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Full body art of Lyric by DCLzexon
Creator B
Species Kobold
  • Male (if chosen)
  • Female (if chosen)
Occupation Sentient projectile

"Hi," the kobold says through its own purring. The pitch of its voice is a bit on the higher side. "Maybe a stupid question, but, were you the one that rescued me from the snow?"

You hesitate before you answer. "Yeah," you say eventually.

"I love you," the kobold suddenly blurts, its tail wagging so quickly that it's shifting the whole bed with its motions. There was no filter put into that statement: it was a raw, pure declaration, straight from the heart and bypassing all social cues. You can't help but believe it. "My name's Lyric."

Lyric is an affectionate kobold who endured a harrowing journey to arrive in the Frost Marches. Enslaved by orcish raiders, they made a dramatic escape at sea and swam several hours to find land. They connected with kobolds in the Undermountain, but were exiled after eating from the Kobold Queen's hoard. You discover Lyric freezing and barely alive in the Glacial Rift. The next time you go to sleep, you use your body heat to warm Lyric to consciousness and the kobold is instantly devoted to you. They ask to join you on your journey, and you can either keep them in your inventory or send them to Hawkethorne to hang out with Ivris.

As an item, Lyric can be interacted with from your inventory. You can also use them as a combat consumable, hurling Lyric at your enemies and dealing damage. There's also a mechanic where you can shift Lyric's physique — specifically, the size of their butt — depending on how much electrum you've fed them. The different sizes of posterior affect Lyric's descriptions, interactions, and how much damage they deal in combat. You also choose Lyric's gender depending on what you choose when you wake up with them.


Lyric is a kobold, standing at approximately four feet tall. His/Her body is covered in a layer of dark, jungle-green scales, from sole to scalp, with the scales at his/her armpits, chest, stomach, and inner thighs being light, sandy brown; he/she has a pair of dull, triangular-but-blunted pointed horns jutting up from his/her forehead and pointed slightly backwards, across the round of his/her skull, each of them flanked by circles of smaller horns roughly the length of a fingernail. He/She has vibrant golden eyes, and he/she's capable of opening them much wider than you'd expect him/her to. His/Her face is slightly elongated into a not-quite-human snout, and his/her mouth is lined with short-but-sharp incisor teeth; you aren't sure what his/her jaw strength is, but those teeth can be deadly on their own. His/Her tongue is long and wide, but thin.

Being a kobold, Lyric doesn't have the meatiest body: most of his/her form is thin, lithe, and, if you didn't know better, practically malnourished (with one notable exception). His/Her arms, neck, chest, and stomach are all rather thin and spindly; his/her body isn't suited for combat, but because of his/her form, he/she is better used for stealth infiltrations, sneak attacks... and being picked up and thrown like a projectile weapon, which is his/her preferred method of engagement, at least with you. Also, because of his/her size, he/she can comfortably fit inside your pack with all your other effects, and he/she is light enough that you can easily carry him/her on your back. And throw, at least with both arms.

All the meat and weight in Lyric's body is at his/her waist: they're wider than his/her shoulders, and all that thigh underneath those scales jiggle and dance whenever he/she takes a step. If you were to slap his/her thigh or his/her ass, you wouldn't be surprised if it slapped you back.

The rest of his/her legs are proportionately meaty, giving him/her some formidable kicking strength. His/Her tail is just long enough to reach the ground he/she's standing on, plus maybe an extra inch or two, and it's as wide as his/her waist at the base, but is otherwise featureless. His/Her fingers and toes are each capped with a long, blunted claw: perhaps not great for puncturing or slashing, but they would nonetheless leave their mark on anyone or anything he/she struck.

Lyric is wearing a unique full-body tunic of faded leather tanned dull reds and greens, hemmed together not with thread, but with hemp and metal; and he/she's wearing a thin lattice of chains around his/her feet, but not around the soles, apparently meant to be some kind of covering or fashion statement around the ankles. Underneath the tunic, he/she's wearing a thin-layered, long-sleeve undershirt that goes to his/her elbows, and from the elbows to the wrists, he/she's wearing a pair of wrappings, perhaps meant to be a poor-man's substitute for bracers, keeping his/her forearms covered. Underneath the bracers, around the underside of Lyric's wrists, are two long, circular burn scars.

Between Lyric's legs is a genital slit concealing his penis when he isn't erect. His penis is conical in shape, with a thin tip that gets gradually wider and wider until it's too large for one hand to fully wrap around at his base. The skin of his cock is a uniform light purple, contrasting sharply with the scales of his body. When fully erect, his dick stands at eight inches, from tip to base – which is quite impressive considering the rest of his frame. His testicles are internal, and when he's completely flaccid, his crotch is smooth./ Between Lyric's legs is a genital slit concealing her vagina. When she isn't aroused, the walls of the slit are tough, dry, and stubborn, but when she's in the mood, they're spongy and malleable – easy to pry apart by a finger or two, or a tongue, or a cock. Her pussy bulges and gets soft to the touch, almost looking and feeling out of place on a body that's covered in a thick layer of natural armor.

