together? (requires Zo to have given birth)
  • Crib: [Zo has very few personal possessions – she sleeps on what could charitably be called a ‘pile.’ But that’s no good for a baby: [it’s|Vai’s] going to need [it’s|his] own, proper crib.|You have the crib parts with you, and Gwyneth was clear that the instructions ought to be easy enough for a [idiot.|‘fool.’] You and Zo should be able to put it together] (requires Zo to be pregnant or have given birth)

For a Crib, you need to visit Gwyn and ask her about procuring one. If you choose to Buy, she provides you with a disassembled crib to take back to Zo.

Zo's pregnancy lasts 6 months, or 30 days on Short Pregnancy mode. There's a grace period (a few days on Short Pregnancy mode) for you to return to Zo and not miss the birth of your son, Vai. Returning to Zo and Vai every few days afterwards, there are events and interactions where you can spend time with your new family.

Sex (if corrupted)

If you failed or chose not to save Zo during her initial encounter, she will have been corrupted by the centaur pack. From then on whenever you encounter her she will be laying on her bed and furiously masturbating.

  • Fuck Her: The woman's clearly had a hard go of it lately. Why not give her a hard fucking on top of that? (scene varies depending on whether you have a penis)
  • Leave




Zo hadouken.png
Found in 3rd Training of Exertion

(uncredited by request)

Zo equanimity.png
Found in 2nd Training of Equanimity