Taeleeran Longbow

From Corruption of Champions II
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Taeleeran Longbow
Taeleer Bow
Author SomeKindofWizard
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 450
Additional Information
Damage 45 (Penetrating)
Damage Type Physical
Accuracy 15
Crit Bonus 5
Armor Penetration 15
Evasion 5
Additional Flags TwoHand
Version Added 0.3.45


A beautifully-carved bow of solid yew with a 'unicorn-tail string' granted by Sariel as a gift. Every arrow seems to sing and seek out weak spots, although it takes an extra few moments to draw it to its full weight.


Gifted by Sariel after meeting her again after curing her for the first time (Fuck & Cure).