Underneath his/her tail and between his/her buttcheeks is his/her asshole, right where it belongs.


First Encounter

Put on the spot as you are, you do the one thing you can think to do, and you slip the kobold into your pack. It's small enough that it'll fit. It's hardly the perfect solution, but it'll at least buy you some time until you can get something a bit more potent into it.

A fire might be useful, but it'd be impossible to find dry kindling this deep into the rift, and you doubt a conjured fireball could last longer than a few seconds in this environment. Perhaps sharing your body heat could be the answer? As soon as you find, or establish, a safe place to sleep, you could warm the kobold back up with your body.

As you're travelling through the first zone of the Glacial Rift, you trip over a mound of snow. When you investigate, you discover a frozen kobold barely clinging to life. Rather than seeking medical help, you stow the kobold in your pack. The next time you camp or go to bed, you cuddle up with them as you fall asleep. You wake up to a recovered Lyric staring adoringly and saying they love you. You and Lyric have a somewhat uncomfortable talk, but the kobold is resolute in their position of you being their hero and them loving you. You awkwardly pat Lyric's head and call them a good:

  • ...Boy?: (sets Lyric as male)
  • ...Girl?: (sets Lyric as female)

Whichever gender Lyric is, they ask to accompany you on your journeys. You're the first person who's shown kindness to Lyric in a long time, and you did it by saving their life, and they want to reward you however they can.

  • Usefulness: While you aren't against bringing Lyric with you, he/she needs to lift his/her weight somehow. Ask how he/she plans to do that.
  • Blow Me: Lyric did say anything. If nothing else, this'll at least test his/her resolve. And besides, with a mouth and hands as small as his/hers, if you close your eyes, you bet you'd feel enormous. (requires penis)
  • Eat Me Out: Lyric did say anything. If nothing else, this'll at least test his/her resolve. And besides, if the rumors about kobolds are true, you'd bet he/she has a tongue so long, she could wash a window with two swipes. (requires vagina)
  • Hawkethorne: You're not so heartless that you're going to tell Lyric to fend for himself/herself, but you're also not interested in leading around a lovesick puppy all over Savarra. Surely the people of Hawkethorne will accept him/her.

If you end up leaving Lyric in Hawkethorne, they travel to the Alchemist's Shop and learn about alchemy from Ivris. If you bring Lyric with you, one thing they suggest is literally throwing them at enemies. They're compact, durable, and have claws. They're also happy to warm your bed whenever you need it, because they love you.

Subsequent Encounters

If Lyric is travelling with you, you can interact with them from your inventory. If you left Lyric in Hawkethorne, you meet them in the Alchemist's Shop. You can talk with Lyric about the very difficult journey they faced to get here, as well as their interest in science and how their body works. You can recruit Lyric by visiting Lyric at the alchemist's and choosing Take With, and leave Lyric in Hawkethorne by dropping them from your inventory and leaving them in storage. Once you've caught Lyric eating your electrum — see Feeding Your Lyric — you can also feed Lyric electrum.

  • Appearance
  • Talk: Ask Lyric if he/she's willing to have a little sit-down with you. You're in the mood for a bit of socializing.
    • Himself/Herself: Ask Lyric about himself/herself. Surely a spritely little kobold like himself/herself has quite the story to tell!
    • Kobolds: Ask Lyric about all there is to know about kobolds. He/She could give you some valuable information on everything from their biology to their culture.
    • Science?: Lyric likes to tell you that he/she's more scientifically minded than most. What drew him/her to the sciences? How is it different, if it is different, from alchemy?
    • Hero Worship: Lyric's devotion to you is bordering on obsession. Maybe it'd be best to have a discussion about it before it gets any more overblown.
    • Metabolism: Kobolds can stomach a steady diet of metal, if necessary. Maybe even healthily. Ask Lyric for more information on the subject.
  • Sex: Lyric is always ready and willing for you. Take your pocket kobold for a spin (requires being in inventory)
  • Feed: Lyric enjoys eating electrum as a treat, similar to candy, and giving him/her some electrum to eat is a good way of letting him/her know that he/she's doing a good job. And, similar to candy, there might be some changes to his/her physiology if you feed him/her too much... (requires being in inventory, and having caught Lyric eating your electrum)
  • Take With: Bring Lyric with you on your journey. On his/her own suggestion, you can throw him/her at your enemies to do damage – there's always room on your team for someone who can throw their weight around like that! (requires being left in Hawkethorne)

Feeding Your Lyric

You look underneath your arm to whatever it was that was just trying to burgle you – and you find Lyric, his/her golden eyes wide as can be and watering along their bottom edges. "I'm sorry!" he/she cries, stopping his/her struggling immediately and going limp in your grip, submitting to whatever punishment you had in mind for him/her. "I thought I was okay! I didn't think to ask first, I'm sorry!"

