Convocation of Mirrors

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EDITORS NOTE - This page is incomplete and will under go an overhaul soon

The Convocation of Mirrors is an event that occurs if the Champion is able to get past Sigrune at the archway in the Old Forest and sleeping in the campsite hidden beyond. There, they will find themselves meeting two salamanders, Prince Philander and his sister Princess Phyria who inform them of the event unfolding while apparently unaware of the current state of the campsite. The player may talk to them, try to learn Mirror Magic, and ultimately confront them about their states of being. This will trigger an encounter with the goddess Nareva and the option to Parley with her for the siblings’ release (cheat sheet here).


After defeating Sigrune and finding the deserted campsite beyond, the Champion may choose to sleep in the camp. This will start the event wherein the Champion awakens in a dream where they meet Ander and Ria, royal siblings of Tychris who had arranged for the convocation to occur. The player will have four talk options in order to learn more about the siblings and the reason for the event.


After the initial encounter with Ander and Ria, the talk options are as follows:

  • Dream
  • Siblings
  • Mirrors?
    • this unlocks the Learn Magic option, allowing the player to to learn Mirror Stance and Shatter. However, if this option is selected, you will be locked out of confronting the siblings about their state and reaching the best outcome of the Convocation.
      • Flirt - appears after Learn Magic where the player is able to sex the ‘manders.
  • Convocation?
    • this unlocks Confront, which will trigger the encounter with Nareva. There is no turning back once this is selected.