Earth Elemental

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Earth Elemental


Headshot of an Earth Elemental by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Elemental
Location Undermountain
Level 6
Health 475
Resolve 204
Strengths The Earth Elemental has 3 action points

It's gone quiet again in the tunnel-roads, and you recognize the familiar earthen tremors underfoot early enough to clear out and brace for it as another huge earth elemental shears itself out of the stony wall, bellowing in fury. Whatever hateful animus is powering this thing turns to you with a baleful eye of magma, rock-fists raised in challenge.

The Earth Elemental is a miniboss in the Undermountain. It does not hesitate to attack you, but whatever it's looking for appears to be something or someone else.. It's not known who summoned the elemental or for what purpose.


The rumble comes to a head, and the cave wall beside you cracks like a split seam. You've got just enough warning to throw yourself to the ground before something huge comes roaring out of the stone itself, tearing free of solid rock and tumbling into the middle of the road ahead of you. Whatever it is looks like more stone piled up the size of an ogre, held together by coruscating tendrils of flowing magma. A single baleful eye of flame stares down at you from what might be a head, and two stony fists present themselves as if in challenge. Oh, hell.


First Encounter

"E-earth elemental!" Cait shrieks, grabbing her [cait.weapon] off the ground. "Hope we've got some hammers somewhere!"

As you're walking through the Undermountain, you hear everything go silent, save for a distant rumbling. Then the rumbling isn't distant anymore. The Earth Elemental erupts into your path and attacks you. If you're victorious, the spirit crumbles into rocks as you and your companions speculate as to where it came from. If you're defeated, the Earth Elemental stops a split second before turning you into lumpy goo. It stares for a second, then turns around and stomps off into the tunnels.

Subsequent Encounters

Subsequent encounters progress the same as the first time. Whatever's summoning the elementals, they're not deterred by you turning a few of their summons into rubble.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 51.0 Spellpower: 51.0
Sexiness: 17.0 Temptation: 17.0
Armor: 92.0 Physical Resist: 27.0
Warding: 7.0 Magic Resist: 7.0
Focus: 47.0 Mental Resist: 24.0
Evasion: 7.0 Acid Resist: -100.0
Blight Resist: 75.0 Crushing Resist: -35.0
Fire Resist: 75.0 Frost Resist: -25.0
Penetrating Resist: 75.0 Storm Resist: -100.0
Tease Resist: 50.0 Drug Resist: 100.0
Pheromone Resist: 100.0 Mind Resist: 100.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]
  • 1000 XP
  • 500 XP