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Busts of Sariel by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Taeleer
Gender Female
Occupation Ranger
Location Harvest Valley
Level 4
Health 225
Resolve 132
Strengths Sariel has 2 action points

"Hey!" A bright voice calls out, before the whip-and-whistle of an arrow singing past you. "Better get to the ground and give up, it's time to fuck!" It looks like your Taeleer assailant has returned. No doubt her anal heat is driving her wild...

Sariel is an albino taeleer ranger in the Harvest Valley. She's fallen afoul of a cursed sex toy, which causes an intense anal heat that is driving her to mania. Sariel is no longer able to go to town for fear of losing control and assaulting someone, instead roaming the valley trying to satisfy her urges.


A rather exotic-looking Taeleer slides out from behind a log, pulling up her clothes and holding a bow of her own. There's something... almost manic about the look in her eyes, despite the charming tone of voice. "You should make it up to me, maybe... yeah. Yeah I want you in my ass."

You weren't actually expecting a fight from someone so... friendly-sounding, but it looks like you've got one on your hands.


First Meeting

Sariel is a hostile Harvest Valley encounter that will start appearing when you hit Level 4. Depending on a cunning check, you will either notice one of her snares in time or be caught in it and need to be freed. She will be annoyed at you destroying her trap and suggest you can make it up to her by anally pleasuring her. Well, except it wasn't a suggestion.

  • Fight (enter combat)
  • Submit: Take me! (see Loss Sex menu)

Curing Her

In the process of battling Sariel and satisfying her anal urges one way or another, you will notice that her buttplug magically returns inside her after she removes it for sexual activity. The fourth time you defeat her in combat, Fuck & Cure will be added to the victory menu. If chosen you will have regular victory sex with her, but after you finish you will intercept the buttplug and smash it against a rock. Sariel will be too tired to offer feedback or explanation in the moment, so you put her camouflage blanket over her and leave.


"Still horny, but, fine... to be honest I always kind of was?" Sariel spreads her hands helplessly. "Anyway, we're cool, right?"

The next time you see Sariel, she will apologise for attacking you and thank you for resolving her curse. Sariel is still horny - you don't put a cursed butt plug inside you unless you generally enjoy that - but now it's regular slutty horny rather than manic uncontrollable horny. Explaining that her parents were bowyers and fletchers, she hands you a Taeleeran Longbow she made herself from yew wood and the tail hair of a 'unicorn' (see: Harboring a Fugitive). After handing you the bow, she leaves to turn in her gathered herbs to Hawkethorne.

Subsequent Visits

Following this, Sariel will still be on the Harvest Valley encounter table. However, rather than attacking you, she will call out from under her camouflage blanket before you accidentally trigger one of her snares. Sariel will offer you some bread and wild goat stew. If you stop to Talk, she'll explain she picked up the cursed buttplug from a merchant from Tychris. Sariel was looking for a toy to keep her satisfied while she was lying still and watching her snares, but obviously didn't realise it was cursed. But now thanks to your help she can enjoy buttstuff in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.

  • Talk: Sit and talk.
  • Fuck: (see Post-Hostile Sex menu)
  • Leave: Sadly you've got things to do./This was a nice catchup, leave for now.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 33.0 Spellpower: 30.0
Sexiness: 17.0 Temptation: 11.0
Armor: 50.0 Physical Resist: 16.0
Warding: 8.0 Magic Resist: 8.0
Evasion: 14.0 Crushing Resist: -10.0
Fire Resist: 25.0 Frost Resist: -33.0
Penetrating Resist: 25.0 Tease Resist: -20.0
  • Average Cocks
  • Small Breasts
  • No Breasts
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks



"Aaah! Oh... oh gods please, please fuck my ass! Fuck it! Push me down and mess me up! Rut my butt!" Her sweet voice is entirely at odds with her over-the-top language, mouth hanging open, and desperately needy eyes. "Please! I need it! Destroy me, take me, pin me and break me!"

If you defeat Sariel, you will have the following options.

  • Fuck: Fuck the horny ranger's ass.
    • Fuck Asshole:
    • Fist Asshole: How about the personal "touch"? Maybe she'll finger you too.
    • Pass: You'd… rather not. (return to Victory menu)
  • Arona: Sic the orc on her plump asshole. (requires Arona)
    • No Thanks: Maybe you can catch a small nap instead.
    • Of Course: Who wouldn't want to watch her ram an ass like that?
  • Quin: Send in Quin for some bunny-on-bunny. (requires Quintillus)
    • Watch: (Not implemented yet)
    • Pass
  • Fuck & Cure: (requires having done Victory menu three times, leads to modified Fuck options)
  • Leave

If you are defeated by Sariel, you will have the following options.

  • Face: Have her ride your face.
  • Cock: Have her ride your cock. (requires penis)


Sariel blinks, ears tucking back to emote her surprise before springing up again. "Uuuh... I mean, I'm not cursed anymore? But I do have needs regardless."

After curing Sariel's curse, you will have the following sex options when you meet her.

  • Rim Sixty-Nine: Lie down and go to town on each other's rings.
  • Rut: Pin her flat and breed her asshole. (requires a cock)