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Busts of Nihara by Moira
Creator The Observer
Species Nekomata
Gender Female
Occupation Water Therapist
Religion Tiran
Nationality Tronarii
Location Undermountain
Level 6
Health 315
Resolve 206

"Stay safe out there. While the patrols from the city do their best to beat back the imps, they can't be everywhere — and thank you for aiding me back there." Nihara beams. "It was fun and timely meeting you; why don't I see you to the door, []? Come back anytime you feel like you need yourself cleaned up!"

Nihara is a follower of Tira who lives in the Undermountain. A water wyrd, she has to stay by the lake, and was unable to retreat into Khor'minos with the rest of the Tiran Temple. Nihara uses her white magic and water therapy to attend to other Khor'minoans riding out the demonic invasion in their lakeside villas. She takes in a lot of water to remain hydrated and is vulnerable to corruption from tainted liquids, such as the bodily fluids of Demons or particularly corrupted individuals. There's a lot of danger in the Undermountain, but Nihara has a plan that you can be involved with if the two of you get to know each other.

"Ah. A nekomata, and one touched by elemental powers at that... A people not too unlike Jassiran catfolk who originate from just across the straits from my homeland in the nation of Macah. Almost identical, in fact, save for their two tails as opposed to the catfolk's one. Sometimes, those amongst them are born touched by elemental power, turning them into... I think the closest words in Belharan would be to call her a water wyrd."


Nihara's appearance is variable, depending on whether she is pure or corrupted, if she's pregnant and what stage of pregnancy she's at, and if she's had any children. The following is her default appearance.

At first glance, Nihara appears no different from a catfolk, her six and a half foot height notwithstanding; her general features are overtly feline, ears and tails alike, their odd color perhaps explainable by the Jassiran practice of dyeing one's hair and fur. Noticing you eye her, the goocat grins sheepishly but nevertheless retains her good humor, holding herself back from shrinking away in embarrassment and giving you a good look at her from head to toe. Despite being a priestess of the goddess of death and time, Nihara's actually quite warm and accommodating — big blue eyes with slits for pupils, a narrow chin and small nose frame her welcoming smile, and you can see how she'd have been popular amongst the minotaur patricians who had their villas around the lakeshore.

Once one moves past that, though, her nature as a water wyrd becomes evident — be it the patterns on her skin or the gooey material of her hair and tails, it's obvious that Nihara shares a primordial ancestry in the same fashion as a hellhound or galehound would. Both her hair and twinned tails are comprised of viscous water that shimmers azure like the light of the stars off the lake, that goo-hair flowing in long locks that extend all the way to her calves. Similarly, she's gathered both her tails atop her lap while she sits, idly toying with the tips while she chats with you. All of it softly pulses and undulates in time with the gentle glow that the cyan markings on her body give off, giving her the impression of rhythmic waves or tides beating against a shore.

And speaking of her markings... they cover most of her body, even if they're predominantly on her right half. At a distance, they might look like particularly flamboyant and exotic tattoos, but when one draws closer the rich blue colors that make up the numerous swirling lines splayed across her skin shimmer and shine with a silvery sheen that no mere ink could ever manage. One of the two parts of a water wyrd's elemental heritage, as you understand it, the other being Nihara's hair. Formed from what can only be described as viscous water, it holds itself together with a goo-like consistency in locks of deep blue that run down all the way to her calves, blue like the glimmer of the waves upon the lake's surface

She doesn't pay it much mind most of the time, but each long strand of liquid hair has shown itself to be slightly prehensile in perhaps the fashion of a lupine tail. Nihara's two tails are made of the same stuff as her hair is, perhaps a little brighter but nevertheless largely the same color and long enough to fall to her ankles. Even the feline ears that sit atop her head, while no different from a catfolk's in shape or proportion, are made of the same watery goo-stuff. Yet they're no less alive and playful than the rest of her, possessed of that same boisterous energy that animates the water wyrd.

Nihara's clothes are made up in the style the local Minoan fashion tempered by Tronariian sensibilities; the bulk of the fabric is black with gold trimmings, the emblematic colors of those in service to the goddess of death and time. Indeed, the bust clasp that holds her rather revealing garments closed is shaped like an hourglass, and running down her cleavage is a large pendant shaped like the moon; bronze bracers and a choker complete the flowing ensemble that fits well with the fluid, seamless way in which the goocat moves.

