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Sluasaid Moira Headshot.png

Sluasaid Moira Headshot Silly.png

Headshot of a Sluasaid by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Sluasaid
Gender Male & Female
Location Old Forest
Level 4
Health 220
Resolve 174

Sluasaid A appears to be the picture of health... the picture of snarling, hungry health.


The earth itself flips over in a mess of snarl and gnashing teeth, before some great shovel-headed beast clamps down on the space you'd been occupying only moments before. "Fuck, knew that looked similar; Sluasaid burrow. Those're Sailgrave creatures... you alright mistress/master/pet?"

As the beast pulls itself to its full height, several more of the earth-turning monsters claw themselves free. "Someone must've brought a breeding pair with them in the old days... can't say I've ever known them to be this far west."


Sluasaids appear once in the game, as you investigate an old orcish raider camp for a quest. As you investigate a recently upturned patch of earth, a sluasaid will erupt from the ground and try to eat you. If present, Arona will yank you out of harm's way and recognise the creatures as being from the Sailgraves. And then they attack you, obviously.

Combat Stats

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 33.0 Spellpower: 15.0
Sexiness: 7.0 Temptation: 11.0
Armor: 11.0 Physical Resist: 11.0
Warding: 9.0 Magic Resist: 9.0
Focus: 5.0 Mental Resist: 9.0
Evasion: 5.0 [+]Blight Resist: -75.0
Tease Resist: 100.0 Drug Resist: 100.0
Pheromone Resist: 100.0

stealable - [+]

  • 300 EXP
  • 20 EC

Quest Related

Father Where Art Thou?

During your investigation into Solveig's father, you will check an abandoned Orc raider camp which was the site of an ambush around the time of Solveig's conception. There, you will find a Sluasaid burrow evidently descended from creatures brought over from the Sailgraves. Three Sluasaids will then attack you and the party, but leave without incident whether they win or lose the fight.