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Race Selection

Here you select your race and name. Names must be between 3 and 12 characters.


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Heirs to great Belharan Empire of ages past, humans have spread across the world in spite of their short lives. Theirs is a race that is ever expanding, ever growing and learning. It is no wonder some would come to the far reaches of the north, seeking new land and new adventures. Humanity's boundless ambitions lend to greater Presence.

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Presence +1

Affinities: Presence, Toughness, Cunning

Physical Attributes

Height Range: 4'10"(58in.) to 6'6"(78in.)

Hair Colors: Brown, Blonde, Red, Black

Eye Colors: Blue, Green, Hazel, Brown

Skin Colors: Pale, Bronze, Dark

Cock Size: 4"-9"

Tit Size: B-DD

Wyld Elf

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A fey race possessed of an otherworldly grace, wyld elves have a preternatural connection to nature and magic. They all have a feminine appearance, regardless of actual sex (with some males even sporting breasts), and each elf manifests a Mark of the Wild, such as animalistic ears or bestial tails. Their inherent grasp of magic grants wyld elves a bonus to Willpower

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Willpower +1

Affinities: Willpower, Agility, Cunning

Physical Attributes

Mark of the Wild: Each Wyld Elf starts the game with a free transformation. The transformation must be chosen from the list below.

Cat Eyes, Bovine Tail, Ram Horns, Equine Anus, Furred Limbs, Cloven Legs, Fox Tail, Bunny Ears, Forked Tongue, Feather Hair, Dog Ears, Chitin Limbs, Dove Wings, Plant Skin

Height Range: 5'5"(65in.) to 6'10"(82in.)

Hair Colors: Blonde, Blue, Silver

Eye Colors: Blue, Green, Hazel

Skin Colors: Pale, Dusky

Cock Size: 4-6"

Tit Size: A-C


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Lithe and agile denizens of the endless forests of the north, catfolk are the most sociable of the beast-kin and were eager to join elves and men in society when they were first met in the great deserts of the Southlands. Catfolks' friendliness often underlies a cheeky mischievous streak. Their grace and dexterity gives them a naturally higher Agility.

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Agility +1

Affinities: Agility, Cunning, Presence

Physical Attributes

Height Range: 5'0"(60in.) to 6'0"(72in.)

Hair Colors: Brown, Blonde, Red, Black

Eye Colors: Blue, Green, Golden

Skin Colors: Pale, Bronze, Dark

Cock Size: 4"-8"

Tit Size: A-D


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Tall and powerful, the lupines of the north are descended from lycans and bear thick body fur resembling that of a grey or arctic wolf. Natives of the region, lupines spent several years fighting against the encroaching human presence before being forced to accept defeat and their new neighbors. Their physiques lend them to higher Strength than other races.

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Strength +1

Affinities: Strength, Toughness, Cunning

Physical Attributes

Height Range: 5'10"(70in.) to 7'6"(90in.)

Hair Colors: Black, White, Golden

Eye Colors: Brown, Blue

Skin Color: Pale

Cock Size: 6"-10"

Tit Size: C-EE


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Towering, brawny barbarians with green skin and bestial tusks, orcs are savage raiders that hail from the craggy foothills of the north. Few of them voluntarily join civilization, preferring their tribal lives under the command of powerful warlords. Their naturally thick hides and an ingrained warrior tradition grants them bonus Toughness.

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Toughness +1

Affinities: Toughness, Strength, Willpower

Physical Attributes

Height Range: 6'0"(72in.) to 8'0"(80in.)

Hair Colors: Black, Red, Brown

Eye Colors: Blue, Golden, Red

Skin Colors: Dark Green, Light Green, Gray

Cock Size: 6"-12"

Tit Size: C-F

Class Selection

See Classes

Background Selection

Dependent on class.

Noble Scion

Classes: All

You're the youngest child of a noble family, with all the pampering and prestige that entails - not to mention training in arts of magic or battle to your hearts' content. As the youngest child, though, you had little hope of inheriting power and so now seek your own fortunes on the frontier. Your noble upbringing imparts a bonus to Presence.

Starting Boost: Presence +1

Affinities: Presence, Cunning, Willpower


Classes: All

You were born and raised in the wilderness of the northlands, surviving by your skill with a bow and your attunement with nature. Like you, your parents were adventurers, and left early in your life. You're used to living alone - you're quick, quiet, and fleet of foot after years of living in arboreal solitude. Your life as a hunter has given you greater Agility.

Starting Boost: Agility +1

Affinities: Agility, Toughness, Cunning


Classes: Warrior, Thief

The life of a soldier in the ruins of the Belharan Empire is hard and brutal, requiring constant physical fitness and training. You've served in conflicts against monsters and barbarians, and now bring your skills and experiences from the frontlines to the frontier. Your rigorous training has given you a bonus to Strength.

Starting Boost: Strength +1

Affinities: Strength, Toughness, Agility


Classes: Thief, Charmer

You were a high-class escort in one of the up-and-coming metropolises of the south, always in demand and paid handsomely for your services. You've done it all, with everyone. However, an affair with a powerful noble whose spouse turned against you caused you to flee the city and seek the anonymity of the frontier. Your charisma and manipulative skills increase your Presence.