That being said, you move your eyes away from Nihara's face and clothes to the rest of her. The goocat is as proportionally wide as she's tall, with an hourglass figure to match — whether this is some aspect of her fluid nature or a boon from the goddess she serves is anyone's guess, but it's no doubt served her well in her outreach efforts to the local minotaur patricians even after the undermountain's become flooded with imps. The goocat's tits are heavy, each one just about as big as her head, and while they're mostly even from base to zenith they've got that slight teardrop shape that only adds a certain something or the other to their delectable, taut perkiness. Coupled with the energetic, eager warmth of her demeanor, they only look all the more cute, and you're reminded of the old adage that one's attitude is more often than not reflected upon one's exterior.

Each mound is capped with a petite nipple that looks so small compared to what it sits upon, slightly tanned despite Nihara herself having spent so many of her days underground.

From her rack, then, to her belly. Nihara's midriff is slender and lean, lightly muscled as evidenced by the divot that runs down her chest and to her belly button, yet with enough softness to her that any further definition is hidden. She's not squishy by any means, but there's a welcoming tenderness to her flesh, one that anyone willing to receive an embrace from her knows too well. While most of her body is covered with azure markings that crawl over her skin, the front of her midriff is surprisingly clear of them, save for a simple wave pattern just below her navel.

Further down, the goocat's hips rise from her sides, somewhat wider than her shoulders; her thighs are firm and thick, plush and turgid with a definite well-hydrated look. She's soft... but by no means flabby, and the cute round butt she's sporting is perky and tight. Even without actually being a mother yet, she's got a very cute junior MILF energy about her and when both body and demeanor work together the resultant image is more powerful than they would be alone.

You also notice that Nihara's thighs are where the azure wave-like markings on her body are the broadest and most plentiful; the saying that it's all going to go to your ass and thighs is quite literal in her case. The goocat may have more or less an hourglass shape, but it's undeniably weighted towards her bottom. And speaking of bottoms... you can't help but notice that Nihara's sitting just so that the black-and-gold of her priestess' garb just happens to outline the contours of this pussy's pussy. Probably inadvertent, but the result is no less eye-catching for what it is.

All in all, Nihara cuts a pretty figure, and with her body being more fluid than most that's not a big surprise; the goocat exudes an energy that's somewhere between big sister and mother, demure, sultry, kind, doting all in one package and more than willing to share it with others. The only question now, then, is since the both of you are keenly aware of the fact that you've been eyeing each other, whether you're doing to do anything about it or just let all that tension build up.


As a water wyrd, Nihara needs a high liquid intake to remain hydrated, and is vulnerable to corrupted liquids. If you're particularly pure, you can help purify her, or if you're tainted, you can corrupt her. Nihara starts at 0 corruption. If she goes up to 6 corruption, she is counted as Corrupted. Once Corrupted, Nihara is openly lascivous, and single-mindedly focused on breeding and multiplying with you. She will return to Pure once she falls back to 0 corruption.

Nihara does not change corruption states while pregnant.

Nihara corruption
Event Effect
Choose Watch as Nihara is attacked by Imps +2 corruption
PamperingReciprocate or Hydration with a champion with <25 corruption -1 corruption
PamperingReciprocate or Hydration with a champion with 25-74 corruption +1 corruption
PamperingReciprocate or Hydration with a champion with >=75 corruption +2 corruption


First Encounter

While the catgirl looks to be holding her own for now, the sheer number of imps is slowly but steadily overwhelming her, more flapping in from the darkness to replace those which she manages to smite. If you're going to intervene in this mess and turn the tides of this battle, you ought to do it now.

The first time you enter Nihara's square in the Undermountain, you see the catgirl being swarmed by Imps. Depending on your background, you may recognise her outfit as being Tiran, and while she's ably defending herself with white magic she is slowly being overwhelmed by numbers.

