Father Where Art Thou?

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Father Where Art Thou?
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver Solveig
Requirements Completed Dog Days
Completed Right of Conquest
Level Range 3+
Quest Type Side
Reward A family reunion
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"I've asked around here a bit, but nobody's leapt out knowing they've banged the hell out of a pink-haired orc with huge titties." Her hands extend outwards, a couple of extra cup sizes beyond her own incredibly plush rack. "You wouldn't happen to know, would you?"

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Solveig about Her Dad Solveig Karisdóttir is looking for her father; perhaps you can ask a few of the lupines or half-lupines you know? (X / 5 Lupines asked)
  • Unfortunately, Berwyn has no clue at all. (once asked Berwyn)
  • Garth has no idea; he was probably the first person Solveig asked. (once asked Garth)
  • You've asked Anna and Morwen for any information they might have, and Morwen gave you her father's company knife… it's at least a piece of the puzzle but you'll have to ask a few more lupine. (once asked Anna and Morwen)
  • Garret reckons it could be any old wolf; perhaps you could try Gwyn? (once asked Garret)
  • Gwyn recommended going to Sanders, who has given you the location to a raider camp in the North-Eastern Old Forest. Hopefully it's the very same one Solveig was conceived in. (once asked Gwyn, unlocks next step)
  • You've located a gigantic orcish bra, it's a stretch but perhaps it's a clue when combined with a few other findings? There's a chance Grettel has more insight. (once checked quest point in Old Forest, unlocks next step)
  • Grettel is pretty sure the giant bra belongs to Solveig's family. That might narrow down a time and place. (once chosen Sit and Drink with Grettel)
1 Complete all the inquiry paths You've found everything you think you can, now all that's left is bringing the clues to Solveig to make heads or tails of.
2 (complete) Turn in evidence to Solveig You've successfully introduced Solveig to her papa; it was [REDACTED] all along... poor bastards.


Solveig will appear in The Frost Hound after the completion of Dog Days and Right of Conquest. To acquire the quest, speak to Solveig about Her Dad.


Solveig is a half-Orc, half-Lupine who wants to find the identity of her lupine father. To help her, you need to talk to all the lupines you know to see if they have clues.


Talk to Berwyn in the Frost Hound, but he doesn't know anything. His mother was the lupine in his family.


Talk to Garth at the bar, but he's stumped as well. Back in the day he partook in the spoils of war of some thwarted orc raids, but doesn't remember ever bedding a busty pink-haired orc.

Anna and Morwen

Anna and Morwen are at Pupperidge Farm; Morwen will dig into her possessions to find an eating knife that her father used to use. She gives you the blade to see if Solveig recognises it.


Garret's back at the tavern and thinks that any old lupine could be the father. He suggests checking with Gwyn.


Gwyn doesn't know who the father is, but says you should ask Sanders. He marks an abandoned raider camp on a map, where many of Hawkethorne's lupines had their "needs met" after thwarting a large group of orc raiders. Sanders believes it could be the "site of conception".

When you travel out to the Old Forest camp, you will be attacked by a group of tunnelling creatures. If present, Arona will recognise them as Sluasaids, a creature native to the Sailgraves. She says someone must have brought a mating pair over. Whether you win or lose the battle, you will find a metal bra of considerable size.

The quest log will suggest you check with Grettel in the Foothills. If you're able to defeat her in battle and Sit and Drink with her, she will recognise the bra. Solveig's family were the only ones who wore such large metal bras.


"I just... I need to ask him, one more time. Put all the clues out there, and see what he has to say; if he doesn't know, I don't know who would... think you could come with me though?"

The assembled clues all point to one place, you just need to be with Solveig for emotional support. Sit back and enjoy the family reunion.


A happy ending! Solveig will want to celebrate the occasion with you.

  • Kiss Her!: With tongue, damnit.
  • Behave: No, behave.

Either way, the quest ends, and a reunited father and daughter start getting to know each other.