Inheriter of the Idols

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Inheriter of the Idols
Creator Savin
Quest Giver Lady Evergreen
Requirements Blue Gemstone Stud
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Fast Travel
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Having talked to Lady Evergreen about the Blue Gemstone Stud Evergreen unlocked the true potential in that queer blue stone Kasyrra gave you, and claims it is a key to the Waystone Idols strewn across Savarra. The closest of these is in the old Wayfort on the river. Make haste there and see if she was telling the truth.
1 Having activated the Corrupted Garden waystone It seems you've activated the Trader's Waystone, just as Evergreen predicted.

[If the Champion has already activated the Hawkethorne waystone]: And now to step through and see what lies beyond...
[If not]: But according to her, you need at least one other stone unlocked before you can make use of one. Another lies in wait in Hawkethorne...

2 Having activated the Hawkethorne waystone You've unlocked the Hawk's Waystone, just as Evergreen said you would.

[If the Champion has already activated the Corrupted Garden waystone]: And now to step through and see what lies beyond...
[If not]: But according to her, you need at least one other stone unlocked before you can make use of one. Another lies in wait in the old Wayfort, where you first met Etheryn...

3 Having ventured through a waystone into the Ways Between Thanks to Evergreen's instruction — and Kasyrra's gemstone — you have successfully awakened the Waystone Idols and gained access to the Ways Between, allowing you to swiftly traverse Savarra. You can't help but wonder if Kasyrra planned this... or if she's using the same roads you are to travel.
4 (completed) Having ventured out of the Ways Between You've successfully ventured into the Ways Between, and emerged unscathed. It seems you now have a means of travelling at lightning-speed across the Marches. Best start unlocking more idols as you find them!


When the Champion first meets with Lady Evergreen, she will tell the Champion how they can unlock the waystones using the Blue Gemstone Stud.


Having successfully dealt with the Alraune and Kasyrra (for the second time), the Champion will find Oxana's Mansion at bit of a distance from the old Wayfort they came from. Knocking on the woodland estate's door will result in a the Champion being greeted by Lady Oxana Evergreen, the witch of the frozen forest.

She will invite the Champion into her mansion and once the Champion has settled in and taken their seat inside, Lady Evergreen will state that she would like to offer her services to the Champion, the first being free with no strings attached. She will pinch the Blue Gemstone Stud from the Champion and will pass her hand over the gem which will cause an eruption of power that doesn't even last long enough for the Champion to react. Lady Evergreen will comment that the gem is no mere magical trinket, that she felt memories within it almost like a soul, she will also tut and wave off one of her daughters who was to deliver tea to them but is currently afflicted with a wind-mussed head of hair and a number of tea stains all over her blouse due to the winds that came from the eruption of power. She hands the Champion back the gem and states that the Champion has something strong enough to unlock the waystones that nobles like Baroness Tatania once had keystones that allowed them to move from place to place in the blink of an eye. She points the Champion to the direction of the waystone at the old Wayfort and the old statue at the Hawkethorne square. Should the Champion decide to 'stay' a bit longer and enjoy Lady Evergreen's company matters not as their next task would be to unlock the two waystones she mentioned.

The Blue Gemstone Stud will be replace with the Waystone Charm.

It matters not if the Champion were to activate the waystone at the old Wayfort first or at the Hawkethorne are both are required to complete the quest.

As Lady Evergreen suggested, the Champion may interact with the Waystone at the old Wayfort. The Champion will take the Waystone Charm and aim it straight towards the statue of a lupine man holding a bearded axe aloft in triumph and wearing a brooch around his neck set with a dark blue gemstone. A crackling of power will come between the charm and the statue for only a second which will cause the dark blue gemstone to take on a faint, pulsing glow. As the Champion lowers the charm, the statue's radiance fades once more. The Champion has successfully activated the waystone, however a second is required for the Champion to pass into the Ways Between.

Travelling to the Hawkethorne square, which is east of the Chapel of Velun or north of Sugo's stall, the Champion will find a larger-than-life statue of a man holding a war axe aloft his head and his other hand rests upon a shield beside his feet. The shield is set with a large blue gemstone of which gives a faint, almost imperceptible glow as the Champion's waystone charm buzzes with warm energy. As the Champion holds up the Waystone charm, they feel a tension rising in the air as the atmosphere crackles with power. As they force their way towards the statue, the tension breaks and the gemstone at the center of the shield shines and begins to pulse with inner light. The Champion has successfully activated the waystone at the square.

Having unlocked at least two different waystones, the Champion is able to interact with the Waystone and step into the Ways Between. As the Champion steps forward with the Waystone charm unfurled in their hand, in the blink of an eye the Champion and any other party members present will be winked away into the Ways Between. Each and every companion will react or comment at the sudden transportation into another world should it be the first time the Champion travels to the Ways Between. The Champion may now travel to and from any of the activated waystones they have interacted with across the Frost Marches.

Once the Champion has chosen the waystone they wish to travel to, they will be transported in a blink of an eye, similar to how they traveled to the Way Between. Traveling from the Ways Between to anywhere in the Frost Marches will mark the quest complete. Note that traveling to and from the Way Between takes no amount of time and is done in an instant however travelling inside the Ways Between to get to other waystones will still take a brief minute.

Should the Champion activate different waystones from the two mentioned by Lady Evergreen and travel through and from the Ways Between, travelling out of the Ways Between will still trigger the 4th quest state thus marking the quest as complete.


The Champion will unlock the power of the waystones that will allow them to travel to other activated waystones across the Frost Marches in an extremely short amount of time.