Tiran Temple

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Tiran Temple

Tiran Temple B1.png

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Maps of the Tiran Temple
Region Undermountain
Level range 6+
Accessible from Undermountain
Neutral Hub No

The temple has clearly been defiled, and streaks of white are splattered all over the statue, especially between and atop her chest and all over her thighs. They're set just wide enough apart that somebody could thrust between them, and clearly that's exactly what's been happening. The fountain itself is near to overflowing thanks to the sheer volume of seed that's been spilling into it, plugging up whatever drainage the minotaurs might have had. More concerning, though, are the streaks of black ichor also clinging to the edge of the stone, with more of the stuff streaking towards the doors in thick, slimy trails.

The Tiran Temple is a dungeon in the Undermountain, tainted by the demons laying siege to the city of Khor'minos. Generally only the B1 floor is accessible, as the lower catacombs were sealed tight when the temple was abandoned. Nihara can recruit you on a mission to venture into the sealed catacombs and claim a ward that could be used in the defence of people outside the walls. However, you will need to fight off whatever's taken residence in the temple along the way.

"Well, as you know, the entire place has been overrun by corrupted slimes escaped from the farms. First the imps, and then after they left the slimes took over. Calise did tell me that there was an attempt to clear them out, but as you can imagine her Chargers' swords and maces weren't of much use against amorphous creatures. As strong as she might have been, she couldn't clear an entire horde of slimes all by herself and hence had to retreat... Oh, and there's the matter of the ghosts, too."

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The Observer


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Points of Interest

B1 Floor

A well-decorated chamber, most likely the part of the catacombs which was open to the public. Frescoes line the walls here depicting the goddess of death, time and empires in various well-known legends — that, and her accompanying symbols of skulls, hourglasses and moons. That and the stone seats and altar were clearly built to impress, as well as the statue of the goddess herself, not that there's anyone but you to gaze upon her likeness, or at least as the minotaurs perceive her. Rows of mushrooms grow in planters that line the walls, withered from lack of tending, their fungal bodies dry adding to the musty smell that pervades the air.

Without Nihara present, the top floor is the only accessible part of the temple. Minotaur Ghosts spawn here as a repeatable encounter, allowing you to bring Arona to start I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost in a battle where you won't be bad ended if you lose.

Catacombs Entrance

As one descends into the Tiran catacombs, its humble origins become clear; while the floor and to some extent the walls have been smoothed out, mushroom-wood beams bound with bronze form supports for the walls and ceiling, and while the minecart tracks may be gone the grooves they've left in the ground remain. Soft moaning and the sounds of wetness and fluid echo to you faintly down the tunnels, reminding you that you're not alone here.

Where you enter the catacombs, after selecting Go from Nihara's menu. Minotaur Ghosts can spawn anywhere on this floor as well.

Storage Room

A combined break and storage room for those who mind the tunnels, a single beacon of life in this domain of death. Boxes of various sundry materials line the walls — mushroom-wood, stone, coal — and a single cot, stool and low table belie the room's purpose, an empty plate and tin mug lying forlornly on the latter. Given the smell of oil redolent in the air, it's a small wonder nothing's actually spontaneously caught fire yet; there's supposed to be ventilation as evidenced by the presence of a grate high in the wall, but that's all stopped up with slimy gunk.

To the west of the crossroads, you find a storage room with a wordlock chest. Contained within is a Tiran Vestments or Tiran Nun's Habit, depending on your champion's gender.


A large antechamber. Apparently, minoan Tirans don't believe that you can take it with you beyond the veil, so all the unclaimed possessions of the dead have been stored here, gathering dust while they await either donation to the living or being repurposed for the temple as fees for maintaining this grand ossuary. There's a lot of junk, most of it non-perishable, but if the air was stagnant before it positively reeks of mold at this point, and the infestation of goos in and around the temple has just made matters worse. Grey, gelatinous stuff seeps from the walls, running down the mortar in long, ugly streaks — it looks like everything that could've been vaguely construed as organic has long since been devoured.

Here in the antechamber, a Gray Jelly is hoarding the unclaimed possessions of the deceased, as well as the ward Nihara needs. If you're able to drive off the Gray Jelly before it escapes with its hoard, you can choose between a Tiran Paladin Chestplate or Shield Orb for your efforts.

Chest Puzzle

Chest Puzzle in the Tiran Temple

Thy Horrible Eradication Definitively Eventuates At Dawn

Quest Related

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

The B1 floor is the first repeatable ghost encounter in the game, allowing you to trigger the quest to attain Arona's Spirit Totem set if you haven't already.