Kobold Queen

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Kobold Queen



Busts of the Kobold Queen by Moira
Creator Gardeford
Full name Jasper
Species Kobold
Gender Female
Title Queen
Children Countless Kobolds
Location Undermountain

She then begins looking around, ostensibly for the person who called out to her. When her eyes settle on you they go wide, and a wider smile brightens her features. She rolls forward onto her belly with a thud that shakes the whole cavern, waiting for the jingling of valuables to stop before addressing you in a voice as deep and rich as the cavern you stand in.

"Ooo, are you the one my little ones speak of? The one with the limitless supply of shinies/delicious cock/tasty cunt?" she asks, chin in hands.

The Kobold Queen (née Jasper) is a kobold who has grown to titanic size. Kobolds grow larger every time they give birth, a physiological boon the self-appointed Kobold Queen decided to push to the extreme. She's long past the point where she could fit into any of the surrounding caverns, so she brings the world to her, having her harem of kobold lovers provide her with food, treasure, and interesting people to interact with. Lyric ended up in her subterranean community after escaping the orc ship, but was exiled after eating from the Queen's hoard. However, if you're generous you might be able to get them back in the Queen's good graces.

"She’s probably forgotten all about it already... She’s got a lot on her plate and she’s pretty easy-going anyway. A few offerings to add to her hoard is all it takes to get her to think about something else."
Undermountain Kobolds


The self-proclaimed kobold queen is a giantess of a woman. She's easily as big as a full sized male frost giant, towering at least twenty feet. Proportionally, she looks just like a comfortably fat kobold, but scaled up to ten times the usual size. The queen is built like a cloud, with any strength coming purely from her size and weight. The bevy of jewels coating her body do little to restrain, much less contain, her assets. At her height her breasts are beyond cup sizes. Scaled down to your size they look like they might be FF or G, but each one is bigger than your whole body. The scales on her belly, chest, and chin are a deep maroon, but the rest of her is a glossy black identical to obsidian.

Her eyes, a much brighter red than her scales, follow you with utmost curiosity, devoid of anything but interest in what you bring. When she's not looking at you, she watches the other small kobolds with a similar interest, occasionally picking one of them up to give him or her a full body smooch before setting them back down.

The queen wears intertwined jewelry like the finest exotic dancer. Though perhaps, in her case, it's more out of necessity at this point. She would need a personal tailor to get any actual clothing to fit her, so she settles with linking together numerous bits of treasure and jewelry, such that the sum of her adornments would provide the sultana's personal harem with coverage. Royally patterned decorative shields cup her breasts, with holes cut in the center for her nipples. They aren't piercings as far as you can tell, just cut that way to make it easier for them to stay on.

It's impossible not to catch glimpses of the deep red slit of the queen's royal quim as she shifts around. With the size of her ass it's utterly impossible to keep that part of her covered, not that she seems to mind. You can't see much specifically, but you imagine she's just as big on the inside. A sinfully dark pucker that's just about the size of a normal kobold by itself occasionally peeks out from between her cheeks, only visible because of the cleft formed by her swishing tail.


First Encounter

After you've defeated the Undermountain Kobolds three times, or introduced them to Lyric, a representative will invite you to come and see the 'queen'.

  • Yes: Let the kobold lead you to the queen.
  • No

If you select No, the kobold will politely accept, noting that the queen is great at patience. If you choose Yes, the kobold leads you down a winding series of dark, twisty tunnels that you'd never be able to navigate alone. Eventually, you arrive at an enormous cavern lit by a magma river. It is filled with harem attendants and an enormous hill of gold and silver, dotted with chunks of obsidian. You call out to this 'queen', but nobody answers... until the treasure mound starts moving. The obsidian is revealed to be the Kobold Queen, easily eighteen feet tall sitting down, under a pile of valuables that had been brought to her.

The Kobold Queen is (thankfully) delighted to meet you, exclaiming that one her little ones had spoke of you she just had to meet you in person. She's especially grateful if you've been paying the Undermountain Kobolds, as they've then presented your electrum to her and added it to her hoard. With a booming voice, she asks you to tell her about the outside. You're then able to access her regular menu.

Subsequent Encounters

"[pc.name]!? What are you doing? That's the queen! The one who banished me. I can't be seen here!" he/she says, forgetting to whisper in his/her frantic rush to warn you.

After interactions with the Undermountain Kobolds, one of them will invite you to meet with the Kobold Queen again. You can talk about her, learning just how she became to be over twenty feet tall with a treasure trove she can bury herself in.

  • Appearance: Take in the giantess' queenly majesty.
  • Talk: Chat up the super sized kobold.
    • Size: How did she get so big?
    • Treasure: There's so much, where does it all come from?
    • Harem: Who are all these kobolds?
    • Name: Does the queen have a name?
  • Sex: Sex up the queen, or perhaps something else.
  • Leave

On repeat visits, she can spot Lyric in your pack as well. Rather than being upset with the pint-sized pilferer, the Kobold Queen thanks Lyric for donating to her and for bringing her the source of the electrum. Ever benevolent, she welcomes Lyric to partake in some of the riches of her hoard. Just not any of the big ones.


Whenever you visit, you can also partake in carnal activities with the self-appointed royal. The Kobold Queen is simply too large for you to straight up fuck her, however, there are other ways to play with a giantess with a vast supply of haremites.

  • Boobjob: It'll probably be more like a body job, but those titanic tits look too inviting to resist. (requires penis)
  • Grind Clit: Fucking her straight up might be out of the picture, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to please her. (requires penis)
  • Harem Orgy: Drown in a bath of boys, the queen has expressed interest in it.