Large is Justice

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Large is Justice
Creator birbs
Quest Giver Liulfr
  • Won against Liulfr at least 5 times
  • Made peace with him
Level Range n/a
Quest Type Side Quest
  • Liulfr and Sleipnir move to Hawkethorne
  • Liulfr as a Female
Location Glacial Rift
Timed? No
Can Fail? No
Version Added 0.4.4

Large is Justice is a side quest that involves gathering alchemized items to turn Liulfr into a full Female. Note that unlocking this quest locks out I’ll Make a Man Out of You, which involves gathering alchemized items to turn Liulfr into a Male (Hermaphrodite).

Writer Credit

Entire Quest

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Choosing Female during Favor? talk scene
Liulfr has asked you to fully feminize her using alchemy. Bring her all the potions she needs to complete her transformation, after which, she’ll begin her move to Hawkethorne.
  • Pink Egg (Soft Mud)
  • Pink Egg (Wild Melon)
  • Pink Egg (Raw)
Returning to Liulfr with all of the requested items Liulfr was a rarity amongst the Jotuns for her tomboyish looks and ways, however, with your help, she is now a beautiful maiden; if not one still prone to outbursts. More importantly though, she has followed you down to Hawkthorne to live out her exile by your side.


Talking to Liulfr about the Favor? he wanted to ask will open up two options: Male which starts I’ll Make a Man Out of You and Female which starts Large is Justice.

Characters Involved


Companions Involved


Quick Walkthrough

  • 1. Talk to Liulfr about Favor? and choose Female
  • 2. Acquired the Pink Eggs
  • 3. Return to Liulfr with all of the requested items

Detailed Walkthrough


Having defeated Liulfr and made peace with him, he mentions wanting to ask the Champion a favor, but he figured it would be weird to ask after trying to beat the shit out of them and losing. At Liulfr's Cave, the Champion can follow up on the topic by asking about the Favor? he mentioned earlier through his talk options.

Upon asking the favor he mentioned, Liulfr will state that he has been banished or left behind, and that he and Sleip are running low on supplies, but he doesn't want to compete with the Glacial Rift Alliance for them as they're struggling enough. Before he fled, his mother told him that he could try to seek refuge down south, but he is afflicted by his incomplete body. All he wants to be is a new person with a new life, or at least a person who feels whole. He reassures the Champion that he can make it on his own, as he has stuff he could trade for currency, all he needs is directions, both in terms of directions to Hawkethorne and his changing body. With that, the Champion will be given the following options:

  • Male - Liulfr is already so masculine, why not go the extra mile?
  • Female - It’d certainly be an easier change than the other way around.


Stating that the change to female would be easier will have Liulfr be initially puzzled at the suggestion, but a genuine smile spreads across her face and she wraps her arms around the Champion in a gentle embrace. With unmistakable excitement, she thanks the Champion for agreeing to help her, as well as trying to silence a quiet giggle. She fantasizes about having tits, and goes on endlessly rattling off any thoughts she has in her head.

She pleads that the Champion shouldn't feel rushed, as they've probably got other things to do, but if they ever swing by, she'll be here. Before releasing the Champion from her grasp, she gives them two pats on the head.

Note that the Champion can return to Liulfr at anytime and interact with her normally, while they do not have all the requested items.

Required Items

The requested items are:

  • Soft Mud-Infused Pink Egg
  • Wild Melon-Infused Pink Egg
  • Pink Egg

These items can be easily acquired in Hawkethorne, the Raw Pink Eggs can be bought from Leorah and later alchemized at Ivris' shop though the Alchemy? or Alchemy option.

Return and Transformation

Once the Champion has all of the requested items, returning to Liulfr will have her profusely thank the Champion, scoop them up, sink to the floor, place them on her lap, and give them a gentle kiss on the cheek. After being handed the items and consuming them, she states that the Champion is the best thing that's ever happened to her, and that she can't wait to be with them, as they'll be free, warm, and happy down south. She wraps her arms around the Champion's shoulders and pulls them flush into her chest, as she daydreams out loud, the Champion not daring to interrupt her about the harsh realities of the southern part of the Marches.

After sometime, the items take effect and she grows a respectable D-cup pair of breasts. As the Champion looks up at her face, they note that her features have softened up and her tomboyish appearance is now replaced by something far more elegantly aristocratic. With her transformation finally settled, she lays a soft kiss on the Champion's temple before releasing them and stating that she and Sleip are going to start packing now, and that they'll see the Champion in Hawkethorne.

With that, Sleipnir, Liulfr and her cave will no longer be accessible in the Glacial Rift, and she can be found instead in the Guests section of The Frost Hound.



Notable Loot & Reward

Type Reward
Quest Reward
  • Liulfr becomes a full female
    • Unlocks the Fuck Vag sex option
    • Unlocks new variations for existing scenes
  • Liulfr and Sleipnir move from her cave to The Frost Hound and she can be found under Guests

Bad Ends