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June DCL Bust.png


Busts of June by DCLzexon
Creator Wsan
Species Lupine
Gender Male (Trap)
Family Unnamed Brother
Location Hawkethorne Gym (14:00 - 16:00)

You're an adventurer? Awesome!

June is the trappy lupine that can be found at the Hawkethorne Gym where he can be helped in his workout, raising his confidence and can be given a muscular massage and maybe something extra.


You see June, the effeminate lupine teenager. He's struggling through some sets of pushups, shaking and panting, covered in sweat. Looks like he's really putting some effort in trying to get stronger.

Will change based on June's confidence.


The Champion will find June at the Hawkethorne Gym from 14:00 - 17:00. Upon their initial meeting, June will be doing a set of pushups and will mention that he's trying to get a little stronger before tackling real weights. When the Champion introduces themselves, he will introduce himself in kind and will remark on the Champion's physique should they have a high enough tone (at least 65). June will beam with enthusiasm when the Champion mentions that they are an adventurer.

Following the initial encounter, the Champion will be able to interact with June through a number of ways:

  • Help Workout - Help June gain some confidence and use the equipment.
  • Massage - Give June a muscular massage and maybe something extra...

For the Champion to give June a thorough massage, Brint must have thoroughly cleaned the gymnasium. Sexing June will also make him unavailable for the rest of the day.


Assisting June with his workout will raise his confidence, starting from 0 to 4. Each stage of confidence will have a unique workout scene in which the Champion will assist June with a various number of workouts and gym equipment. Raising June's confidence does not have any significant effect other than changing what June is currently doing at the gym when the Champion enters and if he will go home after a workout with the Champion. If June's confidence is below 4, after each workout session with the Champion, he will go home and become unavailable for the rest of the day.

Massaging the will allow the Champion to get a better 'feel' of June, as well as loosening all the tension from his workouts. The Champion's relaxing massage has a bit of a side effect as June will eventually sprout a painfully hard doggycock underneath his shorts. The Champion may decide to:

  • Enough - Leave it there.
  • Thorough - Take June outside and get a little more hands-on with the cute lupine...


Deciding to be thorough with June's massage will result in the following options:

  • Fuck Him - Take June's virginity and give him the best sex he'll ever have in his life in return. (requires a cock and has not seen scene before)
  • Fuck Him - Pound June's ass until he's crying out in bliss. (requires a cock and after taking June's virginity)
  • Get Oral - Get June's tongue (if has a cock:wrapped around your cock|else:inside you).
  • Ride Him - Take June's dick and bury him knot-deep inside you.
  • Bully Sex - June is so cute that you want to hear him moan over and over while he makes a mess of himself.


  • It is noted that the Champion can encounter June's brother when initially going to the north gate in Hawkethorne. He will be the impregnated wolf-man that will warn the Champion of the hornet workers of the Old Forest. (scene written by Savin)