  • Help: You can't leave someone to their fate just like that.
  • Do Nothing: Ignore this — you've got bigger fish to fry. Choosing this will permanently remove this content from your current game.
  • Watch: Discretion is the better part of valor. You'll keep an eye on the situation, prepare for clean-up, and only step in if things get too out of hand. (causes Nihara +2 corruption)

If you Help, you and your companions help drive the imps away, or if you Watch, the imps gleefully overpower Nihara and coat her in their tainted bodily fluids before flying away. Either way, you and Nihara introduce yourselves, though Nihara is a bit sticky if you elected not to intervene. She's part-elemental — similar to the Hellhound — and part of the Tiran Temple. As a water wyrd she can't go into the city as there aren't any water sources large enough for her there. She leads you back to her lakeside home and pours you some purified water.

  • Nihara: Just who is she and what was she doing out in the tunnels alone?
  • Water Wyrd: What is one of these water wyrd things, anyway?
  • Tiran: Is she with the Tiran temple you passed by at the crossroads?
  • Never Mind: Actually, you don't have any more questions for now.

Once you're done talking, you bid her farewell. She thanks you for saving her and invites you to return anytime you need to be cleaned up.

Subsequent Encounters

On subsequent visits to her square, there are a number of randomised approaches that can occur depending on your current HP level, your relationship with Nihara, her level of corruption, her level of pregancy, and whether she's had children with you. She has a number of talk options, and each have a number of talk scenes that can randomly trigger.

  • Appearance
  • Talk: Have a chat with the goocat.
    • Herself: Perhaps she could tell you something about herself.
    • Her Faith: Maybe she could tell you something of the greater mysteries of the Tiran faith, and what kind of role she played in its structure?
    • The Lakeside: Can she tell you more about the lakeside? What it was like before everyone went and sought refuge behind Khor'minos' walls?
    • Pregnancy: How's impending motherhood treating her? (requires Nihara being pregnant)
    • Kittens: Ask Nihara how the kittens are doing. (requires Nihara having had children with you)
  • Pampering: Ask Nihara if she can do some of that relaxation stuff for you.
  • Hydration: Water wyrds need to stay well-hydrated throughout the day. You can help with that in the most direct and carnal fashion possible.


"What I need is, well, food, for obvious reasons, and medicines that I can use in making my rounds. Even in the case that I can't use these directly or the gods see fit to bless with with a surplus, I can still use those to barter for other things that I need. Surely that can't be too much to ask for a little bit of relaxation from a trained Tiran priestess?"

If you present Nihara with an appropriate item as payment — Camping Supplies, Trail Rations, Creamy Cheddar, Fresh Milk, Bacon Strips, Bento Box, Vulnerary, Remedy, or Winterstem — or if you're below half-health, Nihara will agree to perform some of her water therapy on you to help you relax. One of three therapy sessions will trigger randomly, where Nihara will offer intimate relaxation that verges on indecency. It is, however, undeniably effective. With each pampering scene, you have the option to enjoy the relaxation, or to respond in kind and make the session sexual.

  • Rest: Just doze off with your head in Nihara's lap. You've never felt more relaxed./Not today, not today./You're just here for the massage, there's no need to take things one step further regardless of how much this cheeky goocat might tease you. (full heal for the party)
  • Reciprocate: Meet those urges with desires of your own. Encouragement like this will certainly lead to kinky stuff./Reciprocate the dear goocat's affections./Pull her down onto you and give her a full-body massage. While you're the one supposedly receiving, you want to give as well. (leads to a corruption adjustment for Nihara, full heal for the party)

Entering The Catacombs

"When we evacuated the temple for the pantheon in the city proper, the entrance to the catacombs was sealed against imps, slimes, looters, and the like. I can open the door. Calise and I talked about the possibility, given that it'd be in her interests to further secure a portion of the tunnels from incursions, but ultimately she and her people have a job to do under the Minotaur King and that duty comes first. However, she did mention you as someone who has no such binding obligations to the local crown."

Once you've paid for Nihara's services, she will be open to recruiting you to help with her dungeon expidition. When the members of the Tiran Temple fled for Khor'minos, they sealed the catacombs shut to ensure the eternal rest of its inhabitants. However, there is also a powerful ward down there which Nihara believes would be useful in deterring Imps from attacking the lakeside again.

