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Titles are distinguished names that are earned by completing a specific task or great feat. Titles are used when a character addresses the Champion through their set title or when the Champion introduces themselves to a certain character, such as but not limited to:

He snorts happily. "Careful, I might hold you to that. Shameful end for my [title] to end up as a minotaur's dairy cow."
Brint, during the Milky Titfuck scene

"My name is Rindo Igarashi. Might I ask for yours?"

It's [name]. [name], [title]. And no, you're not lost. You were just looking around, that's all. The inside of this tree is very different in every aspect from anywhere else in the Marches; you'd just like to stand around for a bit and soak in the atmosphere.
Rindo's first meeting with the Champion

"Course I do. I think he's gonna be a great asset to the team... as long as his mistress doesn't come raining hellfire down on us. I don't know if she's part of the demon problem or her own thing, but she's definitely another threat we'll have to deal with. But I'm sure my big, strong [title] can handle her!"
Cait, to the Champion on Berwyn
"Huh... so you're the [title] who's been hanging around the house of late. Mom's quite impressed by what you managed to do for her — it's the first time in, well, ever since I was a kid that she's managed to actually one-up the foxes on the other side of the wood. Not that she's tried much in my memory, of course, but when she does it's never borne any fruit until you came along."
—The Tanuki Witch's first meeting with the Champion

Titles can be changed by talking to River at the Hawkethorne square, in front of the Chapel of Velun. The cost to change the Champion's title is a small fee of 10 EC. Titles are not lost/removed, should the conditions that were required to obtain them be lost.


Name Acquisition Description
Adventurer Upon character creation This is you, a penniless vagabond in search of fame and fortune, love and excitement. Adventurers have a certain reputation as free spirits and troublemakers, but in the lawless frontier of the Frost Marches, you're the only hope most folk have for justice and protection.
Alchemist Purchasing the Alchemist Kit from Ivris Alchemists are common sights about much of the world — concoctions to induce transformations of one form or the other are one service they offer, although most of their work is far more mundane.
Bar Brawler By fighting and winning against the entire Orc Lodge during the events of Right of Conquest A scuffle is a common sight once drink flows and tempers rise. Anyone experienced in bar brawling either likes to fight, or has no other establishment to choose from.
Champion of Frost Upon clearing Winter City An ancient title bestowed upon those who risked life and limb to defend the Winter City and its former empire, reserved for the boreal elves' greatest living heroes. To bear this title is a mark of (if Silly Mode:pride and accomplishment|else:prestige)... though today, few enough people back home likely know the boreal elves even exist, much less what earning such a title entails.
Champion of Hawkethorne Accept Baroness Carmen's offer after defeating the Alraune and completing Right of Conquest and Harboring a Fugitive Growing out of the Belharan tradition of trial by combat into agents of the nobility that could exert their influence beyond the court and across the countryside, Champions of the Realm were once sworn protectors and heroes to the common man. Even after the Godswar ended and Belhar fell to chaos in the aftermath, Champions will still arise once in a generation to lead some backwater province or city-state out of its darkest hour. Surely, Kasyrra's arrival is just that for the Frost Marches and the Barony of Hawkethorne.
Champion of Keros Upon binding yourself to Keros and becoming a Kitsune Unlike others of the Seven, Keros has historically not seen fit to anoint any special champions — all foxes are his people, after all. That this policy has changed, if only once, bodes changing circumstances in the world, and the need to look forward to the future while remaining grounded in the lessons of the past.

Or maybe he's just doing it for the kicks of it.

Dark Knight Upon reaching 100 Corruption Dark Knights — although this is not the name they called themselves — rose to the forefront of the wraiths' armies during the Godswar. Leaders, commanders, strategists, they shared varied talents, but all held positions of importance. Whether they were always this wretched to begin with or if their experiences made them this way, who knows? The stain they have left upon history is well-recorded.
Marcher-Baron/ess Accept Etheryn's offer in the Ruined Wayfort after defeating Queen Alissa Baron of the March is an ancient title dating back to the glory days of Belhar, when its empire stretched across nearly all the known world. The Belharan borderland was protected by a series of marches, each guarded by a military lord and his fort, sworn to guard against the barbarians and beasts beyond the imperial walls. The Frost Marches are one such region, parceled out to several imperial generals more than one hundred years before the Godswar. The March was to act as the empire's shield against the boreal elves of the far north, who successfully resisted the empire's colonization; the elves responded by building their own forts across the River Ridell and naming their own Marcher-Barons, settling into a tense peace with ancient Belhar. As a Baron/ess of the March, you're a landed lord/lady with the power to tax and pass judgement, to levy soldiers and to lead them in battle against invaders — though you're more likely to wage war against Kasyrra and her demons than northern barbarians. Now you have a title of your very own, [pc.name].
Philanthropist Unlocking all 12 upgrades for the Hawkethorne Nursery Philanthropists are rare in this day and age of Savarra, where life is harsh and brutal. Those with the desire to give often lack the means, and those with the means to give often lack the desire; it is rare that someone appears possessed of both. Yet where they do put their wealth back into the community, people are grateful for their existence and the alleviation, in some small part, of their woes.
Way Walker Travelling in and out of the Ways Between for the first time Even at the height of imperial science and technology, the mages of Estelore jealously guarded the secret of travel through the Ways Between. Instantaneous travel over great distances was yet another way to set them apart from the common Belharan citizen, who was growing wealthier as the empire expanded. Even the aristocracy who supported them politically were denied the full extent of their capabilities, instead being restricted to entering and leaving by means of waystone idols. These privileged non-mages were known as Way-Walkers..