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Busts of Solveig by Moira
Gender Female
Occupation unknown
Location Frost Hound Tavern

"Anyway, where was I? I'm Solveig Karisdóttir, my mom's name is Karis, I'm her daughter. Go figure. She's a Thane back home, and had a whole bunch of kids... but most of them were a lot larger than me even when they were teens! And, uh... I was gonna say orc-ier but that's not fair of me. I think literally all of my brothers and sisters are half-orcs like me. They all just turned out bigger; borkers, snow-cats, snakeys, 'manders... mom sure raped a terrible toll. I just turned out smaller for some reason."

Solveig is TODO.


"I just wanted to admire the view," you insist. Her pale green cheeks turn a ruddy red with a blush, but she sits up properly for you to get a good look and waits quietly... but for her hurriedly wagging tail.

As you've often noted before, her hair and fur is mostly a naturally bright pink that reminds you of flower-sugar candies, struck with streaks of red and purple. Her eyes are a blend of pink and red that drinks in the light, just as emotive as her ears and tail which never seem to stay still. She's about five-foot-ten, with huge EE-cup tits that are in a constantly-winning battle with her clothes.

A pale top that does nothing to help restrain her tits has been thrown over her chest, and she's got a short skirt that looks barely capable of hiding her womanhood... certainly her plush, squeezable thighs are on view. The most coverage for her body comes from some incredibly long boots made of supple leather and tightly buckled.

She's a little bit thin at the midsection, but after carrying around a chest and ass like that you're confident that she's concealing a decent amount of muscle at her core. A travelling cloak rests on her shoulders, pinned up so that it's not in the way but can be lowered to cover her whole body in an instant, and a belt with a number of flasks and a coin pouch rests on her broad hips. Last of all is a bronze-headed halberd propped up next to the window... not that you've ever seen her wield it.

Of course, she's dressed right now but you've seen her naked, and you know full well that she's got to keep on shaving else a lot of fluffy pink pubic hair would be constantly matted, thanks to the juices from a cunt that's always prepared for hard fucking.


  • Appearance
  • Talk
  • Flirt


  • Cait 3Sum
  • Doggystyle
    • Pussy
    • Asshole
  • Eat Pussy
  • Get Oral
  • Get Ridden
  • Petplay
  • Reverse Petplay

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