  • Question?: Nihara looks like she's wanting to ask you something; you can tell that it's on the tip of her tongue. Out with it, then. (requires having paid for Pampering.)
  • Catacombs: Bring up the Tiran catacombs with Nihara. (requires having done Question?)
    • Ask: Ask about what dangers you're likely to face in the Tiran catacombs.
    • Go: Tell Nihara that you're ready to head for the Tiran Catacombs. Note that once you set off, you can't turn back until the quest is complete one way or another; if you still have preparations to make, you probably shouldn't click this button.

If you Ask about the upcoming mission, Nihara will give you a detailed rundown on what to expect and how to prepare — there will be opposition resistant to mundane physical attacks but vulnerable to holy and frost damage, and you should be in and out in less than an hour. Magical damage will generally be effective, but acid may be less so. When you choose Go, you will skip straight to the Tiran Temple dungeon with Nihara as a guest companion. You will miss out on extra loot and may be violated by Minotaur Ghosts if you lose battles, but regardless of your performance Nihara will successfully reclaim the ward and be grateful for your assistance. Upon returning to her home, she'll offer you a free Pampering session.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers
Attack Power: 21.0 Spellpower: 84.0
Sexiness: 8.0 Temptation: 7.0
Armor: 27.0 Physical Resist: 20.0
Warding: 42.0 Magic Resist: 17.0
Focus: 43.0 Mental Resist: 25.0
Evasion: 38.0 Blight Resist: -100.0
Holy Resist: 20.0 Tease Resist: -50.0
Drug Resist: -50.0 Pheromone Resist: -50.0
  • Big Asses
  • Average Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Small Breasts


Pampering with Nihara triggers one of three scenes, which can lead to a respective sex scene if you choose to Reciprocate Nihara's gentle teasing. You can also access Nihara's sex menu. For the scenes that involve fucking Nihara with a penis, her response afterwards will be different depending on your cum output. As a Water Wyrd, she absorbs and metabolises your liquids for sustenance, so more is better.

  • Missionary: Go face-to-face with the goocat. (requires penis, causes two corruption adjustments)
  • Cowgirl: Urge Nihara to climb onto your cock and use it like the tool that it is. (requires penis, causes two corruption adjustments)
  • Doggystyle / Impregnation: Get Nihara down on all fours and rail her from behind; engage in the kind of messy, animalistic sex a goocat like Nihara deserves to have. / Get Nihara down on all fours and rail her from behind. With such bestial, animalistic breeding, there is a good chance, even if it's not a certainty, that Nihara is going to get pregnant from this. If you don't want to knock up the goocat, go and buy some blank powder or something before returning. (requires penis and having completed Tiran Temple, scene varies if you're virile, causes two corruption adjustments)
  • Tentacle Lapfuck: Have Nihara use her prehensile goo-hair on your orifices in a very intimate manner. (causes corruption adjustment)
  • Amazon Press: Have the goocat go down on you and use your shaft/grind pussies with you, while her goo-hair uses your remaining holes. (causes corruption adjustment, or two corruption adjustments if you have a penis)


"As a water wyrd, I'm able to metabolize the seed before it has any chance to take root... unless, of course, I consciously allow it to do just that. Is there a particular reason you ask?"

You were just thinking that since the both of you are going to be engaged in such vigorous activity...

Nihara raises a finger mid-sentence and nods. "I've given some thought to it, especially since the lake is going to be safer than it was. But even so... I'm willing to let whatever happens happen."

If you're virile and do the Impregnation scene, Nihara will likely, unsurprisingly, get pregnant. See Nihara Pregnancy for more details. 'Hydrating' Nihara with more of your bodily fluids will accelerate the pregnancy. If you are present for the birth (or induce it with your bodily fluids), Nihara goes into labour.

  • Yes: You want to be here for her, no matter what. The birth will be disquieting, especially for someone unused to how Nihara's kind works, but that's a small price to pay for seeing this to the end.
  • No: This is something you don't need to see, and Nihara's clearly capable of handling herself.

Regardless of your choice, Nihara's pregnancy comes to term without incident. If pure, she gives birth to one water wyrd child, or if corrupt she gives birth to two. They remain with her in the Undermountain, being raised in the ways of goocats.