Sweetest Climax

From Corruption of Champions II
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Sweetest Climax
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver Azyrran
Requirements Recruited Azyrran
Level Range 3+
Quest Type Companion
Reward Azyrran's Honey Maiden's Dress set
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Before Ogrish can greet you properly, you're already pulling out the warm golden-light, heart-shaped honey gem. "Hmm? What've you got there?"

"A gem, I was wondering if you could make this into some kind of jewelry?"

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Recruit Azyrran after Land of Milky Honey You've still got the Complete Honey Core from cleansing the corruption of Queen Nyzerrah's hive. It still seethes with the curious combination of Lumia's light and Kasyrra's demonic magics.

Undoubtedly, it could make for a powerful magic item; perhaps if you had it made into jewelry then Azyrran could make use of it? Ogrish is known to work with jewelry, perhaps he could make it.

1 Talk to Ogrish about Azzy Jewelry Ogrish gave you some gold chain to work with, and suggested having the gem made into a choker instead. You should see Nelia about that.
2 Talk to Nelia about Azzy Jewelry Looks like Nelia is going to charge you 400 Electrum Coins before she'll make a choker for Azzy.
3 (complete) Pay Nelia 400 EC Azzy has been gifted the Honey Gem, in the form of a pretty maid choker! With it, she can transform into a magical honey maiden.


Talk to Queen Nyzerrah and Take Azzy. This quest will trigger as soon as Azyrran becomes a companion of yours.


When you recruit Azyrran you will be given the option to do something with the Honey Core. First talk to Ogrish, who will give you some chain and advise you to speak to Nelia. She will ask for 400 EC to turn it into a choker for Azyrran to wear.

Once you give Nelia the money, a scene will trigger where you give Azyrran the necklace. She will be apprehensive at first, since the honey core contains both the magic of both Lumia and Kasyrra. When she puts on the necklace she transforms into a giggly bimbo, but it reverses when you remove the choker. You'll now be able to switch between her personas at will.


You unlock Azyrran's Honey Maiden's Dress companion set, which is wildly powerful resolve damage set. It will also come with changed talk and sex scenes. Enjoy!