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Full body art of Hatsumomo by Moira.
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Full name Hatsumomo Shibuya (柴山 初桃)
Nickname(s) Hatsu
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Lumberjack
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country.

She stalks forward, offering her free hand to you. “[pc.name] righ'? Well aint that just the finest thing, eh? Name’s Hatsumomo, or Hatsu, if y’please. Never Momo, I will elbow you for Momo.”

You shrug and take her hand in a firm shake, unsurprised to find the softness of her skin beset by the faint roughness of rough work. “Hey…” she begins, looking you over. “Wanna fuck?”

Hatsumomo is a three-tailed Kitsune who makes a living as a lumberjack in the Frostwood.


The humming comes to a halt, and a strong voice calls out. “Now who coul' this be I’ve crossed paths with?” You blink in surprise as a large form materializes out from behind the trees. Well, large for their race at least; already you can see long peaky fox-ears the color of cranberries, and three big fluffable tails. That adorable floof is attached to a six-foot [silly|foxy mama|fox] with broad shoulders, a bare, toned abdomen, and some powerful-looking legs. Her eyes are settled in lazy half-lids, and she’s got a grip on a pretty [silly|chonky|hefty] woodsman’s axe. Long, neatly-trimmed cranberry-red hair frames her somewhat-handsome face quite perfectly, but there’s no mistaking you’re looking at the feminine figure considering two great squishy tits barely bound up in foxen silk.

History/Personality/Information of Note



  • Hatsumomo's name is taken from the historical fiction Memories of a Geisha.