As you travel with Lyric in your inventory, at various points in the day you notice something happening. You don't think anything of it until you catch Lyric rifling through your coinpurse. Lyric begs for mercy instantly, having thought you kept bags of metal on your person as a snack. You reassure Lyric that they're not in trouble, although they are under no circumstance to eat your money without your express permission. However, maybe you'll see what you can do about budgeting money for Lyric to consume, which they're very excited by. Lyric also mentions that it's good they only ate around ten coins, because if they ate too much it would go directly to their butt and thighs...

The Metabolism talk mentions this event, though you can access it without catching Lyric eating your money.

In the Undermountain

"No, we haven’t," the first male admits with a shrug, "but even if we did, we don’t have anything to barter with. We’re wearing rags and the only thing we own are these knives, like you said. Well," he continues with a start, "that’s not true. They’re the only thing we bring with us when we rob people."

"That’s not true either!" Lyric insists. He/She leans forward, his/her tongue sticking out from the corner of his/her mouth mischievously. "You could offer yourselves."

One possible encounter in the Undermountain is a group of kobolds who attack you, trying to steal your metal. However, if Lyric is in your inventory, they scramble out of your pack to speak with them. After a quick catch-up, Lyric reveals to the kobolds that they've found a much easier way of getting discs of money from non-kobolds — you see, metal can be exchanged for goods and services. And even if the kobolds have nothing to trade, there's one service Lyric knows you enjoy. The only condition Lyric gives for access to you is that the kobolds have to tell the Kobold Queen that Lyric is responsible for the donations to her hoard. And that's how Lyric ends up facilitating you soliciting a group of kobolds for sex.

Once you've helped fill the Kobold Queen's coffers, she invites you to meet her in person. Once you've visited her a couple of times, she will discover Lyric hiding on your person, and gleefully thank them for convincing you to donate treasure. Lyric's exile from the Undermountain is ended, though they choose to continue travelling with you.

Size and Function

"Oh, no. Us kobolds, we're pretty elastic when it comes to our body shape and the foods we put in ourselves. If you were to wean me off the electrum, I'd shrink back down after a few days."

He/She looks at you with big, sad eyes. "Not that I want you to."

After you catch Lyric eating your electrum, you gain the option to Feed Lyric with your electrum. Lyric's body will change depending on how much you feed them, changing their interactions and causing Lyric to do more damage in battle. Lyric's bust will also change depending on how well fed they are. Lyric can eat up to 300 EC, and will digest electrum over time and with each use in combat. To keep Lyric fully topped up, you'll need to keep feeding them after hurling them at enemies or a significant passage of time.

  • Feed 1: (costs 1 EC)
  • Feed 10: (costs 10 EC)
  • Feed 50: (costs 50 EC)


Any time you interact with Lyric in your inventory, they're very eager to service you in any way you request. Any session with Lyric will turn into an hours-long marathon, with you waking up later to Lyric licking you clean and snuggling with you.

  • Blow You: Lyric is at the mercy of your whims and is willing to do absolutely anything you say. This would be a good opportunity to find out where a kobold's gag reflex is. (requires penis)
  • Eat You Out: Clearly, Lyric is totally fine with a bit of musk in his/her nose and a wet cunt on his/her face. Time to find out just how deep a kobold's tongue can reach. (requires vagina)
  • From Behind: Lyric's got a real fat ass, and frankly, you can think of no better way to spend your time than pounding it from behind and watching it jiggle. (requires penis)
  • Standing Fuck: You know you have the strength in your back to carry Lyric around. This time, why not try wearing him/her on your front and letting gravity do most of the work? (requires penis)
  • Get Fucked: Get on your hands and knees and give Lyric the chance to prove himself to you with what he's got! (requires male Lyric)
  • Tribadism: Lyric would know what a girl likes – and sometimes, a girl likes to have a little ‘girls only' fun with their girlfriends.... (requires vagina and female Lyric)
  • SitOnUrFace: Kobolds are generally well known for having some delectably fat asses, and Lyric isn't an exception. Ask him/her to give you the full tour.


Male Lyric can impregnate you, and female Lyric can be impregnated by you. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Lyric Mother Pregnancy and Lyric Father Pregnancy for more details.

The bearer develops a muscular shell around a very hard egg, has pregnancy cravings for raw flesh and succulent fruit, and also develops a temporary spike in libido. When the egg comes to term, it is left in the Hawkethorne Nursery to hatch.




Lyric nelson.png
Found in Standing Fuck sex option

Lyric nelson dick.png
Found in Standing Fuck sex option