Starting Boost: Presence +1

Affinities: Presence, Cunning, Agility


Classes: White Mage, Black Mage, Charmer

You were trained in the highest institutes of education in the south, which emulate the legendary colleges of ancient Belhar. The constraints of academia grated against you, however, and eventually you had to strike out on your own. Your rich classical education covered the basics of all manner of scholarly pursuits and the secrets of magic, granting a bonus to your Cunning

Starting Boost: Cunning +1

Affinities: Cunning, Willpower, Presence


Class: Warrior

You're a barbarian, a savage wildling from beyond the borders of civilization. Though your tribe exemplified the warrior's code of honor and bravery, that did not save them from the orcish raiders who wiped them out. Only you survived, forced to seek out a new life beyond your clan's homeland. Your barbarian prowess grants a bonus to Toughness.

Starting Boost: Toughness +1

Affinities: Strength, Toughness, Presence

Slum Rat

Classes: Thief

You were born in the gutter. Your mother was a whore, and you've been existing in the dregs of society ever since you took your first breath. You've stolen, seduced, and fought tooth and nail to survive. Tiring of life in the city of your birth, not to mention the growing demands of the Thieves' Guild, you've set out to make your fortunes in the Frost Marches. Your thieving experience gives you a boost to Agility.

Starting Boost: Agility +1

Affinities: Agility, Strength, Cunning


Classes: White Mage

You were raised in a monastery of the Living Gods, trained in religious ceremony, scholarly pursuits and the ways of healing magics. You eventually left your order to bring your knowledge and skills to the frontier, eager to help those far from the light of civilization. Your magical training grants you a bonus to Willpower.

Starting Boost: Willpower +1

Affinities: Willpower, Toughness, Presence


Classes: Black Mage

You were apprenticed to a hedge witch, a powerful and beautiful enchantress living in the depths of the wilderlands southwest of the Frost Marches. You split on bad terms, forcing you to seek your own fortunes. Your tutelage under the witch has given you a mastery of magic, boosting your Willpower.

Starting Boost: Willpower +1

Affinities: Willpower, Cunning, Agility


Classes: Charmer

Once apprenticed to one of the greatest bards in your homeland, you struck out on your own to share your songs and stories across the far frontier. Your career in showmanship has taught you to inspire people and bring them to believe your words and songs, imparting a bonus to Presence.

Starting Boost: Presence +1

Affinities: Presence, Agility, Willpower

Physical Selection

Note, none of the following has an effect on your character's stats.

Gender Selection

Most races can choose between male or female. This determines whether you start with a cock, vagina, and/or breasts. Wyld elves can choose shemale, giving them breasts and a cock.

Frame Selection

Needs data.












Hair Color Selection

Please look under physical attributes for the races.

Eye Color Selection

Please look under physical attributes for the races.

Skin Color Selection

Please look under physical attributes for the races.

Cock Size Selection

Please look under physical attributes for the races.

Note, only males (and wyld elf shemales) have cocks and get this selection.

Cock Size Cock Width Knot Size (lupine only)
4" 1" n/a
5" 1.3" n/a
6" 1.5" 2.3"
7" 1.8" 2.6"
8" 2" 3"
9" 2" 3.4"
10" 3" 3.8"
11" 3" 4.1"
12" 3" 4.5"
13" 3" 4.9"
14" 4" 5.3"
15" 4" 5.6"
16" 4" 6"
17" 4" n/a
18" 5" n/a

Tit Size Selection

Please look under physical attributes for the races.

Note, only females (and wyld elf shemales) have tits and get this selection.

Cup Size Nipple Length Areola Size
n/a .3" Average
A .3" Average
B .3" Average
C .3" Average
D .4" Average
DD .4" Average
E .4" Coin
EE .4" Coin
F .5" Coin
FF .5" Coin

Special Talent Selection

Note, these do have gameplay effects, and likely give corresponding perks. If you have data, please add it. You can only pick one, or none. Note, as there are no current transformation items, Well Hung and Buxom's secondary effects have no effect. Stretchy and Size Queen need more testing. Breeder and Sterile currently have no effects as pregnancy is not yet implemented. Libidinous and Reserved need more testing. I'm uncertain if lactation has been added, so Milky may not have any effect. Messy Orgasms does increase pussy wetness.

Well Hung

You start with a larger penis, if you have one, and it's easier for transformations to increase your penis size.

Increases penis size 2". Has no effect on clits or ball size.


You start with larger breasts, if you have them, and your cupsize increases more rapidly with transformations.

Increases breast size 1 step. Will affect males, giving them A cups.


Your orfices can more easily accomodate large insertions and more quickly recover from stretching.

Size Queen/King

Your orfices become gaped more easily by large insertions and stay gaped longer


You start with higher fertility and virility and your Pregnancy Speed is higher. All three stats increase more easily with transformations.


You start with a fertility and virility of zero, and it increases more slowly as the result of transformations.


It's easier to start lactating, you lactate more, and it takes longer for lactation to wind down.


You start with higher Libido, and it increases more rapidly over time.


You start with a lower Libido, and your lust gains over time are slower.

Messy Orgasms

Your orgasms produce a greater volume of ejaculate if you have a penis, and vaginal orgasms are more likely to end in squirting.